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"I dont have nothing new here... move along... "


Or take GT6 port it for PS4 and set everything on maximum possible, with all DS4 innovations and DLC's and so on..

would buy it twice.. and it would be alot faster than creating from zero for PS4.. yet again wait at least 3 years... no no.. #1.1.1
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damn.... it looks.. even better then I imagined... and all that customization is awesome...

EDIT.. who says it will not come to next gen? R* didnt.. I still think it will be on Everything it possibly can.. #1.1.3
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lol, it looks good.. but not as nearly good as BF4... Trailer was like the maximum possible arcade show off... the music, the dog.. all those non important little gimnicks show off... funny..
it could be fun playing with friends... but common.. so many good games come out.. GT6, GTA5, BF4 and so on.. I will not have time for this... maybe later, will get it cheaper to have fun with friends..

and prestige looks more mature now...

10 cust... #1.3.4
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dosnt this song win every year...????!!? Even our country almost won with this song... :D #1.2.3
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they didnt say anything about the PS4..

it will be a surprise, trust me... :) #3.1.1
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future gaming looks bright... #2
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any smart human being can say for sure that GTA5 on High end PC will look 10 times better then any last gen console.. its happening with every game for past 2 years... PS4 could be similar to PC.. at least for next 3 years....

anyways.. we all know that GTA5 will go to next gen platfroms also... R* just dont want to tell, because they want to keep pre order nubers rolling for this gen... and later for next... you will see...! I buying it for this and next PS.. why not.. #1.1.11
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ha.. so some people dont know that...

its a scientific fact that humans are born predators... not only because we eat meat and other animals.. we also hunt them.. and our closest evolution relatives also are predators!! its along story.. #1.1.4
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180 DRM
180 headset
180 indie
180 kinect

who says it stops right there.. it soon will be called Xbox 72,000,000... #1.1.52
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What car its supposed to be?
It looks like Zonda in GTA5

in GTA 1, 2, VC and SA it looks more like a ferrari... weird...

anyway, looks like it could be great fun driving it in these long desert roads!! and deserts itself :) would be cool if you could drive very far away then get stuck in a sands, then you should be walking for hours doing random encounters with criminals, police rangers and animals etc.. snakes and scorpions are wellcome... that would... #1.1.4
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some are angry on having too much life...

humans are predators.. its in our nature to be angry... #1.1.1
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dont forget about Latvia.. we paid for PS3 about 500 Ls.. its about 800-900 $

next year we will have Euros here.. so I think this time it could be cheaper with PS4.. but still it will cost more than in UK for sure... #1.1.23
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you cant.. but thats not pointless, I have external HDD, I keep there Movies, music, videos, save games, pictures... and my ps3 is purely for games... its 60 gb and its enough for me..
12 gb would be more difficult, but still, if you want to save money and waste time on re-downloading, installing and deleting games constantly.. then why not! :)

edit: and some people do buy a ps3 just for GT5 for example... #1.1.11
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yeah.. other games with other guns :D #2.1.1
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funny.. you asked where is Ryse.. I was eating Rise at that moment... guess what comes to my mind :D #1.2.5
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I never pre order...

I am a huge gaming fan.. i do buy some games day one.. just at my local store.. I dont like pre-ordering anything... its just me..

but I was thinking.. you never really know how many are like me.. since people like me.. dont go into poll's, statistics or other type of maths...

and I will buy ps4 in its first month of its release... maybe second... depends in the amount of work I will be into.. #1.1.16
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and what special abilities will "the dog" have? #1.1.1
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I might get PS plus just for this game.. and since its going to PS4 anyway.. sooner or later.. dosnt really matter now.. #1.1.5
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All R* games are brilliant!!!

and this comparison is very well made!!! #1
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even after realising what R* is doing, I will still get this and next gen copy of it... :) This is no cod, GTA5 have huge amount of replay ability.. it will be best seller! #1.1.5
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