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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


"Last week, we posted that Battlefield 4 had an annoying one-hit kill bug that irritated some (most?) players since that meant, y’know, that their character bit the dust after getting hit with on bullet on the head even at full health."

does it mean now that killing someone would require 2 bullets in the head? really? I dont play multiplayer shooter when you need to shoot 2 bullets in the head.. thats why I chose hardcore mode in the first place... was that even a g... #1.1
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meanwhile, Im having no issues on my ps3.. lol never stopt working, never crashed, no lags.. it is almost perfect.. (besides that it is on PS3 and the PS3 isnt fully capable to show everything BF has to offer, it is quite limited...) but it works!!!

sadly I know that PS4, XBO and PC are having problems...

but it will get fixed, it always is fixed.. the game is a bit rushed, but there will be alot of updates like always!!

Just have fun with i... #2.1.7
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I agree that rap died with BIG and 2pac..

but I also love modern age funky, club, money addict funny hip hop with lots of ass shaking... :) it just makes you feel good!

at least its better than some emo rock, and crying rivers of pain.... #2.1.4
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It is how I feel on the road!! :) #1
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the smoke is real time 4K resolution!

if it happens, Dont say "sh*t" or "di*k" or you will still be banned when receive your replacement model!! #1.1.18
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lol, Xbox one has reached PS3 level.. based on the video!! #1.1.5
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Forza at last now looks like GT, and promising enough.. pity those physics still are not perfect, that insane Le mans car with super extreme down force looked very funny when started to drift into a corners.. lol, it was very wrong! #1.1.7
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ohh yeah.. same here!!

I would better see only 1 heli per map.. just like with some other stuff we have with BF4 now..

just capture the point and there are some unique vehicles.. that would eliminate useless air to air battles.. also people would want to capture those points for real! #1.2.1
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sad news...

but on the good note.. I sold it already.. dont ask why I got it in the first place! :) (I just wanted to see all that for myself) and its Confirmed - rubbish! #1.1.3
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agree, but skipping future R* games is crazy... R* is creating epic games now and then...

I also do believe that GTA online on PS4 could be amazing and work properly.. sadly, it may not even be released on it.. but who knows.. I still think it will.. #4.1
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who ever is that guy who plays that BF4, clearly dont know how to play a Battlefield game :) sadly..

also does that mean that we will have to pay for the old maps too????

and it looks terrible.. just like on my ps3.. I will get it on PS4 hope it will improve.. #1.1.1
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"jacking station" lol, nailed it! :D

I really didn't understand the point of the video! #1.3
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Fallout in California would be my choice..

I just want more Deserts, lonesome roads, lone houses, lakes, rivers.. anything USA has to offer..

I just love how fallout makes everything deserted, all those sings left from people, music also is epic..

cant wait to try it out on next gen... #1.2.2
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xbone has dirty little secrets! ;) #1.1.7
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sadly.. I will wait and see.. I dont want to buy anything with some problems.. I better wait while they deal with all of these issues and only then I will buy it.. #1.2.5
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its about racing them... only because you got fast car dosnt mean you will win with it!! #2.1.2
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I think.. most of these faults could easily be fake.. made by MS or fanboys.. all that will happen when xbox one comes out... only time will tell whats really going on... now bad and good news pop up everywhere randomly... and whats real and whats fake.. cant really tell.. power of the internet.. everything about everything from everybody! #1.1.9
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one of the reasons is going straight into modern shooting era.. they forgot that cod is a shooter and you shoot with guns... it literally had no guns.. only modern crap weapons.. no cool old school weapons.. gameplay was so bad I dont even want to start... maps felt the same, again, with that overused future taste... they went even further.. they forgot to add number of bullets each weapon has in the character creation menu.. (I play only hardcore, it was difficult for me to find out how many... #1.1
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GTA5 story 9.5/10

GTA online 5/10

simple as that.. and online does not spoil GTA, its an extra to me.. at least for now.. maybe it will work one day, it has huge potential.. bigger than most games, in my opinion!! #1.1.7
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you are a happy man.. you must be having tons of money and free time...

edit: its not like its a bad thing.. and Im not jealous!!! #5.1
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