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"Who would have thought friendship was such a strong weapon?"


Cool more contests! hope to win something! #24
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This is terrible and unexpected news.
He was a great man and left a great legacy
may he rest in peace! #57
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I WAS excited for Devil's third since I was eager to play something close to Ninja Gaiden 1-2. But now that I see the game, it really looks...old. It still looks the same as it did during it's first reveal and that's not a good thing.

I heard rumblings that this game was pretty glitchy and boring. That the game was indeed in development hell and nintendo kinda forced it from the dead. Nintendo doesn't have that much confidence in the end result of the game (o... #4
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"This isn't the Starfox game I wanted! It looks so bad!"

Well, maybe next time you all ask for a Starfox game, you be super specific about it. I'm pretty sure all nintendo heard from fans was "WE WANT A NEW STARFOX GAME!" and that's it. So, they looked back on what worked and just updated those elements while adding the greatest feature of all time: the ARCHICKEN!

I too have mixed feelings about this game, but my main concern i... #9
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Just bring Phantasy Star online 2 to the states please, K thanks! #43
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I was really hoping that Platinum games would've gotten full control over how starfox was made. We'd get better controls along with a more stylized game, maybe something as visually different as Assault. Art style wise, it really doesn't look any different than the 3ds Starfox 64 remake. Starfox Zero needs more flare, not super realistic textures. Even if they had something close to Ace Combat's Dog fight mode would've made it more stylized.

Actually, why... #20
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I'd say Japanese games in general don't do so hot over here, especially when some Japanese companies are aiming for that COD numbers. Western tastes are just different from the Japanese and since we have a lot more western developers these days, they fill that need for REALISM. JRPgs are just too weird for people and those that tend to sell well MUST be marked with the Final Fantasy brand. You know how hard it is to get those Final Fantasy Fanatics to at least TRY to play other Jrpgs... #21
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I kinda wish FF7 would get a combat update. Turn based back in the day was acceptable because of hardware (and button) limitations. Today, we can actually control Cloud's omnislash through normal controls (fighting game style) or a quick time event. I liked FF13-2's fixed combat system and I'd like it if it was something close to that, fast paced. The classic turn based battle system bogged the game down and artificially lengthened the game.

I guess I'm weird... #17
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Nintendo was probably banking hard on the Starfox Zero reveal, but the others just had better games to get people hyped for. I'm glad they had playable demos for all their games cause I do prefer to see the game itself than pretty concept trailers that don't explain anything (RE-CORE). Hell, I'm still iffy about FF7 simply because of how long it took square to pump out FF13VS. (now FF15).

Nintendo has it right when it comes to their games being playable so people... #8
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IMO, the ps4 would've been amazing with full backwards compatibility, from ps1-ps4. Especially if there was a limited run of these consoles or this feature was included in the ps1 looking ps4. They could've made a bunch of money with a SUPER ps4.

Anyway, the problem with PSnow is that the library will forever be small and will be missing games they can't re-licensed. Plus PSnow and console services in general is still shaky with all the hackers parading around. #17
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That's the thing, people never actually specified what they wanted with starfox directly to nintendo. All nintendo probably heard from fans was "MAKE STAR FOX!" And they're all, "ok then"

You can go to a restaurant and tell the waiter "I WANT FOOD!" and expect them to bring you a steak. Plus, this is the wiiu we're talking about. The thing isn't a graphical powerhouse at all. So of course the game will look like a last generation... #12.1.1
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How are the graphics bad and ugly?
Is it because it looks just like Starfox 64 3ds?

Honestly I was expecting platinum to get full control of this game and make it with their style rather than nintendo renting out a few members to finish this game. I really liked Assault's ship designs (not so much the jump suits, but whatever). That game looked very different when it was shown and it too got luke warm reception.

People begged for Starfox, Ninten... #12
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This is lazy! Why bother porting over the Wiiu game when you can just make a sequel with proper upgrades! #41
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So many Nintendo doom/disappointment/dead articles popping up again. They announced and showed off Starfox as well as that Persona/FE game. Weren't people begging for these games before? And when they get them, they get all sour faced and angry cause it doesn't meet their impossible expectations. You say they're out of touch, yet they gave their fans a free Hyrule warriors costume, announced and released Ryu and Roy the day before, revealed Earthbound Beginnings, and showed off St... #11
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It's sad that Platinum Games make great games but no one seems to buy them outside of the hardcore bubble. Even when they were Clover studios under capcom, they had this strange curse of making great games that most people admit are great...but never buy.

I really wish more gamers would buy their games cause I'm sure it's very discouraging when you see your game making 9s and 10s, yet selling like 500 copies. #9.1.3
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New game from Platinum for wiiu?
When they say "New Game" do they mean original title or just a New sequel? Cause New Game can mean both.

Wonderful 101-2?
Vanquish 1+2 on wiiu?
Bayonetta 3?

I would want Star fox to be attempted by them, but isn't Miyamoto's team already working on that game? It'd be kinda weird for them to just ship off the work to Platinum Games when it's been something made internally for a... #9
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All I'm saying is that Nintendo, for the most part, has always been creative and done creative things (or at least try to do so most of the time). Everyone knocks motion control, but the wiimotes and motion plus did what the super high tech kinec couldn't: WORK (for anything other than dance games)!

Most of Nintendo's games are different, or at least they aren't all featuring 30-someting year old white guys with a gun in a realistic setting. So far they did DL... #10.1.1
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To say that nintendo is FINALLY being creative is insulting. Splatoon is just a kid-friendly 3rd person paint/ink shooter. It's creative in the sense that I can't name another game like it, but at the same time it isn't pushing any boundaries. The game isn't a graphical or technical leap, just FUN. Isn't that what matters at the end of the day? Having fun? Aren't all those Mario Games fun and challenging? #10
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Hope I win something! #4
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Probably? I don't really know of the financial stuff, but certain kickstarts have succeeded before, Shovel Knight being the most famous so far. Bloodstained is being made with reputation on the line too. If Igavania here fails (he runs with the money for example), he loses a lot of respect and probably won't be able to land a legit job in the Japanese gaming business again. Future kickstarts might fail instantly because of past shady business actions (probably).

The... #1.2.1
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