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"Who would have thought friendship was such a strong weapon?"


Pac-man WILL be there. Namco already has some Ass-trophies plugged into the game so it's extremely likely we'll see Pacman. He's also in Mario Kart Arcade too!

Calling it now: Pac-man with Soul Calibur and Tekken moves! #4
The thing is that it's hard to kinda port games to the Wii-u.
It's all because those companies don't want to mess with the tablet. They DON'T HAVE TO use it, but if they don't, reviewers will destroy those games. Another problem is that the audience for certain games (COD/BF particularly) aren't on the Wii-u at all. Those type of gamers typically go for the ps4/XB1 because Fifa and other games like that are on there, along with COD/BF.

Tomb Rai... #7
I understand all that you're saying, but I honestly don't have much of a problem with these ports. TR and TLOU were both amazing games, but I don't think they sold well enough for the higher-ups to be happy (they still want that COD money after all). Saying it's remaster/definitive is just a tag to cover up the fact that they ARE LAZY PORTS WITH MINOR IMPROVEMENTS! It's to make money and reach out to those who need another game to play on their PS4s too.

... #11
Personally, I don't think Sakurai's opinion on competitive gamers have changed at all. He gimped brawl to turn off competitive players after all and these 2 online modes kinda shows that his opinion is still there. Yeah, Namco is helping but at the end of the day he's the one calling the shots. The Online looks better than Brawl so far, but not as good as Tekken Tag 2 or Soul Calibur or DOA4's online mode with lobbies and such.

As long as it doesn't lag,... #8
Nintendo has a bunch of characters they still haven't used as playable characters:

Krystal (With staff), Isaac, Ray MK2, Shulk, Aeron, Zael, K.Rool to name a few. 3rd party? My bets are on Pacman and Simon/Richter Belmont (or some other Castlevania character like Shanoa).

I'd personally like to see a Xenoblade stage with the mechonis moving or have the enemies drop in or something. A pacman stage would be cool too.

Th... #4
A 10/100 or 1/10 is terrible! I know the game was short...but it wasn't broken. Based on what I read, I think this game deserves a 5/10 solely based on the fact that the game works. It wasn't a mess like BF4. #18
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The list is kinda crappy.
Monster hunter as a franchise is closer to Sony than Nintendo, though Nintendo is getting whatever new MH game Capcom pumps out for however long their contract is.

Saki is cool, but so are Ray MK1, Isaac, and Lyndis. Little Mac managed to transcend the ass-trophy stats, but they might not put the others in. I'd love to see Shulk, Isaac, and Krystal in Smash as playable characters, but I'm 90% sure they'd show up as Ass-trophies.... #4
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He was suppose to be in melee, but was too far in development to put him in. So to make it up, Kojima begged for snake to be in in Brawl. GCN did get Twin Snakes though too and the 3ds did get 3d snake eater (though it wasn't that good due to weird controls). #1.1.1
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The first time I say the box for this game, I thought it was a power rangers game. Why? Because from a distance, the red guy looks like Lord Zedd. lol #4
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Played the game myself, beat the main campaign in less than an hour on my first play through. The graphics are amazing and the Gameplay (controls) is great. Everything works. But the fact that Kojima is charging $30 for a demo is ridiculous. Why not pack it in with Castlevania LOS2? They could've gave out special editions that had the Ground Zeroes Demo.


"Anyways, I thoroughly disagree with this person, a 6 is absolute nonsense. Price should n... #2
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I would like to see more diversity in games in general. I'd like to see more black/hispanic/middle eastern main characters in games. Some people can shrug it off, but there are a good chunk that can't help but feel left out. You're suppose to root for the good guy, but how strange is it when you realize that the person you are rooting for is shooting people that look JUST LIKE YOU. All the bad guys look like you, and the good guy is shooting them.

Would The Last o... #4
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Gamers have not "become" perverted. The media has always been perverted. There's a reason why the saying of "Sex Sells" still exist. People like to see pretty people. We're conditioned to be attracted to pretty things. What's more attractive? A flower or a weed? A marble clean floor or the sidewalk which is covered with poo stains?

I'm sorry, but Lightning from FF13 is as hot as the walls of a cryogenic pod. I guess she has a pretty face..... #10
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I would've been more excited for an updated Gauntlet Legends rather than this thing. The only other game I really enjoyed that was close to this was Dragon's Crown. Too bad it's PC only too. #7
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Krystal (Starfox adventures version)
Ray MK2/Milky way (Custom Robo GC)
Isaac/Alex (Golden Sun)
Aeron/Elana (Pandora's Tower)
Shulk/Fiora (Xenoblade)
Zael/Calista (The Last Story)
Lyndis/Roy (Fire Emblem)
Mike/Rola (Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge)
Palutena (Kid Icarus)

[Sticking with the 1 rep per company rule. No more sega or Capcom characters]:

Snake (Only... #13
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A movie isn't needed for the game. You can say the same about movies adapted from books and comics. Those who usually read the books and then watch the movies complain about how crappy the movie was because it left out X amount of important stuff. I heard complaints about Lord of the Rings, Watchmen, and Harry Potter, despite them being amazing movies. The people that complain didn't like the changes.

A movie isn't needed, but it has the single benefit of broaden... #12
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I want to win this thing! TLOU was amazing! #232
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HOLY CRAP GRAPHICS! Look at the graphics you guys!

Powerhouse might be stretching it, but they've been stuck working with the wii for a while...so yeah. I'm sure the Wii-u does have some power inside the tiny frame, but it's up to developers to unlock all that potential. Give the system a chance, it does have niche games that people would have fun with IF THEY GIVE IT A TRY! #13
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I finish a game's main story almost all the time. The only time I don't beat games are the times when I rent them or they're terrible. I don't try to 100% games simply because I think it's a waste of time. I'd rather spend the time I have playing a new game. The only times I'd play old games is only if I have nothing else to play. Even then I'm not aiming for 100% completion, I just play the game for fun.

And by new, I mean a game I haven'... #13
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To be honest, I don't see them adding a track editor. With such little on board memory, having something like that would be a bad thing. Plus, how many people actually play on custom made stages? Is it really that big of a thing? Cause if it was, Mario Kart would've adopted it ages ago.

The option is nice, but I don't think this game needs it at all. They'd make way more money selling off tracks from past games as DLC than putting in a track editor that a ver... #11
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A FF7 Remake? this news is really hard to take seriously. People have been claiming this for years and for years they've been very wrong. Won't believe it till I see it, simple as that.

When people say FF7 remake, I expect FF15 quality visuals, more quests, and more content. I'm sure FF7 had cut content and I'd like to see some of that put into this remake. For example, when you beat FF7, you unlock a playable FF7: Advent children quest or Crisis core quest..... #78
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