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"Who would have thought friendship was such a strong weapon?"


REALLY? People are REALLY complaining that there are too many sword characters? He says it himself, 10 out of the 38 use swords. If it was 20 out of 38, then I can understand, but only about 1/4 of the entire roster consists of sword wielders! How is that too many? Is this just a cover up because the author is butt-hurt over Shulk being in the game and not a sword character he likes such as Isaac or Lloyd?

Smash bros was NEVER just about fist to fist fighting. You had rats an... #14
The biggest mind blowing video game thing I've witnessed was probably Mario 64. It wasn't the first 3d game ever made or anything like that, but it was the first one I played that really showed what the future of games were going to be like with that thumb stick.

This was probably the biggest leap I can recall in terms of both interactivity and graphics. Going from sprites to 3d models was just way more excited that just getting higher resolution and better frame rate... #39
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With Capcom dying, I kinda see this as a desperate move. They recently tried to sue Tecmo for some money. They're FINALLY listening to fans...kinda...with this HD-re-REmake. I was honestly expecting them to HD-remake all 3 RE games and sell it for $60.

But then again, this is capcom. The same company who sold the real ending to Asura's wrath. The same company that charged us for disk locked content. We can't forget how they killed an icon, mangled their franchise... #32
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Oh man, why do all WRPGs always have dirty gritty look to them with 30 year old white men as the main characters? When will Western developers learn to be more stylized instead of aiming for boring brown and grey realism. <-- Tried to reverse your comment to the best I can.

It's a Japanese (eastern) thing. That's their style and that's what their market likes. Same goes for Western games. Most western games look gritty and aim for realism to appealing to a wes... #1.2
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The author of this little article wasn't feeling it at all. #8
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A while ago, I too emailed Sega of America about PSO2 and they told me the same thing: It's still coming to the west. That was all, no other reason.

Why so many delays? Why bother reminding us that it's coming out with no proof or release date? All that needs to be done is properly translating everything. I really can't live on the fan translations anymore as many of the text is still in japanese. For those of you that don't know, PSO2/Sega was recently hacke... #17
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I can see where he's coming from, that making it more like melee would turn a lot of people off. Not everyone likes melee and it really is only the hardcore that want melee. I USED to be like that too, wanting brawl to play more like melee, but over time I kinda grew out of it. I got used to brawl's move sets and gravity and personally, I wouldn't go back to melee.

He should just make the game he wants. If he wants to it be more like brawl, let him make it like t... #4
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I know that feels all too well. Gunvolt on the 3ds is another really good Megaman-esque game. It feels just like Megaman Zero. #6.1
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Physical copies of a game is more expensive than digital copies right? With rights and whatnot I mean. Cause if square wants to be cheap, they can just translate (doesn't even have to have English voice acting if they want to cut corners) the games and release them digitally. Translation and releasing it in the 3ds store is WAY cheaper than releasing a physical copy. This way we gt the GOOD square RPGs and they don't lose so much money on it.

Hell, they can have a li... #19
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My only gripe with all this is the name. They REALLY need to change the name of this thing cause it will confuse normal people. They can call it the 3ds (XL) PLUS or something.

I may get this after Smash bros destroys my current 3ds slider lol. #21
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AKA Monado Mania? Will they be shown his trailer? #1
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The only problem I had with this game was that prior to AC:AH, I played AC0,4,& 5 on the Ps2. I'm somewhat of a new fan too and I love the arcade style of AC, but AC:AH's events weren't as exciting as the stuff you had to to in AC5 and the dog fight mode was visually cool, but it felt more like it made the game easier. Also I couldn't pick any plane for any mission like in the previous games, the story was kinda boring (because they decided to be more realistic than), and... #3
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Resonance of Fate was a great game, but the ending portion felt so rushed that it was kinda disappointing. It kinda raised more questions. Here's hoping for a potential sequel...Oh right...Sega. NVM!

Valkyria Chronicles was another great game that I wish Sega continued on the consoles instead of on the PSP (I think the sequels were japan only too).

Super Robot wars OG Saga Endless frontier and Golden Sun Dark Dawn on the NDS were other games practically n... #3
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Nintendo Owned:
Shulk & Fiora (Xenoblade)
Isaac/Alex & Jenna/Mia (Golden sun)
Krystal with staff (Star Fox)
Ray Mk2 & Milky way (Custom Robo GC version)
Aeron (Pandora's Tower)
Mike & Rola (Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge)

3rd party:
Calista & Zael (The Last Story)
Simon/Richter Belmont & Shanoa (Castlevania)
Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
Any classic Final Fantasy Char... #11
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It's really hard to make a list of great Jrpgs because there are so many I played! I know I'm going to forget some, but my list would probably look something like this:

1) Xenogears
2) Chronotrigger
3) Teranigma
4) Xenoblade
5) Golden Sun (series)
6) Phantasy Star 1-2
7) FF5-7
8) Valkyria Chronicles
9) Kingdom hearts (1-2, Birth by sleep)
10) Xenosaga (1&3)

Honourable mention... #10
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I don't think there will be a time where nintendo becomes a 3rd party developer. If the future is netflix but with games, then Nintendo will eventually move to a service like that with their own domain filled with their own games. We may see a Nintendo service all over the place in the future, but not a Mario on a sony machine (playstation).

Personally, I'd like to always have a box with physical games...but certain companies are pushing more towards digital. Not look... #9
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Sure, I'll participate. #29
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I'd like that little gadget lol. #20
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To answer the question, in my opinion, GTA5 was just a mediocre game. I play games for gameplay and/or story. Why or? Because some games have crappy stories but the gameplay easily outshines it (Metal Gear rising for example). GTA5's gameplay was just alright. The events you go through were kinda dull compared to prior entries. The heists were the best parts for me, which were too few in number. I didn't have any trouble through the game or felt any tension in any of the missions eith... #7.2.1
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It's called an opinion. Everyone has one. If you think GTA5 is a great game then it's a great game to you. You have no obligations to force yourself to like something that everyone else likes. The more you force it, the more you actually end up hating it. I know from experience. I played through FF14:RR and it was one of the worse MMOs I played as of late. It was literately putting me to sleep on several occasions. How that game was getting 9/10s across the board was something I could... #7
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