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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


lol, but that second guy at start made my day... lead ps4 system arhitect or something, the way he was telling that story was like he was living in a garden full of flowers and pillows, smoking pot and relaxing, and all life around us is a beautiful dream... anyway.. "tooo much information, just shut up and show it all already!!" :) great games overall, and ps4 controller looked nice! #2.1.4
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LoL, I just watched "walking dead" tv episode with the name "classy Christmas" and then I go here and it is "Christmas" for real, will wait only 27 minutes and I get my present! :)

satisfaction present for brain! #1.1.11
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Cool, I will check it out am I loyal or not :D lol... meanwhile cant wait for the Big news today!!! #1.1.5
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Rubber duckies in yellow... #1.1.1
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who cares about the keyboard, everyone played on one before console gaming... Its just buttons (same like on dualshock), the important part is "mouse"... its very useful in shooters and I can understand PC gamers, still I prefer analog stick in shooters (only because I play on PS3 nowdays and its same for everyone...), but I would love to see some sort of "mouse" like controller thing on consoles and PC, made 100% for gaming (shooters mostly)... everything else have it... #1.1.3
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I dont like every Crysis in every way...

All I see is that some kind of engine commercial... and Im the real minority here on N4G. #1.1.3
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"Your comment looks like spam."
no its not, its the same information you just gave me....

I highly recommend to download full version if you liked that... #2.2.1
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the thing is.... I suffer from high prices this gen already, many gamers didnt buy many great games because of the price, and if they block used games, can you imagine what will happen, people like me will suffer even more, we will pass on so many great titles since we just cant afford to buy every good damn game, and thats bad for developers also, since people will just skip theyre products.... this is no good for no one, I even consider not to buy next gen consoles (at least at start) if u... #1.1.1
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7 days!
Dont look into black hole @ N4G! Or you will have 7 days left :D lmao

On topic, 2 cameras seems to be better choice than one! Sony is showing its intelligence as always! #1.1.5
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ahhh. who cares about this handheld, I just want my PS4 monster!!!!! #41
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Fallout 3 was good, and I was waiting for it forever.. but still New Vegas for me was the best, since it had classic fallout atmosphere, and those amazing deserts and Las Vegas... just great.. #7
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I miss this!!! #1
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wasn't me! #1.2.1
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ohh, this looks soo like old Fallout games with new engine... epic... 100% buy for me!

this is what current gen is missing!! #1.1
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yeah, if you constantly search for information about games, in gaming sites then you should know what is good and bad for you, and I bet that 99% here agree, that they dont fall into that BS, but the thing is most gamers dont read much info, and most of them dont read news, blogs or comments, and especially put agree or disagree here.... they just randomly buy games hoping for the best.... like watching movies in theatre...

there are exceptions like always, for games like GTA... #1.2.1
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agree, but many people dislike put insane amount of time into gaming... Borderlands 1 and 2 is game where you can turn on any time, and even play it with your friends.... anytime.... in MMO it is competition forever with no relaxing times with friends.... only hardcore action action and action.. I would better like borderlands 3 how it is.. maybe more players online... but not MMO.. that is for different audience! #1.1
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If people start to buy nintendo controllers for PC, I dont see any reason how it can hurt them... its not like people will stop playing Wii U and start using only a PC...

I use my PS3 dualshock on my PC, and love it, nintendo users could get some fun with those on PC... #1.3
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it seems now we know what happens when you rush things up.. #1.2.3
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damn.. loks so good... this years GOTY Last of us vs. GTA5... tough choice!!! damn close! #1.6
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What Is Capcom Thinking?!
my thoughts long ago... this far this games seems to be as "good" as the movie! #1.1.2
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