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R* still works on GTA5, and they still polishing it for PC.. I bet if next GTA is Vice city we will see it after 5 years or more.. but if it is Liberty city it could be ready in 2 years... #1.2.3
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Intro was great.. the idea is great.. Im just not quite sure did they do it right in real gameplay.. and maybe its again into far future ahead where all map looks futuristic with crazy robots and jumps :) holly wood style.. I dont like that! #1.3
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that first destruction game looks great!

never heard of it.. i want to buy it! :) #1
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just for the info..

all DLC content for GT5.. is available FREE in GT6..

dont forget that PD do use almost everything from previous games! in the end I dont need those GT5 DLC's, I need GT6!

And it is different in many ways.. in all ways better (for those who say they look the same.. because they look almost the same, they feel and drive different) ;) #1.1.4
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PC will change over time, so in the end even those old games would not work after many years on new PC's.. also many things can change with internet infrastructure, that also may change how everything works.. in the end nothing will last forever.. not PC games, not earth, not humans! Gaming is doomed I tell ya! after 100 million years :) jk #1.2.1
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that was some crazy a** robocop right there!!! #1.1.1
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lol, @ some comments here at the end.. like nearly all of them are wrong at some point! :)

going from free PSN + glitch to murders, dealers and other crimes.... crazy stuff.. #1.1.20
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I did it.. I sold it.. I liked it.. for a day! then I hated it again! ... :) It really was fun for a week.. after I got to know maps, guns and game modes.. it got same old boring little arcade shooter... with tons of children and campers who use every damn flying blowing noobing gadget there is.. (there are real good hardcore players.. but they are rare like dinosaurs.. mixed into pile of child poo) ;) #2.2.1
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they are kind of gamers.. just casual.. having fun.. hell why not? :) life's unfair I know! :D #2.1.3
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lets hope.. because my ps3 version still has issues.. and dont know why I always start in empty rooms and have to figure out stupid ways to get some connection with people.. (dont tell me about the internet connection and router.. that stuff is purely GTA fault!)

also.. the overall stupidity of random votes with random people count in random lobbies, people get separated all the time, or just randomly quit... it all is a big mess and gets boring, it takes hours to start play... #1.1.1
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"-Fix the lag and that damn 1 shot headglitch .."

what if it is ok to kill with 1 head shot?

what about hardcore.. is there also 1 shot head shot "glitch"?

I dont understand why would someone need to go back to arcade and shoot 2 or more bullets into head... I usually skip these kind of games... #1.4
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you can get ALL cars by PLAYING the game!!!

also that 120 £ car of yours is only in case if you do NOT play the game, only turn it on and if you are stupid enough, buy in game credits INSTANTLY, and then heading into most EXPENSIVE car section! ;) at least there is a fast way for rich people to get into action, who dosn't have time to play the game, all they do is work, to get money.. so they can buy all stuff the world has to offer.. lol..

and with... #1.3.1
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firs time when I find out that Infamous and MGS5 is coming out almost in same day.. I was thinking.. hey, easy choice MGS5 is the one to pick up... but then the news about 2 hour long game play.. damn.. thats a 100% deal breaker for me! I cant afford to buy Highly priced DLC's or Prologues... I want to enjoy a game for a month at least.. online is almost like a must these days also.. (except Last of us, I did skip it at start, but then buyed it used and realized if I would have known how... #1.1.4
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BF going back to WW2 or Vietnam could really help everyone! #1.1.4
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and hopefully Jesper Kyd will be back..

take everything from previous Hitman games, make it sandbox and put something new in it and boom.. game I wanted is here! #1.1.4
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I just played it.. (on PS3) I still cant understand what is fuzz all about.. it works almost perfect all times I play.. (only thing I see is that it really sometimes has some connectivity problems when shooting.. and some people are lagging (mostly with bad internet)... also its not crisp.. I feel sometimes like I play low quality youtube video... while sometimes it looks like a real thing... for sure it is unfinished in some areas! #1.1.1
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not only same engine... gameplay gets worse too... #1.6
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for some people PS2 is still killing it! #1.1.6
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Same goes for BF now... I know so many shooters coming each year... and most of them are worse than COD and BF.. while both COD and BF deserves everything people say! COD is the F**king same every year, getting even worse with unreal guns and tiny maps (they dont even show bullet count when you choose a gun... thats tetris!! I play hardcore only so it is a huge problem for me.. have to go into a core multiplayer to check on how many bullets I have.. neat isnt it? :) COD is for children now...... #2.2.1
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to be honest.. On ps3 it works fine from the start for me... it has some minor bugs now and then.. but the scale of the game is big, so there is more room for errors... after the patch the only thing I notice was server selection fixed.. it was a mess before.. #1.1.2
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