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And here comes song...."Money, Money, Money........Money!"

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And here comes the song...."Money, Money, Money........Money!"

Edit: Sorry for the double post. Computer is acting up

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I understand where your coming from. Not every game is gonna be someone's cup of tea. As for me im pickin up the game today. I seem to be more thrilled with creating levels and challenging myself to create levels no one else has. But considering a game to be a flop because of sales isnt justified. Haze and Lair are flops. Often criticized by most gaming sites. However, LBP was highly praised. I do believe that LBP will be fine. Sales will grow steadily. But it is up to many factors such as h...

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Thank the good lord this article came out. It was about time. Every fanboy bashed the sale numbers and yet they was really no reason to. Does Sony really need to market this game? YES!!! However, we can only hope they do. But hope doesnt get things done so we gotta deal with what we have and that is a wonderful and creative game. A game that still maintains its uniqueness even though it might not be a one day million sold behemoth. Why cant everyone just play games and be happy? Ahh the good ...

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YAWNNNNNNN!!! Oh another Halo. Back to bed.

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Well its the first huge title of the year for the 360. No wonder it sold so much. People were waiting for this to drop for the longest. gears 2 should do its job and keep xbots busy for awhile. Till Killzone 2 comes out that is.

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Wow, i never thought i will see the day when someone just posts to grab attention to themselves. Stop bytchin bout it and go play some gears 2.5

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Lightning seriously needs to get laid asap

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R2 is an amazing piece of work. I absolutely love this game. All fanboyism aside this game is worth every penny. The bosses, gameplay, multiplayer, weapons and even graphics are stellar. Insomniac came through with this one. Props to them.

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Are you guys kidding me. LBP will not, i repeat will not only kill the 360.....but when Killzone 2 comes out, its an extermination. But yea i cant wait for LBP. lol

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yeah bro where u from? I go to school in the bx.

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Well imo articles like these brand a game "better then gears" and all that, then all the little fanboys from M$ start saying crap about how Sony fanboys stated this and that. One article and it generalizes all the fans of Sony. I dont like gears so i do hope that it is better before i get beaten to death here. We all do remember how one person labeled Haze as a Halo killer. Like how that ended up. I think ya get my point.

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This article was posted 40 minutes ago and im the first to comment. Now is it me or does anyone feel like blah bout this game or what. I remember when COD4 articles were all over this site and comments were high. All im saying is that i cant see this game being better then COD4. COD4 set the bar high and i believe going back to WW2 really made this game seem a lil unwanted.

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I never played Bioshock before until yesterday when i downloaded the demo to see what the fuss was about. And honestly imo the whole debate on textures isnt a big deal. Especially when we all know that it was ported from the 360. Its a pretty good game none the less. Interesting story as well. Again, we all know what the PS3 is capable of doing so lets all enjoy the game for what it is.

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If u can find proof that time constraints and funding was the cause then please show it. If not then stop assuming. I posted an article backing myself up. And you? How does this sound. MGS4 on 360. Couldnt happen. Why? Technology seems to be of big concern.

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You got to be kidding right? And the 360 was a saint while R* was developing GTA4. You must love those minor pop ins during gameplay as well. Be real bro. The 360 had problems as well. Do some research before you post.

Enjoy: http://news.filefront.com/r...

Both had equal problems.

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Imma go ahead and say it. The title not only deserves to be on the PS3 but if R* wants to push the limits, it NEEDS to be on the PS3. I believe that once this game is created as a PS3 exclusive, the cell will once again prove itself just like Uncharted and MSG4.

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U said it brotha!!!

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My ex wasnt shallow but she was indeed free. Geez people stop complaining.

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For those who want to play this game to the max then this will certainly catch their eye imo. But for casual gamers i dont see this makin too much money. I will be damn shocked if it does. Also, paying to move up in rank kind of loses the appeal of the game right?

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