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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


what you talking about? big maps? are you sarcastic? :)

weapons look like from future, maps are so small that I got bored after a day! the only playable mode is hardcore, but it has only 3 game modes.. normal mode is just crap with all those auto locking and something similar to wall hack thing.. lol its goes on and on... I bet you need 30 bullets to kill a dog and 20 to kill an alien super armor soldier in "normal" mode.. :) #2.2.1
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I can see... the more game becomes popular.. the more hate it gets! It seems that only people who dont like something, come here and comment.. everyone else who are playing the game are happy and dont have time for this...

(I played all battlefields started from 1942) I play BF4 on PS3 now.. it is by far the best battlefield (except BF Vietnam, it was just stunning 10/10 for that time).. BF4 is better balanced, looks better, shoots better, drives better, fly better, and those... #1.1.3
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they are kinda "forced"... you buy you play, you dont buy you dont play... it is some kind of force I tell ya!!! #1.1.3
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I had it! Only trailers look's good.. gameplay itself is like in COD4, its not a bad thing.. but they added so many childish and unreal stuff that it got worse and worse.. not only because of that, but also with very dated engine, with same glitches and cheats.. #3.1
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Here in Latvia we have 500Mb no problem..... but its a small country, no huge investment here :)

on the sad note we will only get PS4 next year.. we cant even register our country.. have to wait..

and Japan gets PS4 only February 22, 2014! So you all should be happy!! ;) #1.1.4
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"EA admits it has to do a 'better job' of bug-testing"

Finally!! they got it! after 10+ years of bugs in their closet!! #1.1.6
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just look at the sales... you will see, people really care.. and the fan base is so huge now.. many gamers are waiting for it, including me.. it will be great racing with my G27 wheel! Cant wait!

Sadly no PS4 version.. but PD told that GT7 will come in 2 years.. also we will have GT7 prologue on PS4 next year!!! #1.1.4
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wtf you guys talking about...

its all about cars..

and in GT it includes great physics and looks.. all GT tiles are limited at the beginning, you pick only several cars.. if you dont have mind.. then some smart guy with history will tell you a story.. if you want you can listen to him or you can choose your own path...

so where is the problem? #1.1.2
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"Last week, we posted that Battlefield 4 had an annoying one-hit kill bug that irritated some (most?) players since that meant, y’know, that their character bit the dust after getting hit with on bullet on the head even at full health."

does it mean now that killing someone would require 2 bullets in the head? really? I dont play multiplayer shooter when you need to shoot 2 bullets in the head.. thats why I chose hardcore mode in the first place... was that even a g... #1.1
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meanwhile, Im having no issues on my ps3.. lol never stopt working, never crashed, no lags.. it is almost perfect.. (besides that it is on PS3 and the PS3 isnt fully capable to show everything BF has to offer, it is quite limited...) but it works!!!

sadly I know that PS4, XBO and PC are having problems...

but it will get fixed, it always is fixed.. the game is a bit rushed, but there will be alot of updates like always!!

Just have fun with i... #2.1.7
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I agree that rap died with BIG and 2pac..

but I also love modern age funky, club, money addict funny hip hop with lots of ass shaking... :) it just makes you feel good!

at least its better than some emo rock, and crying rivers of pain.... #2.1.4
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It is how I feel on the road!! :) #1
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the smoke is real time 4K resolution!

if it happens, Dont say "sh*t" or "di*k" or you will still be banned when receive your replacement model!! #1.1.18
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lol, Xbox one has reached PS3 level.. based on the video!! #1.1.5
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Forza at last now looks like GT, and promising enough.. pity those physics still are not perfect, that insane Le mans car with super extreme down force looked very funny when started to drift into a corners.. lol, it was very wrong! #1.1.7
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ohh yeah.. same here!!

I would better see only 1 heli per map.. just like with some other stuff we have with BF4 now..

just capture the point and there are some unique vehicles.. that would eliminate useless air to air battles.. also people would want to capture those points for real! #1.2.1
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sad news...

but on the good note.. I sold it already.. dont ask why I got it in the first place! :) (I just wanted to see all that for myself) and its Confirmed - rubbish! #1.1.3
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agree, but skipping future R* games is crazy... R* is creating epic games now and then...

I also do believe that GTA online on PS4 could be amazing and work properly.. sadly, it may not even be released on it.. but who knows.. I still think it will.. #4.1
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who ever is that guy who plays that BF4, clearly dont know how to play a Battlefield game :) sadly..

also does that mean that we will have to pay for the old maps too????

and it looks terrible.. just like on my ps3.. I will get it on PS4 hope it will improve.. #1.1.1
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"jacking station" lol, nailed it! :D

I really didn't understand the point of the video! #1.3
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