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"Who would have thought friendship was such a strong weapon?"


There are only a few amiibos that I want, but because of the extremely low quantities, the amount of effort required to beat out scalpers/other consumers, and my last resort being to pay 2x or 3x for the amiibo I want completely killed it for me. I really wanted Rosalina, Marth, and Lucina but guess what? Nintendo only made 100 of them or something! If I want one of them now, it will cost about $40~90. For that same price I can get a Samus or Link figure that poses. I can buy a game or two.... #9
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Hold the phone, there's no back lash to the all male cast? I mean...didn't assassin's creed get harassed for their all male cast? Why does this get a pass? Is it because Noctis and blonde guy looks feminine enough? TBH, it's just a matter of time before some Femnazi catches wind of this. After all, Anita does have to "research" gaming.

I have no issue with the cast or the look. They're suppose to be a boy band right? They have to look like a uni... #17
First of all, this isn't her default costume. All characters, male or female, can dress scantly. Second, it's a virtual character who WILL NOT be caught in purposeful sexual situations. Third, there are several MMOS like PSO2 and Mabinogi that lets you play as a 10~17 year old looking character and dress in scantly clothes. Why censor this game when there are several other games out there that do the same and do worse.

It must be a really slow news day for the writer... #12
Wow this is terrible! Valve really did destroy the modding community and what's worse is that Valve is getting a cut from their hard work when they can make a full profit from their own site!

Modders made mods out of love for the game. With no money to be exchanged, they could update and fix at their own pace. Yeah, buggy mods were an issue, but they wouldn't get attacked so much simply because it was a free thing. Now that it's paid content, they have to be on al... #21
No thanks!
I already voted for Simon Belmont anyway.
When I think old school nintendo, rayman isn't one of the characters that comes to my mind.

Simon Belmont (any classic Castlevania series character like Shanoa or Richter), Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden was on the NES), Bomberman, any pre-Final Fantasy 7 character...etc.

If we're dealing with nintendo owned characters, then give me Krystal with her staff fighting like tekkaman blade... #21
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The thing killing my interest in amiibo are the scalpers. They aren't fans of the characters and are only stock piling them to rip fans off. I'm only looking to get characters I like, but when I can't get it and have to resort to paying some scalper 2x or 3x the price, it kills the hobby.

It doesn't help that nintendo plans on making amiibo cards. Damn it nintendo! I just want Lucina, Marth, Rosalina, and Zero Samus! #2
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I thought Amiibos would be a fun thing to go out and collect, but it's a pain in the butt. You pretty much have to fight your way to get an amiibo these days or face paying double, triple, or even quadruple the original price to scalpers. I waited in line at gamestop for an hour just to find out that all the Lucina Amiibos were gone. It was a sheer miracle i managed to get Shulk.

I'd like to get more amiibos of characters I like, but I'm not paying scalpers. I... #8
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Wasn't Joe's Wiiu donated to him by fans?

Anyway, Joe kinda has a right to be angry that his stuff gets taken down by Nintendo. I'd be mad too if my vids were getting taken down but everyone else can show off that same game. Why is it okay for people to make so many Smash bros combo videos yet Joe and his friends playing Mario Party is bad?

If i remember correctly, he got a mario kart 8 video taken down too. In the comments, people were saying t... #68
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A new armored Core would be great to see. I love the series despite all its faults. It's the only good customizable mecha game we get over here that isn't freaking gundam. Speaking of Gundam, I'd like to see a new Another Century's Episode game from them. Those games were so freaking fantastic! ACE 1~3 anyway. ACE-R felt very rushed and broken. #20
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This is absolutely disgusting! Bare breasts in a video game? That should definitely be banned, but seeing chunks of head get blown off from a head shot or spines getting torn out? That's completely sane. Bathing in a sea of human blood is very sane, but seeing naked characters who aren't even having sex? You, player, are a disgusting misogynistic perverted pig!

I'm not asking for more (legit/non-mod) naked stuff, but it's the reaction of it that's annoyi... #23
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Exclusive content has ALWAYS been a part of gaming. It sucks that we dont have 1 system to play everything, but it's just the way the gaming business is atm. If you want to play certain games, you need certain systems. Companies paying for games for their consoles isn't "stealing" either. The company is paying to have that game made (Bayo 2 and Sf5 are examples of this) to sell their systems. They might not make a lot of money if it was sold as a multi-plat, but their goal i... #7
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The only games i was planning on buying were Zelda and Xenoblade X. I got a feeling Starfox might be pushed back too to add in super all range mode or something. I really don't want forced motion controls for starfox. Please just make it optional.

I'm not entirely sold on splatoon either. It looks okay, but not something I'd buy. They really need to show off that SmT X FE game... #18
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I been a fan of Itagaki's work for a while and recently his DOA5 rants are becoming increasingly annoying. It's not his game anymore. It's the sad truth. Now that he has his own company, he should take this chance and make NEW GAMES! Or at least make games that are like your original works. For example, Inafune has Gunvolt and Mighty no.9 under his belt. It may not be titled megaman, but it's familiar enough for fans to enjoy and fill in that megaman gap left behind by crapcom... #19
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The only grumbles and moans I've heard were from people demanding/petitioning Sony to put Bloodborne on PC. The petition doesn't mention Xbone or wiiu, just PC. Their reasoning is to sell more units and be on a better system to look better (I found the petition on here a while ago).

It's an exclusive title to sell consoles! If these people truly cared about selling units and making it to the masses, why not include the other consoles in their petition? I know not... #25
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Really sucks to hear that Kojima is leaving Konami. TBH, Kojima was Konami at this point. What else has Konami made somewhat recently? Castlevania: LOS2? A game that was mediocre at best? Kojima was probably the only person keeping that ship afloat and with this fall out,they might sink their ship and release MOBILE GAMES.

Idk what happened between him and the company, but I really do believe that Kojima should just own Konami at this point. They really haven't done anyt... #19
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They should've done this a while back, though I hear they make millions on their pokemon license alone. So even if the phone thing failed, they still got their other money making machines.

NX? Nintendo X(cross)? I'm guessing it'll deal with connectivity between the main system, the future 3ds, and phones in some way.
How much longer does the wiiu have in it? 4~5 more years? #28
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Probably going to get a lot of flack for this, but why does it matter? I mean...really...why? Ellie was a great character, not because she's bi or w/e, but because she actually talks and gets her personality out there. Plus she's a little girl, so labeling her as that is kinda...strange to say the least.

Sexual orientation shouldn't matter in a game where it doesn't matter (like TLOU). If it was a dating game or something, then I guess it would matter more s... #14
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For roughly $90 this thing better light up and change color when you digivolve your digimon cause that price is ludicrous! If it was a lot more show-accurate with added bells and whistles and tech from at least 2010, I could see it being worth $90.

They could've added led lights to change the digivice color, have better sounds, come with the pendant thing that talks with the digivice in a way so whatever digimon you pick on the digivice, the pendant shows that emblem. Whe... #9
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Very sneaky indeed! #10
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I got DOA5: ULTIMATE because I thought that was the final version...but NOPE! No thanks, I'll wait for DOA6. #10
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