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N4G gets traffic for telling us! And gets for not telling :D #1.1.1
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Review is based on opinions by people who actually dont play games the way they should be played.. "These self appointed journalist make unrealistic demands and high expectations!" and that is straight to the point!

How can a non gamer person describe and say whats good and bad for a gamer? :) (even if he thinks he is a gamer, and they're not, we can see that many times, they're lying son of a gun!) #1.1.8
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I tried every far cry game and they all felt - arcady, unfinished and with bugs, they all looked great, some missions and menus with equipment were ok.. and they all are going out way too fast, they start to remind COD, every game which gets fast releases reminds me it.. I may be wrong, but I doubt Far cry 4 will be any good for me.. (but I would like to play this kind of game, It just feels arcady and unfinished like I said!) #1.1.4
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yep, something is not quite right there! And I cant say I like those super far unrealistic hollywood jumps.. Those slides and smaller bike jumps looked even better.. #2.1
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If they want sudden change, then console must have whole different from PC Hardware setup.. I mean like totally different.. Biocomputer or self aware machine etc... Now we are developing same old hardware only a bit better, then we dont need to wait for games to change.. its up to developer imagination what gameplay will be in the end... Gadgets like Project Morpheus could change gaming.. but new console only graphics and thats totally normal at this time and age!! #1.1.3
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so lets not do what she wants, dont listen to her and dont talk about her.. what was I on about.. I forgot! #1.1.2
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I tried similar Tech on PC and I tell you racing games will be changed forever! :D I could look back, up, right and left while driving.. even "strafe left" out the window of the car.. then look how my wheels are spinning... it felt like I was there... and cornering at speed was weird, I felt fake G force and almost puke! :D

EDIT: all that with G27 steering wheel! felt even better!

I heard that Project cars will have PC support for this thing.. I me... #1.2.1
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lol, it's weird. always complain articles, when its not enough its bad.. when its too much its bad again.. ahh I now understand.. SONY did not ask how many bundles they need! now I get it! #2.1
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DAKAR! How much open world is that?? lol :D

I would love GT engine in DAKAR game.. that would be epic on PS4.. :D those sand dunes and deserts... insane views! there is no more open world than DAKAR RALLY RAID! #1.1.13
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please no.. dont you know it takes time to do so.. difference wont be huge.. they better spend they're time on Last of us 2 on PS4 ;) #1.1.1
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OFF topic... but I must say it..

turn based gane us back on PC "wasteland 2" out september 19, its a Fallout game if someone wonders.. !!!!!!! yay.. #1.1.4
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About the "damage".. some cars have better then others, it was "off" at the beginners mode and some more.. then it started to show rally and nascar damage etc.. (but it was really basic and cosmetic).. only after updates we got full support for technical damage.. (only online)... anyway I wish every game developer to look and learn how to support a game from PD! (ok that last thing about Microtransactions is a bad thing, m key!) #1.3.1
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I would like to see registration updates.. Many countries still dont have even a basic country flag option.. we have to use fake accounts, with fake everything.. and I live in Europe.. (all Baltics have no support from Sony..) and list goes on.. #1.1.4
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Someone could be lazy enough to spill glue or something else on it, or it might be old and scratched.. only then I would use sand paper... #1.1.1
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have to agree.. and its easy to play with friends.. I might get it on PS4 to play it with my old clan.. had fun times.. #2.1
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I like how it plays, but I strongly dislike that its heading into deeper and deeper future style combat.. :( also it seems that this COD also will have like all guns that dont exist or are still in development.. if cod wants to be a successful game, then it must leave everything from previous games, especially old guns! AK-47, MP5, UMP, M4, P90, revolver, desert eagle, 44 magnum, usp 45, SCAR-L and so on, without them its like playing COD Tetris for me... #1.1.1
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Postal, Silent Hill and Leisure Suit Larry? :) Im sure I cant remember the truly 1st one! #1.1.1
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sadly same story goes for PS4.. at least they announced in 2013 that PS4 will be officially released in Baltics Q2014 (and other countries) Im hoping they will at least support all Europe not only half of it.. I dont even want to mention rest of the world, feel sad for them! #1.2.2
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who ignore Europe? Im 100% sure that MS support Europe better then SONY, they just lack quality, popularity and games here.. I have proof.. SONY dont support Europe like they should do.. I have ps3 from 2007 and I still dont have legal rights to buy games in PSN or even register my country.. I live in Europe, Latvia (Baltics).. and thats only one example, SONY support only big or rich countries.. deal with that.. sadly I prefer sony and have to suffer for no reason.. I dont even need my langu... #1.2.1
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they took away paramedic missions and police side jobs.. I had fun times with them in old GTA's! #2.1.5
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