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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


I love BF4, GTA5 and GT series! :)

also I was a huge fan of COD4 .. :D

they are good games just with its own problems each.. #2.2.1
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yeah.. but noobs should not review games by default! I hate when reviewers want to see Need for speed in GT games.. I just hate it.. they dont get it.. most of those people dont even like cars and racing games, let alone review a game.. pfff.. #1.1.1
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I want my Fallout fix now!!

it could be epic on next gen!!

does anyone know the year of release? 2014? it might be.. all news about Fallout are like secret codes.. lol #1.1.2
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confirmed, all Vision GT cars (about 12 of them) will be Free DLC...

Tracks and other cars will be priced DLC.. (but not all)..

tons of free updates and features like always from PD!!

my G27 setup is cleaned from dust and set up.. Im ready for it!! :)

Edit: the list of cars .. Vision GT free dlc..

Automobili Lamborghini
Mazda... #2.1.1
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GTA5 single player was one of the best I had on my ps3! it was simply amazing.. every new mission was fun and NEW/different! :)

GTA Online is what ruined it all.. It has huge potential.. R* just dont know how to master online yet! #2.1.1
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I have to admit, BF4 isnt the worst game I had! its one of the best I had.. its still bad.. but that just gives you idea how bad are other games I had! lol :D its just this "sell now, fix later" bug that kills gaming.. #1.2.3
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@ bobsmith

cheats with money... its even worse than Microtransactions!!!!

but the irony!! :D same like GTA5... #1.1.5
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I dont see there a problem since its Gran Turismo... It could easy give you all the cars from the start.. why not.. its only simulator, it is for driving pleasure... gaining fast expensive cars will not make you a good driver...

I also hate microtransactions in general..

But in GT not so much, I am glad that stupid/rich people instead of me will give PD more money, so they can improve the game in the future... ( i do hate the fact that I have to spend tons... #1.1.13
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are you a teacher?

who cares.. I think more that half of people here cant speak proper English.. including me..

not because Im stupid.. its only 3d language I use daily..

just be happy we can understand each other!! ;) #7.2.2
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yeah... sadly..

I just hope they make old bugs go away and make it more mature.. without all those future weapons, small maps, wall hack and other electronic gimnics! #1.1.1
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some guys clearly dont understand that games evolve not only with good hardware.. but also gaming engine software evolution... they can make many things more simple, looking the same way.. that way eating less hardware.. that means that they can add additional features and cool stuff to the game...

anyways the future is bright.. we will soon see games better than reality itself... :) jk.. #1.1.11
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Dont you get it, its his local walmart! :)))) go there.... :D #1.4.2
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yeah.. it is how it is... time is moving forward, everything changes... everything has its time.. #1.2.1
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Im part of the Europe.. and PS4 ist even out yet here! :)

Europe's Baltic region will get PS4 only 2014... same goes for many other countries!

this number will grow dramatically!! #1.1.3
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Considering that Japan will get PS4 only in 22 feb 2014, aslo similar to many other countries... including mine.. so count me in later! +1 :D #1.1.14
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I am totally ready for it! also my steering wheel... red carped needed! :) #3.1
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less kinect and more hardcore gameplay please!

I cant see this usefull online.. I dont have time for that movement.. It was the same for me with GT5, it had support for head tracking with PS eye.. I totally hated it, I could not drive fast and meanwhile turn my head.. it was distracting / unnatural and it makes you crash..

its fun when cruising or single player mode... #1.1.1
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It deserves to do so! :) #1.2.2
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what you talking about? big maps? are you sarcastic? :)

weapons look like from future, maps are so small that I got bored after a day! the only playable mode is hardcore, but it has only 3 game modes.. normal mode is just crap with all those auto locking and something similar to wall hack thing.. lol its goes on and on... I bet you need 30 bullets to kill a dog and 20 to kill an alien super armor soldier in "normal" mode.. :) #2.2.1
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I can see... the more game becomes popular.. the more hate it gets! It seems that only people who dont like something, come here and comment.. everyone else who are playing the game are happy and dont have time for this...

(I played all battlefields started from 1942) I play BF4 on PS3 now.. it is by far the best battlefield (except BF Vietnam, it was just stunning 10/10 for that time).. BF4 is better balanced, looks better, shoots better, drives better, fly better, and those... #1.1.3
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