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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


aaaaaaaannnndd.. the reason why I buyed PS3 was PD masterpiece...

same goes for PS4... Gran Turismo future is bright, pity, we have to wait for it (just like with PS3) but there is so many things to do also on PS3, GT6 and GTA5 will take a lot of my time! #1.1.23
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I also grew up..

now I understand that it doesn't matter on what platform you play.. it matters with who you play and what you play..

its like with alcohol, you may be having the best whisky in the world, but you are drinking it alone! #1.1.3
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they could use all that in the future DLC's, and even more... #2.1
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Its Magic!! That sound!! Makes me feel like on Christmas. :) #1.1.8
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Online exploits are bad, mkey!

Hate these videos, teaching children how to cheat!

and seeing it on N4G is even worse!

Not like Im jealous or something, it is exact opposite, it just puts all earned money to trash can, also it puts fair players into a situation where they are driving and having everything less expensive, yet they play better, know more and spend countless hours earning it... then some child shows up with its bugatti veyron or... #1.1.2
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today, I was playing for 7 hours, I earned about 70,000 and I spend all that on car tuning, then I was kicked, while in "los santos customs" (full loby of players, didnt do anything wrong)

It gets me into single player, then I go back online, guess what.. all my spent money is gone and also there is NO tuning on my car.. I have to do it all over again.. and earn it..

guess what I did, I just went out and killed about 10 random guys in a row (never h... #1.1.2
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you are missing the important part!!

"The patch also makes it possible for Rockstar Games to deliver the first $250k of their $500,000 Stimulus Package which will have its direct deposit dates announced soon, and although its uncertain yet whether or not it will add heists to the game many are hoping it will.

Four free updates are planned for GTA Online including the Beach Bum Pack which adds a couple of vehicles, two new weapons, and clothes, the Conten... #1.1.2
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yeah... you go and tell that to everyone else who be voting... :) #1.1.3
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in this world everything works like "you pay, you get", "you dont pay, you dont get"... in EVERY THING... its bad mkey... but it works like that! #1.1.1
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it had so many steps I have to see it 10 times to barely understand it.... :)

I hope R* fix these glitches, I dont want to see 11 year olds having full control of the online... #1.1.4
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just look at yourself, you dont do any better! ;) #1.2.5
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you will earn same amount of cash (or more) if you just stop reading these articles and play the damn game! ;) #1
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I would be more exited if I could play it!

and I can, but there are still many issues!

also, 1 month is acceptable to make it work properly, but 3, is no go, after that time I hope will be playing PS4! #1.1.2
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yep, all I hear is that in this scale, R* needs month to do it right...

look at them like at pioneers :) conquering new ground.. and it is kind of a true!

There is no need in PC version right now, they have to fix more important online issues for consoles, and they are doing it! #1.1
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I dont know at what planet you all live at, but if R* would release PC version of it, half of the world would play it pirated.. it is reality but you cant talk out loud you know... ;)

R* realize by themselves that they can make more money by releasing it only on consoles... AND they proved that, they are 100% right!

Later it will be released on PC so all you little lonely geeks will get it, so dont cry! #1.1.9
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many my friends lost it aslo.. but if you dont rush it and read the text everything will be fine, just dont panic, quit the game and wait for servers to show up, dont create a new one!

also its better for all of you not to play online, while everything gets fixed... while we and my buddies can play together.. :) there just isnt enough space for all of us... (pity R* did that) #2.1
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A very good read.. he explains how everything works, and why it dosnt work.

meanwhile (playing on ps3) I was able to get level 14, the online part is so awesome the more I play the more I want it.. and with friends its 10 times more fun...

but all those lodings and freezes.. cant they just give us a hint a message.. online is offline, try later... and thats it, instead it gives 20 types of errors and freezing time to time.. and I cant understand why I am the... #1.1.1
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same here... some people can only join while all others are asleep or working....

when I had 20 players playing GTA online I could not play.. when all my friends got away.. I was albe to play some hours with random douche bags... :P #3.1.1
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This is Spartaaaa! #1.1.1
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I start to hate this "cloud" thing...

also GTA5 online so far is worse than GTA4 was... damn.. why are they doing this? :)

*Occasional "Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable" error message

*Freezing sometimes while loading into first race in GTAO with "waiting for other players" on the screen

*Intermittent "Failed to Host a GTA Online Session" error messages

*Race Corona (... #1.1.3
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