Who would have thought friendship was such a strong weapon?


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What? Of course it can.
Achievements/trophies are kinda stupid anyway.
You defeated 10000000 enemies! GOOD FOR YOU BUDDY!

Back in my day, doing that tedious crap unlocked in game stuff like BIG HEAD MODE. Today we just get good job stickers (trophies/achievements) and bragging rights...? Doing that list of CHORES doesn't make you a better gamer or something. So what if you got the platinum sticker...what did you get? No big head mode? What a waste......

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What's this? A major company releasing a full game on a mobile device with no microtransactions in sight?
What were they thinking? This game should have been free to play and littered with microtransactions, because you know, I'd rather spend $400 on a stupid little game than $10 up front. <- Sarcasm

And it's because of people like this why we have microtransactions in games. They support it, so companies sees it as a good thing even though in most c...

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Gentiana from FF15 is pretty cool....
Missed out on her and Areana

Camilla from Fire emblem fates....

Trying to remember what came out this year I played through...(that wasn't mentioned)

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Video games is an art form, whether people want to admit it or dismiss it.
Writing, drawing (graphics), music are all art things that make up most games these days, so wouldn't that make a videogame an art form by default?

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FINALLY A NEW SONG for KH3! Simple and Clean and Sanctuary were good, but when every KH seemed to use it, it just got over played and annoying.

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So what if she's gay? No really, what gameplay elements does it add to overwatch? Do I do less damage to female enemies or something?

Bad joke aside, sexual orientation shouldn't DEFINE a character and be her main advertised draw. She needs other elements to make her a great character. Her quirks and what-not makes her a well rounded and likable character. Simple as that.

Plus, it's not like there's a story mode in overwatch that shows t...

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The wii-u was more of a stumble than a Step. They went after an audience that wasn't there anymore, so they fell back on relying on the hardcore that did buy the system. That's the way I see it anyway. I don't regret buying it at the very least, but it collects dust these days.

I'm not too excited for the switch. I need something REAL big to bring me in. Xenoblade x2? Bayonetta 3? Project X Zone the fighting game? I'm getting Zelda: BOTW on the wii-u as ...

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Capcom has a bunch of other games to pick from.
*Regina from Dino Crisis could play like MVC2 jill and instead of Zombies, she summons dinosaurs.

*Samanosuke from from Onimusha would be cool.

*Falcon/Rouge from Power Stone would be great too.

*Roll will be in this game, so why not give us Roll Casket this time around?

*Leon and Claire could temporarily replace Jill and Chris (When I say replace, I mean the...

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Probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but...

Most likely this game will stay in Japan. So why does it matter to the author and the world? Sexuality is accepted way more easily over there than over here in the states. People over here love guns and gore, but show a little cleavage and you're immediately a misogynist and pervert. Believe it or not, some women actually like the rape and bondage fantasy! Crazy I know! In japan, aren't most hentai about a guy having ...

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DOA has been my preferred 3d fighter for a while, ESPECIALLY because of the tag team mechanics.
The fighting isn't too complex, so anyone can jump in and have a good time. The game has tits and ass everywhere, so what? If you want better porn, just use google. It's free and you can get it on your phone!

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Who would've though people wanted a Resident evil game with atmosphere and scary stuff, right?
Sure surprised me...

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Click bait so hard!
If it was a female Link, they would've made it super obvious.

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So it's just the PC version with visual mods pre-installed on it?
They didn't say anything about a new graphics engine at all either...
At least consoles gamers can get all the slooty mods now!

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I bought this game when It came out and was pretty disappointed. I was expecting the common MMORPG troupes like dungeons and a reasons to team up, but this game lacks that. The game is pretty and the combat is fun, but it feel apart in the actual mmo department. There's no reason to talk to other players! I really disliked FF14, but at least that game had a real great reason for people to communicate at the very very least.

Idk if it's like this for everyone, but i...

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It's free in Asian regions IIRC, so this game may end up being F2P sometimes in the future or at least get a massive price cut (guessing it'll drop to $15~20).

Loading screens don't bug me so long as they aren't too long and I was looking for a new co-op game to play (meeting new players to tackle bosses and such). Like I said before, my social experience with the game has been pretty sour. I had an easier time making friends in my first week of PSO2 and that...

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Bought the game and I have to say, it's not what I was expecting for the most part. This is an action Fantasy game WITH NO DUNGEONS (yet). Going through the game, I was kinda waiting for the chance to team up and go tackle some sort of monster in a cave or something, but there's nothing like that here. There really isn't much reason to actually interact with other players other than pvp and guild stuff. So far the community experience I had was pretty sour too, turning me off the ...

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Bought and played mario world. Great classic and pixel perfect mode looks better on the small screen than the stretched out blue mode they got. Would've been better if they gave these snes games the 3d treatment like Sonic and the other sega games. Or at least have those graphics features similar to the snes emulators.

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This game is great! I play it off and on whenever there's anew event going on. I don't know why sega refuses to release this to the west, it's like they're allergic to money or something.

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Here are a few games I can think of that I like, but people probably hate-

Armored Core (series):
This series gets critically panned, but I love me some mecha action! The customization and the controls were tough to understand, but the game over all was built for people who are into robot stuff and not so much for the casual gamer. If only From Software can get off Dark souls for a bit and go back to making Armored core and Another Century's episode.

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I'd like to see a new Capcom vs SNK game, though I wish they'd add in other characters like Megaman X and Falcon from Power stone. Capcom has a bunch of other characters to use, so why not put them into this game? This is CAPCOM vs SNK, not SF vs KoF.

Even if the character's arent there, I absolutely do not want this game to be in 3d. PLEASE MAKE IT A 2d HD SPRITE GAME! Unless you can pull of the guilty gear Xrd thing...then MAYBE 3d models are ok.

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