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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


You can use it from 18.11.2014 - 18.11.2015 (you have a full year) :) I will use mine when some cool updates hits with new stuff... It will be nice to get it instantly (500,000 online and 500,000 offline if some one wonders!)

EDIT: Im against pre- orders (I just got it because the store did the pre order, lol) :D #1.2
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For me Battlefield roots means Vietnam and 1942.. and thats what I want to see! #1.1.7
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Review score has to be taken in mind only at that time when its released, after a month game gets patched and many times improved, then after more time different games gets releases and the gaming bar is raised... GTA5 on PS3 in 2013 was 9/10.. and now in 2014 GTA5 done it again with 9/10 on PS4... taking in mind all other games around! #3.1
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I bet it will not be stunning on my PC! :D

I will buy it on PS4 instead! cant f* wait! :D #1.1.2
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same goes for country change... PSN dont support my country, but they said they will this year... I would prefer just to change it and not create a new account and loose everything.. it could also be useful for people who moved to live in another country! #1.1.5
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Crazy sh*t happens everywhere in reality! on and offline... Thailand or USA... enough crazies everywhere! #1.6.3
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when I buy PS4 I will make sure this new cod dont get into my game library.. this COD looks worse than those milked ones..

I recommend to buy Battlefield 4 Premium edition.. more maps, better graphics, better damage, more realistic and better supported, 64 players online, huge maps, no jumping around in ridiculous suits.. (and now its fixed and works!) no doubt what to choose.. ohh and the price is less.. #1.1.3
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Here in Latvia you can get brand new PS4 369 euro.. some while ago one store sold it for 310 euro, also brand new.. they sold out quick!

I bet in 2016 they will cost 250 euro here! #1.1.8
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Well Search and Destroy is ruined for me with these suits.. and without them maps will be too small and vertical, many things will be inaccessible...

and those fake future weapons dont look good at all.. They better make ASAP WW2 or Vietnam or something like COD4 only with shiny and better everything!

So far map count also not impressive, like all COD's they get boring after a month and after that you are forced to buy DLC (I bet those maps are ready to... #1.1.4
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They exist, they just dont step outside and dont comment on any web site.. they're too busy playing that damn mmorpg.. I know many of these guys.. after the school they just disappeared..... #1.5.1
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but he's got a point.. they remind me of zombies! :D Zombie gamers! they are gamers just with they're zombie needs! :D #1.1.3
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N4G gets traffic for telling us! And gets for not telling :D #1.1.1
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Review is based on opinions by people who actually dont play games the way they should be played.. "These self appointed journalist make unrealistic demands and high expectations!" and that is straight to the point!

How can a non gamer person describe and say whats good and bad for a gamer? :) (even if he thinks he is a gamer, and they're not, we can see that many times, they're lying son of a gun!) #1.1.8
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I tried every far cry game and they all felt - arcady, unfinished and with bugs, they all looked great, some missions and menus with equipment were ok.. and they all are going out way too fast, they start to remind COD, every game which gets fast releases reminds me it.. I may be wrong, but I doubt Far cry 4 will be any good for me.. (but I would like to play this kind of game, It just feels arcady and unfinished like I said!) #1.1.4
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yep, something is not quite right there! And I cant say I like those super far unrealistic hollywood jumps.. Those slides and smaller bike jumps looked even better.. #2.1
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If they want sudden change, then console must have whole different from PC Hardware setup.. I mean like totally different.. Biocomputer or self aware machine etc... Now we are developing same old hardware only a bit better, then we dont need to wait for games to change.. its up to developer imagination what gameplay will be in the end... Gadgets like Project Morpheus could change gaming.. but new console only graphics and thats totally normal at this time and age!! #1.1.3
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so lets not do what she wants, dont listen to her and dont talk about her.. what was I on about.. I forgot! #1.1.2
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I tried similar Tech on PC and I tell you racing games will be changed forever! :D I could look back, up, right and left while driving.. even "strafe left" out the window of the car.. then look how my wheels are spinning... it felt like I was there... and cornering at speed was weird, I felt fake G force and almost puke! :D

EDIT: all that with G27 steering wheel! felt even better!

I heard that Project cars will have PC support for this thing.. I me... #1.2.1
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lol, it's weird. always complain articles, when its not enough its bad.. when its too much its bad again.. ahh I now understand.. SONY did not ask how many bundles they need! now I get it! #2.1
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DAKAR! How much open world is that?? lol :D

I would love GT engine in DAKAR game.. that would be epic on PS4.. :D those sand dunes and deserts... insane views! there is no more open world than DAKAR RALLY RAID! #1.1.13
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