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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


seems that Australians dont like running around with pink dildos :)...

on serious note, it is sad that some people still must live in communism and suffer some dumb limitations, just because some idiot thinks so... epic fail. #1.1
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tru dat.

this will be a bomb!! #1.1
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PlayStation 4 to Support PlayStation 3 Wireless Headsets

and thats a good thing.. I got Sony wireless 7.1 headset made for PS3.. :) it works for PC's wery well also.. so I never doubted this.. #1.1.14
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you received 3 wheel Reliant Robin and you earned $5 by doing blow jobs!

on topic-

these are amazing

You will be able to drill a gas tank, drive the car into a group of enemies, then run and catch the trail to blow the car into the air.

You can leave your car parked on the street, but if you put the ticket, the crane can take him. But you can recover in the warehouse prior municipal payment if y... #1.2.1
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agree.. when people say GT and then controller, I stop reading.. #2.1
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funny as hell.. I recommend to watch it till it ends! ;)

and this - Who let those skinny COD dogs out??? #1.1
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the best part is that they still can make it 60 FPS, if they want to spend some time to optimize.. if not then Drive Club 2 at least must have 60 FPS..

will see what effects they will have, it seems all who plays online will have this game :) , I will try it for sure!

But next time optimize it for full 1080p and 60 FPS.. it is really a must for next gen.. #1.1.3
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are you people not listening ... ??!? :/

MS press conference stated that Bbone one will have GTA5.... that also means it will be avalible for PS4 and PC!!!

Im buying GTA5 for ps3 day one! and later on PS4 if it is available... (since we heard that info in MS conference, we have a chance that can be not true... will see) #4.1.3
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360 contr. never can be the best.. they put D-pad at totally wrong place...

they created same design as PS original controller, make it look more modern and put D-pad in different spot so it look different.. thats about it.. (you are just got used to that design fail). People can get used to everything!

you use batteries to charge it.. that's like 1990's...

good controller needs to be strong, light, easy to use and fit in your hand p... #1.1.2
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Some games are way too good to be in just one category....

games like GTA, MGS, Fallout, Hitman etc..

I could put them in 10 categories at the same time.. its just how YOU play the game... :) damn I could call GTA game a murder simulation or Sports game if I want to, and play it that way :)

anyways.. what I wanted to say is that in modern games player can choose what type of game it will be for him....

for me Hitman is not a... #1.4.3
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lol, that joke about personal attack was a bomb :D so mean and funny at the same time!!! #3.3.3
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More precise -

RDR + GTA4 = GTA5 ;) #1.5.1
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the first thing that comes to my mind is take some american old school rear wheel drive car, drive it to some lonesome roads, deserts or woods and hunt some animals with it... its a GTA game after all :) fun. fun. fun, never stops :D I bet everyone will figure out some ways to have fun with those digital creatures... (dont forget they must have good physics like humans.. interactive and stuff..) cant wait!!! #1.1.1
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"Your friend's sister blows goats!" is just a perfect answer for that BS... #2.1.1
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Where did you found that xbox 360 and ps3 stuff?? I cant find it, I read article 2 times!!! #3.6
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if GTA5 will have hidden big foot, chupacabras and other funny stuff.. with its great engine, diving physics and huge world.. that game will be just a bombshell... #2.2.1
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This is best news today!!! I hope its really true! Im buyin GT6 for PS3 and then later GT6 for PS4 200 % sure!!! #1.1.4
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Ahhh.. F**c that guy who thinks it's booring! This must be some Saints row fan who thinks running with a pink dildo down the street is fun!!!! lol #1.1.13
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I find it funny... its just trolling..

any petition shouldnt change anything...

It have to be right from the start (its MS, its not like they are totally dumb...) well we now know they really are! #1.1.11
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how can you get info from google and then put there "opinions of others" at the same time? :)

anyways on topic, I dont see any Huge problems with MS, well in console department it is f***ed up for sure.. anything else its main goal to earn money is successful.. but at least in this modern information age people are starting to see what is MS main goal.. and many of us are showing middle finger! #1.1.9
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