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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


MS just show how incompetent they are... I spend countless hours reading about those bad features xbone had.. there was so many I cant remember them all.. now I have to spend more hours to read what stupid things they removed and what added.... F8&k this S&%t... I just gonna buy PS4 and let MS think about everything from the start.. better luck next time MS.. See you at NEXT Next Gen.. hope you will learn your lesson!!!! #1.1.6
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There’s Still A Big Problem With The Xbox One
you dont say? :) #1.3
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All that sound like a bad conspiracy movie, only this time its seems to be reality.... damn.. #1.1.2
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Can you imagine what Gran turismo could do on PS4? :))) #1.1.3
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the only explanation about price difference I have, is that SONY might know how to make decent quality hardware in short times and low costs.. (its a MASSIVE hardware company after all..)

And MS know how to make money.. maybe they even dont earn much.. but definitely history has told us that MS cant create good hardware, they are almost purely a software company, and Xbone shows that a lot, with its design, price and that insane amount of spying and life changing software...... #1.1
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different colours really show ps4 design.. and It looks far better than any other PS I had.. hope they will make them.. I will pick up white one!!!! (lol, not one..) #1.1.3
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Let's Not Be So Harsh On The Xbox One
I strongly disagree...

lets be very harsh.. so MS have no choice and change the policies!!!

also dont buy it.. or you will have very limited future!!! #1.1.13
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I trust you all! #1.4.1
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bad trip...

:) #1.2.1
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not only hackers can harm something... it can happen out of nothing..
how about internet itself...
most of the world have issues with it..

not the speed issues, but sometimes it is off for repairs, or disasters etc... many things can happen in this world..

so what then?? no games ? WTF.. under what drugs are MS?? #1.1.5
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those people who pre-ordered fail box obviously dont read news, and dont have fiends to talk to, and dont use internet... so we dont loose nothing this time around...

funny thing is.. if people who pre order xbox and dont use online/internet connection to a console.. will be pissed.. very!!!

so I predict most of them will return!!!!!
:D #1.2.17
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I saw it live, and I remember that AC4 frozen... 100% sure!

and then after a while destiny had small issues..

but I dont see any problem in that... 90% of press conferences have some issues...

just because beta game frozen on beta console, doesn't mean anything for us gamers... it just means that sony has to deal with this... #3.1.1
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it looks like a retro machine... I love it!!!


that image is so HUGE... almost like mine! :) and now I know where to put a CD in and how to turn it on instantly after buying one without reading a manual! :D #1.1.6
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developers just cant create well optimized games on PC for everyone.. the cost for it is far bigger than on consoles.. huge graphical differences between players spoil the experience.. and I will not even start to talk about drivers and all those sorts of things that ruin gaming on PC.. dont get me wrong.. I once was a PC gamer.. but now.. I look into future.. where everything is optimized, everyone plays in similar condition and the best part is that is so easy, simple and fast :D
... #1.1.11
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if we stick together we could do that!

Easy, power of people is massive... #2.1.1
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I like -

World of tanks
voice commands are ok..
the paint of the car in Forza 5 looked epic..

I dislike -

No used games
499$ is way too much for an xbox
24 h check in
50$ year fee
design of the box
kinect and all games surrounding it!
also Forza was a letdown, I hoped it would be great and set some competition in the market, but instead it l... #1.1.8
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dont worry, game like Fallout never be MS exclusive.... It's just timed exclusive like most exclusives from MS side...

think about it..

MS will pay developers so they will delay the game for others... later pay again to delay DLC for others... yay MS this is the way to go!!! thanks a lot!!!

MS bites the hand that feeds them!

Worldwide exclusive bite!!! #1.1.11
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we know enough about it already, any more info and that would be spoilers... (but I would love to see them anyway!!!) :) #3
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ok... dont bookmark it anymore... or the server will be overloaded... Me and other who bookmarked it might get connection issues! :D just kidding, I think there will be huge amount of sites showing it live + internet is becoming more and more like TV.. with more Live shows! #1.1.4
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Am I brainwashed or almost every time I hear something about PS4, its a good news.. but not just good news "Passive recording" is just an epic feature!!!
All that stuff I want it now.. I dont want to wait and die.. I want to use them as long as possible :D lol #1.1.5
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