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He meant to say multiplayer servers will be closed, probably after 2-3 years.

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In a survival situation, I would probably scavenge by day, and sleep at the roof at night. All the while trying to support up a group. Weapons etc obviously carried. Although, I probably wouldn't survive. ;)

Steam code please.

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500+ comments, what are the odds?

Ah well, one can dream, count me in!

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I love the sense of morality in you all. So darn pathetic.

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I find it astonishing that even with the Internet at your fingertips, you people still comment about things you know sh*t about.

Gaming IS a sport, though out of bounds of physical activity. Both chess and bridge are recognised as sports by the Olympic committee, There are different games recognised as being sports In different parts of the world, League of legends is a sport in the USA.

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Im thankful for everything. :)

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Because discs are obviously free of cost.

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And if Halo was on both platforms?

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I think the flaw in that is the fact that 12 or anything close to it is far from being able to judge what is right for yourself and what is wrong. Parents can only do so much as to advise, and protect their children from the wrong. Wavering GTA5 in front of them and giving them the "responsible" choice of choosing for themselves is futile, because everyone knows what the child will be opting for, DESIRE is not controlled by any amount of heightened maturity a child may possess.

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Haha, certain levels, loot, gear, equipment is already restricted to payments in full retail games, it's just titled "DLC".

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We already have GTA5 here in Pakistan. ;)

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You're*. Yeah.

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Don't kid, the x360 had no games in 2013.

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Don't breed, more like it.

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It's very relative, a person having a large number of gold trophies will have a large number of bronze/silver, so It doesn't really matter if they do add it, end result will be the same.

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Lol If you've nev bought the COD games, your opinion on it being pathetic is completely invalid.

Also. COD is GREAT, it's the repitition between its iterations that makes everyone cringe.

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LOL, I feel the Japanese games are the games which don't hold your hand. WESTERN GAMES are the ones that are so damn easy.

Ever played the Souls series?

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Why does him being part-French explain his cocky-ness and smartass demeanour? Racist. Alert.

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In an online world, anonymity is everything.

I, too, find fault with the woman in question here, only in some parts though.

Whenever I play, it is a sure enough thing that abuses are being hurled everyone, sometimes at the opponent, sometimes at me. Infact. I think it has become a signature of gaming -- The trash talk of the gaming world, and nothing to be taken seriously. I mean, in a match of Call of Duty, if someone goes like " I'm so going to rap...

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