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Video gaming needs a crappy fanfic based on the Twilight series? No thanks...

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If Sonic had black hair instead of blue, he'd be Shadow.

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So you can buy game cases... to replace your game cases?

It would be more "mature" to embrace the things you like without shame rather than try to hide them.

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I remember a time when games couldn't be patched at all, and developers either released a game when it was ready or released it broken.

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That costume is what Ivy wears in Soul Caliber IV, not V. Namco Bandai has actually made her outfit more modest in its most recent release.

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I don't care what they're wearing as long as the game is fun. I've never played a DoA game before, but I like the new style of this game and I'm willing to try it out.

Even Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has swimsuits, but as a Tekken fan I know it'll be a good game, so I could care less about that aspect of it.

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While I like FFVII, I don't want a remake. I'd rather see SE try to surpass FFVII than just make the same game again. Sure, it would look better if they remade it on modern systems, but you can still play it on the PSOne if you want to.

It's nice to play games from the past, but I want to see better games from the future too. I agree that SE has focused more on the graphics than gameplay, but I think they can still get back on track if they just realize that games...

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Opinions vary. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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I appreciate the amount of heart that was put into this article, even if I do disagree with some of it.

I too think that X-2 was rejected as a "girl game" due to the all female cast, but it is a good game. I also liked Dirge of Cerberus because I took it for what it was, a 3rd person shooter with Vincent Valentine as the protagonist.

I had fun with it, and when it comes to the definition of a "great game" isn't that what really matters...

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Ask Kotaku.

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Some people have things to do, so they can't necessarily wait for the game to auto-save for them, and then there's the whole choosing different paths aspect of RPGs, so manual saving can actually be more of a useful tool sometimes rather than a bother.

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One of the most unappreciated redesigns was the Gameboy Micro. It came out too late I suppose, but I'm glad I own one.

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I don't pay for PSN+ either. It's optional and isn't required for online play. Also, I play a lot of RPGs and I like to get into the story, so if my friends chimed in to ask me to play SCV with them I'd probably just get annoyed.

I'm sure there are others who would love cross game chat on the PS3, but I wouldn't use it.

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Barely, and even so they're still #2 behind Nintendo.

Their tactics cost a lot of money and I guarantee they didn't make a return on all of those investments. I don't think it was a smart move on MS' part and I don't think charging for Live was either.

I held a 360 in my hands at a store at the beginning of this gen. It came with 2 free games and a 2 year warranty, but I chose the PS3 in part because I thought that Live was a scam.

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I'm just tired of clicking articles and finding juvenile scribbling.

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All of this money wasted by MS, and for what?

Everyone gets the same game and content eventually and Nintendo still won in terms of sales.

If MS hadn't charged for Live they'd be in a lot worse shape and they wouldn't have had the money to waste on this timed exclusive business.

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This article was terrible. Maybe I could have taken it more seriously as an opinion piece if the reasons had actually been more fleshed out, but the guy even admits to not even playing the "worst" FF game.

There are a lot of grammar mistakes, juvenile reasons for disliking the games he chose, and a complete lack of objectivity.

At least the next time I see an article from this site I'll know not to bother.

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1. A cat's litter-box
2. A police interrogation room
3. A religious or spiritual place
4. A School Principal's office
5. A guard post of any kind

Edit: Oh, this article is about topics that games shouldn't cover...

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Yeah, when I saw the trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw I thought, "A zombie game? This looks pretty realistic." Then I saw her proportions and the jumping around she was doing and my suspension of disbelief flew right out the window. /s

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"How about you idiots fix your stupid ass law in which you allow anyone to bare arms"

Hey, it's the Summer time now, do you really want to force everyone to put on long-sleeve shirts?

We have a little something called the 8th Amendment in the USA, buddy!

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