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Again, bringing nothing new to the table. Next time reply to me with an example of something original that Killzone has brought to the table... oh wait, you can't because there isn't anything that Guerrilla has done to distinguish their game from the most saturated market of the industry, the FPS market.

Like Theyellowflash30 said below "COD, Battlefield, Killzone....all the same. Hold the L Trigger, press the R trigger"

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And yet, it doesn't bring anything new to the table.

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Don't quite understand what you are trying to say. Are you saying that creativity goes hand in hand with over the top flashy stuff? Inovations like cover system (Winback, MGS2, Killswitch), over the top shoulder view (RE4) or giving your game a cinematic feel (MGS started it all) are considered flashy stuff now?

All the inovations i stated above, are just a tiny example of things that were introduced by japanese devs that are present in more than half the games release...

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@ Sway Wolfenstein started a genre on its own. Wolfenstein not only is more influential than CoD but is also more influential than 99,9% of all the games this industry has seen.

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Agreed. Its like most of the N4g users started gaming this generation.

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Actually the MGS collection comes with 5 games.

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You forgot to mention that a single Ferrari has the price of 5 or 6 average Toyota cars, you forgot to mention that a Ferrari isn't at all the most convenient of cars for dayly use and you forgot to mention that Ferrari and Toyota aren't even competing for the same market. A Toyota may even be considered a necessity while a Ferrari is nothing more than a luxury that only a select few can afford. Comparing PS3/360 to Toyota/Ferrari is like comparing oranges to apples.


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I disagree. MS managed to sell more consoles than Sony just 1 year out of 6, meaning that Sony sells consoles at a faster pace than MS, despite the fact that their console has constantly been more expensive than the 360. Not only that but even the after MS big push to enter the "casual" market with Kinect, Sony still sells more consoles than MS.

The Xbox brand is stronger than it was last gen while the Playstation brand is weaker, but i doubt that Xbox brand is as s...

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And why would Sony want the Xbox brand? To compete with their own brand? I could see Sony buying IPs or Studios from MS but that is it.

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FC3 by far the best one. IMO is one of the best games of the generation and the best FPS of this generation.

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@ ABizzel1 I have no reason to lie. I haven't noticed framerate drops in FC3. I'm currently replaying Dark Souls (PS3 version) because of the DLC and i have noticed framerate drops multiple times while playing it. I do know what framerate drops are. I've been playing games for over 20 years and i have experienced framerate drops on countless games. FC3 isn't one of those games so curb your tonge before calling people that you don't know liars.

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I played it on my PS3 and not once have i experienced noticeable framerate drops. The only thing i noticed were some jaggies here and there but far from game breaking. Console gamers don't have to admit something that isn't there.

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Armed teachers!! I would NEVER allow my child to go to a school like that. Only crazy parents would want their kids to be around firearms.

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TR2 imo is better than any Uncharted. Sadly imo every TR since TR2 hasn't be able to match it's quality. I played TR2 when i was around 12 years old. I'm 26 now and i still remember the feeling of loneliness that some levels in TR2 gave me. I felt like i was exploring places where no one had gone for centuries. Uncharted never gave me that feeling and that is why imo TR2> any Uncharted.

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Main campaign took me around 20 hours to complete on the highest difficulty level. Could be less/more depending on how you play it. I haven't tried to do everything in the game but my guess would be around 40-45 hours.

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Best game of the year to me and one of the best this gen. Just today i was wandering around near a river when i saw a dude just casually walking by. I start walking towards him and then BAM out of nowhere a crocodile grabs him and the dude disappears in the water and i just thought: WTF was that!? That right there is gaming moment that i will remember for many years to come.

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"So yes, they are the most powerful company. Most well known. Most influential. Most relevant." Where you live that may be very well truth. In my country Playstation is the brand that is most recognized. This is Playstation land. In fact my generation is called the Playstation generation because we just have to press a button to make anything happen.

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@ icewater85 That poisonous swamp area from Demon's Souls was more difficult to me than anything on Dark Souls so i have to disagree with you there. Demon's Souls is definitely more difficult than Dark Souls.

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@ AlucardFury That doesn't invalidate what i said.

@ Menashe There are no correct or wrong opinions. Opinions aren't universal facts. This developer might think that the Wii U cpu is underwhelming, others might think that Wii U cpu is more than enough. Neither of those opinions is wrong/correct.

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Or maybe he isn't a fanboy and he was just giving his opinion about the new console that was released a few days ago. Fanboys are the ones that must turn every lttle detail into a competition.

@ below It's not his fault that fanboys on the internet turned what he said into ammunition. He his a developer and he gave his opinion about the new console that was released a few days ago. He isn't a PR and he doesn't have to sugarcoat his opinion. Also It isn't...

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