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Rockstar is the best of the best.

they're truly Masters of their craft.

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"when Nintendo and Microsoft jump off a bridge one day, prepare to do the same Sony or you will disappoint for not following the trend."

Microsoft and Nintendo have a parachute to rely on when they jump.

Sony on the other hand? if they jumped, they'd plummet.

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Dear Sony,

"I hate your stinking guts, you make me vomit, you're scum between my toes."

-Love, Ps3 owner

na, i'm still Loving my original, $600 Ps3. they haven't done enough to differentiate themselves from the competition, though.

Sony Reigned for 2 consecutive generations, it's too bad they've rested on their laurels.

Their Tv's are losing to Samsung and their gaming system...

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this is what Sony has been saying from day 1,

"you're getting more value."

600 dollar machine.

Sony still has that same mantra going, and look where they are now, 3rd place at the end of this generation's life cycle.

Sony needs to change their approach, next Generation.

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Knock out the Fat!

just like Sony is trying to

Knock out the competition!

they're trying to, at least. Not doing a good job, though

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cause it's "lighter"? lol

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the Truth will set you free

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u type too much

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the heck? video game article authors have no shame. lol

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but who gives a flying fudge?

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he has participated in celebrity nba games in the past, so it's not as if it's out of the blue.

plus, it's DLC. those who didn't pre-order won't have access to his character, anyway, so hallelujah?

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this new model makes no sense from a consumers perspective.

this new model was all about Sony being cheap and protecting its bottom line.

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too long

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you're disgusting, someone should report you.

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anyone know her name?

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Love Cleavage

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lol. Funny, but also the greatest and most honest response i've seen to date.

Good job, dude.

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"it means we're hemorrhaging money and we're trying to protect ourselves from further damage."

-Good Luck Sony

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