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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


its not only cant afford.. many of them could afford to buy all 3 next gen consoles... but in reality who can spend so much time with gaming... its impossible.. if you have some money you must be working.. if you are working you must be an adult and have a family.. if you are having family and work.. you must be full of things to do.... the older I get, the less time I spend with games.. now I choose carefully what to buy, just to save some money and time!

So now is the time... #1.1
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you have to admit that for PS3 it is an improvement... but yes.. now after seeing all those next gen ps4 graphics, I agree.. it looks more worse than good.. but still day 1 buy for me.. those physics saves the day!!! #1.2.3
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I really see by comments who plays GT the right way and who dont... (including childish gaming sites)

GT is a game that you can only understand after playing at least 2 versions of the game... and finishing them...

also GT without a wheel is 180 degrees other game.. it can only be playable with a wheel (you still can have fun with Dualshock..)

as for the demo.. they changed physics (in a very good way) also track graphics are improved (as far... #1.1.4
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parents are adults... they are the ones who are responsible for EVERYTHING... read ratings more carefully... if you need or want to :)

I dont care.. I never had a problem after seeing a gentlemans sausage, but I admit I rather see a naked woman!!!! thats for sure! :) #1.1.2
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this GT academy seems to me more like a GT6 demo... it has some awesome tweaks in physics department, also graphics and tracks are different.. Im lovin it!

they maxed out ps3 for sure... at least they did it with mine.. it is turning off every 15 min in the menus or every 1 - 2 hours in gameplay.. (seems more like a glitch) anyways it does happen alot, I read about that in GTPlanet forums also.. sad, but true..

still hope gt6 will be different and will not h... #1.1.8
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I get what you are saying..

but I also get that BF needs some fun mode.. :) why not? all those huge maps are like made specially for dinosaurs!! #1.3.1
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I can tell you that this game is so different...

physics really show true superiority over all other driving simulators...

pity.. Im having problems with the demo.. ps3 is shutting off while I am in the menus... and if I skip them fast I get to play for 1 - 2 hours..

hope it will be fixed.. all other games work perfect (except COD BO2, it had same issue)

my old 60 gig granny is getting old... #1.1.8
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Last of us did this to other games - #1.1.4
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I would buy it.. but sorry the price is too high for new games these days...

instead we gamers have to choose very carefully what we will buy.....

looks like I will skip so many great games... just because of the price... stupid isnt it? I have no choice, they force me to do so... later maybe I will buy used version of it after some long period of time... but then again, there will be much more advanced racers.. so in the end... other games kill this game for... #1
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I hate "fanboy" comments... Almost everywhere I go here I see some fanboy arguing....

not cool!!!

All fanboys are easy to spot without anyone telling!!! just dont point with fingers at each other, that just looks silly!! #1.1.4
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If the game is rated 18+ I don't see any problem! :) #1
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I still have Sony Ericson k750i... lol

it has a screen, and I can call from it!!!! :) What else I might use a phone for these days!?? :)) I can protect myself with it by throwing with it!!! thats for sure!! #1.1.8
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we will see insane amount of GTA5 footage after the release, thats for sure! :) #1.1.2
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@ xYLeinen

I totally get you! I would love to see BF game as realistic as possible..

but thats a game mode dude.. or something similar... also, if you notice almost all BF game modes are not even close to real war... (maybe RUSH mode could be somehow realistic)..... so hidden .50 cal sniper rifle is not a biggest BF issue!

Still some realistic objective based online gameplay is very welcome, also realistic fish AI!!! ;) #1.1.4
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its also a smart move, the best commercial I know is the power of people storytelling.. just imagine how many times you will hear someone saying in cross came chat "hey man, you should definitely get ps+, its awesome"... and the man get's one... and they play together happily ever after! lmao!! #1.1.2
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WTF you all talking about chaaa.... ?

and who in the hell would want to read all over again what policies MS have now for xbone, it seems they can change it every month.... I dont trust that kind of business... #1.1.3
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hopefully ps4 with its all new ps+ will improve this issue for the future! #4.1
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you see, this far I understand this brick thing impacts only those consoles with some modifications (changed HDD etc.)...

this still is Sony's fault, because they didnt test the update on all possible ps3's...

So bad bad, sony! :) lol but we all know it will be ok, and my ps3 works fine, so I really dont care.... its summer out there.. go have some fun outside! :)) #2.1
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If there is no decent fish AI, its no buy for me!!!

There must be a law protecting digital animals!!!
say no for dogs to be used in video games...

go for fish!!! #1.1.2
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I live in LATVIA... europe... I have ps3 and most of my friends have... but we dont have PS store... we buy games from fake accounts...

and this means that I could not play PS4 online???????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ? ????????????

I have so many problems with my ps3 already.. meaning.. I cant properly buy games.. play onlin... #1.1.13
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