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The PS2 was $300 dollars in the United States when it first came out. PS4 is only 100 more. I think it can as long as it has the games the ps2 had during its time... It took 3 to 6 months to program an engine for the PS2. With the PS4 it only takes 1 to 2 months average.. same as the ps1. Keep all this stuff in mind #9
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God bless this man, such an honorable and courageous act. May he rest in peace. #25
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Great news lol And sorry but in reply to Microsoft "bringing" the games, Sony by far has many more developers under their belt. A landslide amount compared to what Microsoft has, at least for right now.

But Im very much looking to see what Halo 5 shapes into. Im hoping it has the classic feel before reach and 4. #22
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Not trying to make a fanboy argument, but Sony has a lot more first party developers making games and more third party support than the One does(at least for now). Bungie is gearing Destiny for the PS4 more than the Xbox One... Saying all this I still plan on owning an Xbox one(mainly because my closest friends are getting it for Halo). If Halo isn't a dump this time round Im all in for that and Titanfall. But MGS, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, New unannounced God of War, Destiny, Deep Down,... #13
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Xbox main function is a entertainment hub, American made, so of course out of the gate its going to have a lead in that "front", esp in North America. But the point of having a video game console is what??? To play games, not workout, or record stats. I got my laptop next to me if I need to do that kind of stuff. And a gym workout is so much better than an app provided on the xbox one, maybe for cardio and basic stuff. Lets face it, not everyone going to be able to do that in their... #3.1.2
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Gamestop purchase here, Kansas. No problems. #24
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Anddddd we see this guy taking it back and getting a PS4 lol But seriously I think everyone should wait after the console has been out for about a week to a month before criticizing the hardware and looking at the faults between both the ps4 and xbox one.. In reality the failure rate for ps4 suggests only a small percent of failures compared to how many were sold. Im assuming it may be similar for xbox one, but only time tells.. My PS4 has had no issues since I got it day one and I don't... #30
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People do like to get out of their house lol While at walmart for groceries, home appliances etc you sometimes walk by the electronics department and can't help but look at what movies came out. #1.7.4
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Most have to walk for hours or days to get to this place.(joking) lol but for real, some 3rd world probably have to walk miles for basic needs, like water... #10.1.1
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No Xbox ONE code? what if the game was only coming out for 360, ps3, pc and ps4? (I highly doubt it wont go to ONE also if its already been stated for pc.) #45
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Will eventually get Xbox for TitanFall and Halo 5. I only use my xbox for competitive shooters, all other games I get are on Playstation.... So PS4 then Xbox a year or so later.

PS4>Xbox #80
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