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"Who would have thought friendship was such a strong weapon?"


Who The Hell Would Buy A Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy, Anyway?

People who actually liked it?

Personally I thought FF13 was one of the worse high profile JRPGs I ever played. The story was a convoluted mess, the characters were annoying, the battle system was a pain, the world was a hallway, but the game was pretty and had good music.

Oddly enough I ended up liking FF13-2 because the battle system was fixed and was fun. Sera and Noel were a lot... #23
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Anita Sarkeesian #5 for influential people on this list.
She is influential...in a negative sense. She's a feminazi who couldn't get into the spotlight with her usual doings and decided to attack videogames. She struck gold and has been stuck on videogames like a leech for a few years now.

She lied, manipulated, and stole her way to get where she is now. She parades around, pointing out sexism in narratives rather than focusing on sexism in the work place. I... #13
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"The game is worth buying if you can stand the 30 hour grind."

So if you can stand 30 hours of dull, repetitive, confusing, obnoxious gameplay...you'll eventually have fun? Why Can't the game be fun from the get go? If a game isn't fun/interesting until 30 hours in, then how is that a good reason to buy it?
It's like asking someone to enduring getting punched by a crowd of people for 30 minutes in order to win $5. The ending to this game is... #4
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Megaman 2 was one of the easiest megaman games in the classic series. I don't play games like I did as a kid because now I know what to do and what works.

Of what you listed, the only innovation I'd consider mind blowing would be VR. Especially if it somehow reached Sword art/.Hack levels within our life time.
Digital distribution isn't anything new. We were able to download games long before the Xbox360 hit and indie gam... #8.3.1
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Gaming back in the day (10+ years ago) was great because the industry was making new leaps and bounds. We went from 2d to 3d, the analog stick, games on CDs, a lot of those innovations were mind blowing. Plus back then we were kids experiencing this stuff for the first time.

Games are easier now not because devs dumb it down, but because we old people are used to it. We know how to beat those zelda puzzles and we already know how to quarter circle high punch. Games were hard... #8
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I'm thankful for my health, my family's health, my friend's health, and the luck we had through our lives. #70
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All I'm saying is that you watch what you say in public to strangers, cause you never know how they'll take your words. Kids saying "I will rape you", even if it's not literal, is still pretty bad. They usually follow that up with more words that are bigger than them. In an online space (COD lobby), it's not so bad. The problems occur when they say that in public, real life places to strangers.

The guy in the article said "Going to rape some gi... #18.1.1
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"Rape" and "Gay" simply shouldn't be things used in public at the very least. Not just that, just don't speak internet in public! I've seen kids talk crap in public the same way they'd talk in a COD lobby. It's really sad.

Back in my day, we had to travel over to a friend's house and play games. You know what else we had? MANNERS! You go over to see your friend, but more than likely their family members are in the house too. Cursi... #18
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We all know some news outlets will go after this and blame developers for world problems.

"GTA cause my kid to beat up other kids!" No, GTA didn't force your kid to do anything. It's BAD PARENTING (Your fault as the parent) that caused your kid to attack another kid. Even if you blame GTA, WHO BOUGHT IT FOR THEM? WHO DISREGARDED THE RATING AND CONTENT?

"You only beat up women in GTA. Plus they're all sexualized!... #19
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Maybe it will be a cycle? If there is another crash, I'm sure the industry will pick up somehow. Maybe nintendo saves it or something like the oculus rift. I don't believe there will be a massive crash like back in the day, simply because videogames were as popular as they are today. Back then, all the games kinda looked the same too, so variety was pretty low.

If there is a crash, I think the big companies like M$ and EA would be hurt a lot more than the smaller com... #3
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The vague descriptions of each game as well as lack of reasons as to why this person thinks these games are great makes this article pretty crappy... #7
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“What the other companies are doing makes business sense, but it’s boring. The same games appear on every system. At Nintendo we want an environment where game creators can collaborate and think of ideas for games that could have never happened before.”

I'll assume he's talking about how people are just remaking games with improved graphics and not much in game play. Nintendo's thing has always been game play first. That's kinda why a lot of their games don... #27
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I used to say the same thing too, then realized that I never actually bought a console for just literately 1 game. Gamecube's major hit was melee, but it also had Mario Sunshine, Metroid, and Zelda. I got the ps3 for KH3, but ended up with great games like MGS4 and Valkyria chronicles instead.

If there isn't more than the 1 game on the console you're looking to get, then just don't get the console. Unless you're loaded with cash of course. The Wiiu has W... #10.3
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"Xenoblade Chronicles X Looks Like... Um... Grand Theft Auto V?"

Must be a slow news day, using GTA5 as bait.
Anyway, can't wait till this game drops. Looking forward to the
MMO elements. #12
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Writing reviews and sharing opinions online (in the gaming community) has become dangerous. If someone writes a review and the audience doesn't agree with the score, that reviewer gets attacked. If you don't like this game, then you're not a REAL gamer. People get mad over small point differences too. In order to make everyone happy by eliminating opinions, you'd get a list of facts about the game. No real score or no list of flaws. Even in this state, after the review it'... #6
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Wow cool! Hope to win this thing! #129
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Anita is a fraud and an opportunist. I'm sure she went on this show to bait gamers into showing her more hate, giving her more fuel to show that she's being harasses and whatnot. WE'RE FEEDING THE TROLL!

I'm still amazed that she thinks that men hate women when it comes to games. When the DOA girls are fighting in Bikinis, that's not hate. GTA doesn't force players to beat up ONLY women. Bayonetta, you think, would be a good feminist character with her... #41
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This is a never ending topic.

Sex appeal in videogames should only be questioned when there's a good reason to question it. What exactly is Bayonetta doing wrong? She's a strong independent female who likes to show off, taunt enemies, and dance. She isn't bowing down to any man and when she gets naked, it's taunting enemies as her hair demon is killing them. The camera is zoomed away during those scenes too, so her becoming naked is shown for a few seconds at... #19
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Will this be the first step to free to play?
Square is pretty stubborn so I'll guess no.

Isn't the whole point of pay to play to NOT have any sort of cash shop? I know it's just extra trinkets now, but if this is successful, they'll probably move on to having gachapons. A gacha in mmos is paying for a CHANCE to get a certain item(s) out of a pool of items. People love dressing up their characters, so square can easily bait people with cool clothes. #2
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Personally, I didn't bother getting past 21. I hate that you need to find equipment with lights to level up at that point. I don't hate the game and had fun with it, but that leveling up mechanic turned me off to attempting to do the "end game" stuff. #7
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