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Well for one PS4 has very few Japan friendly superheros, I would imagine that master chief and that transformer like robot that came out from the sands would be very appealing to a Japanese audience, I have both consoles, PS4 rocks no doubt but some of the Xbox-one games I find to be more appealing. #40
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Are you from the UK? we have this thing called false advertising! I didn't say they were the same, I said it's no better, the voice commands were falsely advertised and so was the motion accuracy, if it works right do you think I would buy the thing just so I could say it did not work? #24.1.1
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Bottom line nobody made me buy it early, from a legal standpoint if I were to pursue this it would based based on Kinect 2 being no better than Kinect 1 which makes it a sales gimmick.

On another note does this mean MS will send out a patch that gets rid of the "Kinect not found message"? #24
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Who knows when, that's the problem. #30.1
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The problem is they have not evolved it correctly, it works no better than the first in my opinion, in fact I swear Kinect one worked better, I really wish I did not buy it at launch, Sony have the VR headset coming which in a way pisses me off because if anything would benefit from VR it is Kinect! if you immerse people in a VR world where you can reach out and touch things with the aid of a Kinect like devise then that would make sense right? I supported the Xbox brand from the start but I... #28
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Custom Ultra 1080p 60fps, the only thing I have to change is the HBAO, online I sometimes turn it down a notch, BF4 is bad online across the board so it does not always matter what you do. #26.1.1
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BTW this is a long shot but has anyone on here managed to crossfire a A10 series APU with a 7 series Radeon? not sure the support is there yet, reinstalled Catalyst Control Center and all the drivers but the dual option is just not there, my Mobi supports Dual. #27
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Mate you and I both know it will run it no problem, they are just trying to push new tech all the time, the HBAO is a bottleneck setting but turning it off is not that big of a deal. #24.1
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Haha that made me chuckle :) #25.1
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Why does everyone keep using 6 and 8 core CPU's as examples of great gaming, I didn't think there was a game that used more than 4 yet? and sorry but I have a mid-range PC with a A10-6790 APU, 8gig Kingston hyper memory, a Saphire HD 7790, running on the old A55 chipset with a standard caviar blue 7200rpm 3GB/s hard drive, and it makes the PS4 graphics in BF4 look dated, I totally agree regards the CPU importance online but how can you even tell with BF4, I have not seen such lag sinc... #26
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£££££ £££££& #163;££$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ #5
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e.g. BF4 on PC set to low settings with a AMD Radeon 7 Series is roughly the same what you would get with a PS4, but the rest of the hardware needs to support it, but the PS4 version is very smooth and looks great, and even though most are happy with the new consoles they could have been better IMO, on the other hand if like me you waited years to upgrade your PC then the PS4 really impresses. #2.3
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Only just got it on PS3, do you think there will be a digital upgrade? #95
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Why are people using the internet connections to express concerns, this matters if the cloud plays a part in your offline experience but if you are talking about online multiplayer then if your connection is rubbish then why would you even play online multiplayer anyway? we are seeing a big leap in online only games, and whether you like it or not the cloud is going to advance that once again. #136
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Assuming it is a online game and the cloud features are online only e.g. multiplayer, then it would be no different to loosing connection to any server, that is a ISP problem not a cloud problem, if my connection drops out of course it will have a affect, and for the record have you played the Gulf of Omen level on BF4? the PS4 struggles with the sandstorm physics, this could be a server problem which would make perfect sense to use super servers such as the cloud. #1.1.61
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Stumpa I would not be using a bluray drive unless it was to spoil myself, a BR drive serves no purpose to me on a PC, sound cards come built into the MB and are pretty good most of the time, roughly this is what it might cost but it can actually be less.
MB 40-60
GPU 80-110
CPU 85
RAM 60
HDD 30-80
Case 30-60

Sorry OS £50. So yes it is more but I could easily trim it down to less. #9.1.2
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You cannot disagree with fact, you want Xbox One owners to accept fact but not that my basic PC beats a PS4, the PS4 is brilliant no doubt but since I have gone back to PC building it has opened my eyes that's all. #16.1
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If I was MS I would simply upgrade the next lot of hardware, make sure the old hardware can still play the new games and also allow early adopters the option the trade in at huge a discount, offer a kinect-less bundle, I have to be honest the new Kinect has not really showed me that it's a big jump from the last one, at least do an update so that when I unplug the thing I do not get a message telling me it's unplugged! #18
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I agree with kingduqc, the gap will be much bigger this time and I expect more people to go back to PC as a result, and you fanboys think you are preventing that when all you are doing is exposing just how cheap they have been this GEN, if you built a gaming PC and it could only run BF4 on low settings would you be disappointed? I built a PC with a basic FM2 board which is not finished, I am waiting for a new CPU+GPU combo to run alongside my HD7790, but even with a basic quad core the level... #16
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I disagree. #9.1
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