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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


there is a hint that GT6 is coming to PS4

"The Polyphony Digital team can be seen collecting data in photographs posted yesterday on L.M. Gianetti’s Facebook page. Curiously, the gallery has been titled “SCANSIONE PER GRAN TURISMO PS4″, which translates to “Scanning for Gran Turismo PS4″.&qu... #2
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I would buy it for $ 10, graphics looks dated, but gameplay could be good, but for me not worth full price, I rate this game like a movie.... I can pay $ 60 only for games with modern graphics, physics, multiplayer and good gameplay... games like GT, Battlefield, fallout or GTA deserves full price! Modern cheap made games should be cheap... like cheap cars are cheap, then there is good high prices cars! thats how it works with everything in the world! so should gaming industry.........! Over!... #1.1
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de best ting iz thet ai kan understand yuu, an juu mii!!!!!! yay!! #1.1.17
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So in the end there is GDDR5 instead of DDR5... and

"We should brace ourselves for a cheaper next generation Xbox compared to the Sony PlayStation 4."

I did know this in 2005!!!! #2.1.6
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every GT fan knows that they are working on GT6.. the real question is when it will be released, as this article says "PS3 Exclusives of 2013"... I doubt GT6 will come out this year.. and I doubt only on PS3!... #2.1
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microsoft now can easily make same specs as PS4... and that wouldn't hurt anyone in the end, and ports would be fast, easy and good looking!! #1.1.8
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@ inveni0

maybe the real reason for it is the fact that he say'd maybe he thinks that's a fact! :)

about GT6, I think it will be released on both PS3 and PS4, like in the old days when PS3 got out, SONY still released many same games on PS2 & PS3.. #1.1.8
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wow, this is the longest conversation I ever read on N4G! Pleas keep it short and simple!!! Too much information! :)

And about COD, its about time! Who would expect? #1.1.29
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dont speak it outloud! or we will be banned for used games! #1.1.1
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looks fun... I would buy it for 15$... #1
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great news! it seems I have to go and download it now! See ya everyone! ;)

EDIT: cant find it.... :( #1.1.3
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and its a really good news! I just cant afford to buy all new games, sometimes I need to sell them or buy used... and thats a good thing for everyone in the end.. (even if there will be a small price for 2nd owners).. #1.1.4
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Its too much! some games plays 6 hours... and pay 60$ for it is too much, games should be in different prices based on quality, popularity, genre etc... also compared to regular random Blu-ray movies vs games... some games like GTA5 might get price 70$ for me, if latest WRC game will be worth 25$.. then im ok with it... but all games for 60$, not so good.. but not the worst.. it seems at least we will get used game market .... #2
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Confirmed Titles:

The Witcher 4
Diablo III
inFamous: Second Son
The Witness
Watch Dogs
Killzone Shadowfall
Battlefield 4
A New Final Fantasy (probably Final Fantasy versus 13 rebranded as Final Fantasy 15)
Deep Down
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
Rumored Titles:

Uncharted 4
The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy XIV
Planet... #3
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sometimes they do mess up "big time" but thats rare e.g. 1st resident evil vs last one... lol 2 different games, and plays differently (zombies is the only thing that stayed) :) #5.1.1
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cant agree more, and those new analog stick's is just what I wanted... not to mention move controller, and dual cameras.... and this new driving game, it looks good, but I cant understand is it arcade or simulation racing game.... from the driving episodes, Im not sure what I saw :) looked more like a movie than a racing.. #1.1
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lol, but that second guy at start made my day... lead ps4 system arhitect or something, the way he was telling that story was like he was living in a garden full of flowers and pillows, smoking pot and relaxing, and all life around us is a beautiful dream... anyway.. "tooo much information, just shut up and show it all already!!" :) great games overall, and ps4 controller looked nice! #2.1.4
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LoL, I just watched "walking dead" tv episode with the name "classy Christmas" and then I go here and it is "Christmas" for real, will wait only 27 minutes and I get my present! :)

satisfaction present for brain! #1.1.11
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Cool, I will check it out am I loyal or not :D lol... meanwhile cant wait for the Big news today!!! #1.1.5
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