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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


it will create emotions to all cod fans!

they will turn on song "cry me a river"

and all players will start crying, after realizing they had ripped off again :) #1.1.2
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X box one? are we back in time or something? did I miss something?? I get it, microsoft is trying to mess with out heads!!! its some kind of a trick, dont know what exactly... but time will show..

nice design for the box :) it seems they rushed it :) #3.1.5
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yes!.. .. yes,... it does look like one..

meantime while they could save it by creating it more mature like COD 4 was, they destroy it even further creating and adding some more unneeded childish arcade elements to it, making it look same only with more stupidity... thats about the trailer, but online can be different.. I highly doubt it, by the way.. #1.5.1
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on which platform is it? xbox 360 or next xbox?

screens looks maximum rendered, maybe even photoshoped a bit... dont like when new games get announced with only screenshots... #2.1
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the real mechanical car damage was an update for GT5, and it works only in online, offline damage is only visual, some premium cars can smash doors open, some get hanging bumpers... every car gets scratched and standard gt5 cars get stretched like old bananas... :)

as for GT6 we know that there is a new higher standard for standard cars, still without cockpit view :)

this far we dont know nothing more about gt6 damage! #1.2.4
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Then go same for shooters, no gun damage - no buy!

hell, go even further, if you play third person game and cant break a leg or arm, then no buy again...

how stupid does it sound to you? :) #1.2.2
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I cant learn nothing, just continue to kill digital people and creatures, its fun :D that's all! Meanwhile, if you are insane, you are insane, Blood in video games will not turn you on! :D #2
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I highly recommend you to watch that video, it looks very detailed in HD, I saw there more details unlike in original trailer! Very well made! #1
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No you got it wrong, no standard cars from GT5, they remade all cars, but they created new standard for standard cars :) they will look better but will still have some limitations!!

"We won’t be making all the Standard cars from GT5 into Premium models, and we won’t make all of the GT5′s Standard cars fully “Premiumized”.

Up until now, we used to categorize them as Standard and Premium because there were functional differences between them: some of the S... #1.1.2
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GT4 and GT5 had my car Honda Prelude '98
but sadly it was standard...

I hope it will be premium in gt6....... but I dont believe they modeled premium all 1200 cars... they need 4 - 6 months to create one car... there are 120 people working in PD, its impossible all those cars even if half of the teaam is working on 3d modeling... I think there could be about 20 of them who model cars, no more... so people get ready for some standards.. its very plausible.. #1.1.3
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Its Gran Turismo, it will never be Flatout or burnout or NFS... you will never see there burning walls and spectacular crashes..

the only thing that matters with GT is driving, it brings you close as possible to real thing if you have the right gear!

Also the game is about beautiful racing tracks (they are dead and empty I agree) The number of tracks could be bigger, that is the only thing I really need in GT.. but I'll have to wait for ps4, meantime I wi... #1.1.6
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totally agree, BF games is mainly known for its multiplayer... And I will not even try to play singleplayer... just like in BF3 or all COD games, its just pointless Hollywood shooting... #1.1
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same here, more tracks is more important than cars.. the only biggest issue I have with gt5 is lack of where to drive... GT4 had 54 tracks.. #2.1.3
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GT6 is not that game which could be spoiled, it mainly is only driving simulator, you can easy buy it for ps3 and then later get upgraded version of ps4... if you like cars and driving, nothing can bed spoiled there! :) it seems I will get both versions.. just like in GTA5..

edit, I just figured, both my favorite games have similar names :D Grand Theft and Gran Turismo :D #1.1.18
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there was no crysis on that list!!!

that means its plausible.. great list!! #1.1.2
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It wasnt any luck, it was Kazunori Yamauchi (Chuck Norris Japanese cousin)...

the site will be updated tomorrow after GT6 reveal @ Silverstone Circuit!!

cant wait to see some videos or some info!! #1.2
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lol. same here, If I dont have something to smoke, I dont even start playing...

also you have to do sports and active life style, playing games dosnt make you depressed, but sitting on a couch for all day does!!! Take a break, eat somethig, go out, some time with family maybe, and smoke sh**, relax :) gaming is only positive, even bloody online shooters making me lough... (sometimes want to smash tv. but thats normal, any failed activity does that :D)

edit: I... #1.1.21
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same here...

IF, I will have on my ps3 last of us, beyond, GTA5, GT6, watchdogs... lol list goes on... (cant believe Im saying it... but) I dont see any real reason to rush buying ps4 then, well the controller is brilliant!....

edit: if gt6 is on ps3, then it must be on ps4 also... gt5 pushed ps3 almost to its limits, I cant imagine huge leap with GT6, only gameplay wise.... meanwhile its all we need, more tracks more premium, more features... cars and graphi... #1.1.3
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°only some people care!

meanwhile, in reality 99% of the time reading comments gives more and better information then the article itself! Weird I know, maybe gaming journalism isnt grown up yet.... #1.2.1
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this game looks like a great GTA replacement, but not forever, and this will never be better than GTA5.. we just cant play GTA every day, this is a great change for some time, looks fun, I saw there some GTA, Hitman and other game elements combined :) the only thing I didnt like is driving, it looked like a GTA3 game to be honest :) with sharp fast unrealistic car movements.... like an ubisoft game... lol #1.1.2
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