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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


even after realising what R* is doing, I will still get this and next gen copy of it... :) This is no cod, GTA5 have huge amount of replay ability.. it will be best seller! #1.1.5
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no she dont!!!!

and dont read more!!! #1.2.1
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the game is so massive, every gamer should know that in this kind of scale some glitches time to time, especially while in development time are very normal to occur...

I saw one realistic fish with realistic AI jumping around in the wave!! ;) #1.1.3
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I bet.. in the future (about 20 years from now) game companies will buy highly detailed 3D objects from other companies who makes them...

in the future we could see many same cars, buildings, tea cups and guns etc. in many different games... just like in real life, many same things for everything, like movies etc... and just imagine how many time developers could save on this.... and why not.. if it looks good it could be re-usable forever.. (now it's only usable for lim... #1.1.2
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The real reason why R* is not saying anything about PS4 and xbone is because they want to see and get pre-orders for this gen, and then later for next gen..

this far Im about 95% sure that GTA5 will be on Xbone and PS4...

but still.. Im buying it for PS3 and later with updated graphics on PS4.... this is the only game I will do like this.. maybe with GT6, but about that we have no info at all... #1.1.7
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the start of the video was very promising.. and then they showed same games over and over and over again.. nice try! :)

but good to see at least something new and fresh from MS side.. that centurion type game looks promising.. #1.1.6
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new analog sticks and camera are awesome... the design and features also are all I wanted to.. now everything that's left to be done is prepare a great spot for it and a new couch and let the time do its work.. :) #1.1.2
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same here.. how can I eat, sleep or work when I have GTA5 at home.. impossible.. I better be not working or I will make lots of mistakes, lol :D #1.1.1
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the "communism thing" was sort of a joke.. we all know its not like that.. but still.. it works kinda same... #1.1.2
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I know Vita is great and all, but who really cares about those little handheld devices.... all we want is a PS4 at home... outside you can talk, drive, work or do other interactive things.. or just chill out from all those technological devices and jobs.. :) I know I will get disagrees, since any gamer should think like "more games the better" or like "more devices to play on the better"... anyways.. the main thing for me is PS4 and games on it at my home.. cant wait.. #1.2
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Pfff... read the damn article!!! you all are talking about different things!!!! #1.1.34
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seems to me that every next year is the year of gaming.. its just gets bigger and bigger every time.. and when the year you waiting for comes.. next year will be already better than that you already live in... hard to explain.. but its evolution in everything these days! :)

sadly my organic body dosnt feel the same about time passing into future........ #1.1.1
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seems that Australians dont like running around with pink dildos :)...

on serious note, it is sad that some people still must live in communism and suffer some dumb limitations, just because some idiot thinks so... epic fail. #1.1
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tru dat.

this will be a bomb!! #1.1
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PlayStation 4 to Support PlayStation 3 Wireless Headsets

and thats a good thing.. I got Sony wireless 7.1 headset made for PS3.. :) it works for PC's wery well also.. so I never doubted this.. #1.1.14
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you received 3 wheel Reliant Robin and you earned $5 by doing blow jobs!

on topic-

these are amazing

You will be able to drill a gas tank, drive the car into a group of enemies, then run and catch the trail to blow the car into the air.

You can leave your car parked on the street, but if you put the ticket, the crane can take him. But you can recover in the warehouse prior municipal payment if y... #1.2.1
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agree.. when people say GT and then controller, I stop reading.. #2.1
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funny as hell.. I recommend to watch it till it ends! ;)

and this - Who let those skinny COD dogs out??? #1.1
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the best part is that they still can make it 60 FPS, if they want to spend some time to optimize.. if not then Drive Club 2 at least must have 60 FPS..

will see what effects they will have, it seems all who plays online will have this game :) , I will try it for sure!

But next time optimize it for full 1080p and 60 FPS.. it is really a must for next gen.. #1.1.3
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are you people not listening ... ??!? :/

MS press conference stated that Bbone one will have GTA5.... that also means it will be avalible for PS4 and PC!!!

Im buying GTA5 for ps3 day one! and later on PS4 if it is available... (since we heard that info in MS conference, we have a chance that can be not true... will see) #4.1.3
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