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"Who would have thought friendship was such a strong weapon?"


I'd like to see a new Capcom vs SNK game, though I wish they'd add in other characters like Megaman X and Falcon from Power stone. Capcom has a bunch of other characters to use, so why not put them into this game? This is CAPCOM vs SNK, not SF vs KoF.

Even if the character's arent there, I absolutely do not want this game to be in 3d. PLEASE MAKE IT A 2d HD SPRITE GAME! Unless you can pull of the guilty gear Xrd thing...then MAYBE 3d models are ok.

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Did I play the same game as this person in the article? Cause from what I remember, it was one of the worse FF games ever made. FF13 had a cast of really over dramatic, boring characters, the story was a huge mess, and the battle system was extremely crappy. Yeah it was linear, but so was FFX. The biggest difference was that FFX simply had a way better story that grabbed people from the very start.

FF13-2 was something I enjoyed because they fixed the battle system and got r... #60
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Nope! Sonic is still a beloved character despite all his faults. Sonic Boom is a terrible show and game, yet kids seem to still love Sonic as a character. At least he's not as dead as megaman? #2
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This game was the worse in the series. 5 hours and I was already on disc 2? Are you freaking serious? Then there was the bland combat, the strange art design changes, and the boring story. Iirc, there was a lot of internal disputes which is why the story and the entire game is all over the place. Supposedly they fixed everything in Xenosaga 1 & 2 for the DS. It was so bad it almost killed all the potential it had for a 5 episode series. There was suppose to be 5 games, each game focusing... #1
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The best way a female Link could pop up is if there were 2 Twin Links, a male and a Female. At the start of the game, like pokemon, you can pick out your gender and name. You'd also be able to pick out a name for your brother/sister. This determines who you're playing as. The game would start off in a town or village all peaceful and stuff, then all hell breaks loose. Moblins attack the town, and kidnap your twin! As the one left behind, you must take up arms and save the people that... #3
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Revenge really shouldn't be part of the title. #16
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I honestly don't see a new smash popping up in the near future. Maybe at the end of the NX life cycle? Smash 4 was MASSIVE in all aspects and I'd assume that Sakurai would only want to make the next game even bigger. Smash 4 was a great beta test on how to hype people up too with those smash directs and character trailers.

What will Smash 5 have? Aside from more characters, I don't see much changing in terms of actual gameplay. Maybe it'll be a little faster?... #6
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How many years has it been since Sega said "We will release it over here" ? 2? 3? I Really don't think they have any interest in the idea, though with their recent's possible, but unlikely.

Plus the english patch is there for anyone willing to put in the effort to play on PC. #2
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The easiest thing would be just to port and improve this version for the NX Console(s). DLC may be over, but I'm sure patches will still continue. I just hope they don't turn the game into melee. I like this slower paced and lighter gameplay. It makes air battles cool.(I did highly dislike brawl!)

For Smash 5, I'd want them to add just a few more characters as well as a STORY MODE. Brawl had a nice little experiment going on, but I'd like to see a more...tradi... #2
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I was excited for this game and I'm glad it's coming out, but it just looks kinda bland. I'll play this game when it comes out, but I really don't think I'll like it as much as I liked Gunvolt... #9
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Goku better be in the smash brahs.

I really hope we get a legit, legendary character like Simon Belmont, Ryu Hayabusa, or Bomberman rather than the one hit wonder Shovel Knight.

The 3rd party characters all represent something and are legendary. Megaman is the king of sequels, Sonic was Mario's biggest mascot rival, Pacman is an arcade legend, Ryu is the most recognizable fighting game character ever, and Cloud is the most recognizable jrpg character eve... #10
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ALL I WANT FROM BLACK FRIDAY IS money! I need some money to pay the bills, though if I had to pick a material thing, I'd just like more games tbh. Maybe a vita since Digimon is coming out. #63
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I'm thankful for my one and only Grandma. Why? Because she and my grandpa raised me when my dad ditched me in the hospital and my mom ditched me at the airport to be with some other man. If It wasn't for them, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I am now. Games, movies, consoles...all those material things will never be good enough compared to the people who raised me. #62
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Endure the torture of FF13 for charity? I salute this woman's kindness! But seriously though, ff13 was terrible. Vanille didn't annoy me as much as Hope and Snow. #6
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While I really hate censorship and western hypocrisy concerning sex vs violence, this minor change isn't bad. The Xeno games, most of the time, have heavy religious themes and influences. Nintendo doesn't seem to like that sort of stuff, so I'm hoping that they didn't change the story. Bikini is nothing but fluff, but changing themes and images that affect the story...that's something I'm completely against.

For Fatal Frame, wasn't the girl suppose... #9
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I honestly don't mind having a phone and a dedicated handheld console. For one, I don't have to worry about my battery dying on my phone! Two, I can ignore calls/texts much easier! Seriously though, I don't think handhelds will die out anytime soon since they can still cater to kids (as toys). Plus there are games you just can't get anywhere else, like monster hunter or something. #7
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From what I can tell, nintendo's franchise popularity tier list goes:

1) Pokemon
2) Mario
3) Zelda
4) Donkey Kong
5) Fire Emblem

6) Animal Crossing
7) Starfox
8) Metroid
9) mii games
10) Other (Battle Clash, Golden Sun, Xenoblade, etc.)

The DK series, imo declined the... #8
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I just want this game to be complete, the most important thing being the story. I'd still buy it if it ended up looking like a dreamcast game (and had a dreamcast version). #13
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Dude, I played as falco for freaking 14 years with these guys (melee + Brawl)! Smash was already getting kinda dull since it was something we'd play every freaking hangout! And doing the same crap for over 14 years?! (I do have a whole other recent story about my waning interest in smash, but that would be a novel post! Let's just say that I got tired of playing 1v1 all the time.)

When Megaman was announced I decided to completely drop Falco in favor of him. I got to... #10.4
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What I want:

1) Simon/Richter Belmont or Shanoa (Classic Castlevania series)
2) Ryu Hayabusa or Ayane (Ninja Gaiden Series)
3) Chrono (Chrono Trigger)
4) Isaac/Alex (Golden Sun 1+2)
5) Krystal - fighting like Tekkaman from TVC with her staff (Star fox adventures)

What we're probably going to get:
1) Shovel Knight (He has the highest chance of getting in despite him being a 1 hit wonder and not a legendary character)... #14
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