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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


on witch platform?

No. no... I will wait and see how the real gameplay looks and then I figure out on which platform to buy...

meanwhile this game will kick ass, and we know it! its just those times when you know almost nothing about that game.. how can we pre-order something we dont know much about it.. #1.1
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Call of Duty 10:

cant find any other words... Marilyn explains it all!!! :) just lisen! #1.1
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we have enough pickachuu on the web.. we dont need a real one! :) #1.1.3
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I watched that video.. damn.. that gta5 game looks huge... I saw deserts, green windfarms, lots of water, mountains and rendered oxygen.. lol

It looks like you could go online with friends and drive "triping" for lots of hours while smoking joints :) cant wait to try jump all those hills... #1.1.2
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any smart grown up human being, after playing COD and later Battlefield can truly and honestly say that BF is more mature, complex and realistic game! #2.1
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I would buy GTA5 for PS4 later on again 100%, and play it again from 0%, I know most of GTA fans would... they have to make PS4 version... we all know that ps3 nowdays cant hold latest graphics.. and I would be glad to buy and upgraded version of the game later... I think gta6 will be after some 4 or 5 years... wow... next gen consoles just cant live without a gta game for so long... :) just like witout GT series.. and that GT6 on ps3 rumor... #1.1
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I would add

26. Part of the career dedicated for drifting! ;)

also we need GT6 for PS3 and PS4 for those who will buy it! I would buy both!

and most of these numbers are improvements not fixes! Its not like it has 25 broken things.. I play it, I can say it for sure! :) #1.2
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it seems, that it will come out to ps3... and I think that it will come to ps4 later on also! Dont see any reason why not... PS4 version could get better graphics and more features to do... that would be a real reason to buy it again.. in the end PD would make more money and I would be pleased with constant GT upgrade! ;) #1.1.4
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sometimes those religious bomb fanatics blow up in dumbest places... they just are soo dumb they cannot figure out where to blow up.. this is why this middle of the street area is very plausible! #8.2.2
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just dont join random online rooms if you want realism... there always are some good guys to play with.. search for them in forums and create your own races with real damage and no noob crashing.. that is what I m doing for 2 years now in GTplanet.. I can find great private online rooms, and no noobs can join that!!! It takes time to find, but then again saves alot later on! #1.1.5
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I bet he can sell this thing with huge profit!!!

he should make another one and try to sell it!!! #1.1.3
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I disliked latest BO2 singel player.. it was crap.. sold the CD, this time even multiplayer sucked!

and about BF3 single player also crap.. it was fun for 3 hours and then it was all the same with no feel for realism, just stupid Hollywood shooting..

and after watching BF4 SP, it felt the same.. just random stupid shooting with no purpose and chopper flying 2 feet above head.. looked just dumb..

so in the end they both suck in SP, but the mu... #2
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well I gues Fallout could exist only in US, since it has that music, deserts, classic US guns, houses and cars etc.. its all about 20 century US culture and dont forget about the music, also alot of US oldies top songs.. 1950 if Im not mistaken..

anyways it can only exist in the US.. in different country it would not be Fallout...

and about new york.. its a cool city and great place for gaming.. but fallout needs New Vegas type deserts, mountains and deserte... #1.1.1
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you know why PS3 won??

because my FAT old 60 gig PS3 is still going hard! and its waiting for its big brother arrival with full power and great games (even those who got delayed sadly) but you have to respect the big brother!! :) #1.1.9
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it seems no one is talking about it... but wasnt there something China VS Japan thing.. it seems all companies from Japan want to make everything everywhere except China!

And we all know country like India now is like China.. its just a huge cheap manufacturing plants.. and people willing to work for almost free!

but you know we are not to suppose to talk about it out loud! so Shhhhhh... be quiet..

the only sad thing that rain forests, anim... #2.2.2
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It was a joke jeeeezzz...

anyway.. what it was it dosnt matter... we have to move on! #2.1.2
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I predict that all PS4 exclusives will be 1080p and 60 fps.... Sony developers never rushed the release, they always polish it until its done... unlike other developers who rush and put deadlines!

Also there are great all platform developers like Rockstar games etc... they never rush things up... all I want to say is that it is up to developers how theyre game will end up on any game platform!! #1.1.11
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sounds same like any other Japanese game for me..

taka ta ka tu ku tu kat ta moi sa chi ki ki ka ku ki ki!!

and the girls say.. oi oi oi yooooo oi oi yoooo all the time :)

no offence but it is how it is for me :) I think we sound to them just as weird :) #1
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They should start again from Morrowind!! #4
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wow, what a game... these graphics make BF4 look like super mario! I hope it has 64 player multiplayer.. #2
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