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I'm not using Windows or OS/X! Ubuntu ftw! But uhm... what's this doing on news for GAMERS? This doesn't belong here....

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The PS store has been disappointing lately. Nothing really good, or interesting. Why isn't there any Oblivion DLC anyways?

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I never notice framerate issues, but if they fix the TF2 online and the load times I'll be very happy!

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Those bastards took away Maxis... I love Sim City 3000 Unlimited. Did you know Maxis spelt backwards is Sixam?(it was on the ticker....) I don't remember if EA came in on Sim City 4, but I remember I really disliked it in comparison to SimCity 3000...

Oh, and ON TOPIC
GTAIV will be unaffected, but GTAV will. Maybe the DLC as well. I believe the question really is... What will happen to the R* Sony exclusive contract?

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Sales/reviews don't make a game great. Something that sells more, and has higher reviews doesn't always mean something is better. Just look at the Wii....

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If you count Mods.. then yes it has surpass what Halo 3 offered. Other than that, just the plain game, no. UT3s campaign is pathetic. Online is insane fun though, especially with mods. Halo 3... is way overrated. My cousin has come over every weekend to play Halo 3 online, as he doesn't have internet at his house. I must say, it is extremely laggy, and... I don't see much difference compared to other FPS online. No game beats SOCOM 2 or 3/CA online though. Nothing will. Maybe SOCOM: Confronta...

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Nice avatar, Images and Words ftmfw!

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Um... duh? I don't think Capcom would want to remake the whole game... Sure it'd sell, but do they REALLY want to remake it?

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Hmm... this article appeared after this one did... http://www.n4g.com/ps3/News...

DD will be the end of BluRay, maybe. Only if internet speeds are over at least 25gbps >.>.. Some day.... also, people like a physical copy of the item they bought, so do I. DD will occur, but it will never permanently rid of a hard copy. Also, what about hard drive space? I have about 10 movies on BluRay so far... lets ass...

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I've got FFXI to hold me over. I love FF11! I've been playing it for 4 years... with atleast 2-3 years worth of playing :D! It never gets old. If anyone else plays feel free to add me to your friend list. Tsukasah @ fairy server! ^^.

On Topic:
This is the same engine folks, just a different name. It was probably made to run on PS3 first, 360 second. In a sense, the same way UE3 is running for PS3 and 360. It's better on 360(UE) and a bit worse on PS3. Crystal Tools could be...

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Give me home, or give me death! Or.... atleast a decent PS Store update? A ONE HOUR LONG TRIAL OF HOME?! Even that! Or... I'll slap a PS3 sticker on both sides of my car, a PSP sticker on my hood, and a bumper sticker that says "Yeah, It's a Sony!" if you JUST GIMME TEN FRICKING MINUTES OF HOME! I'm more eager for home than a teenager is for....... nevermind.

Edit: ...Boredom... at its finest... wow indeed my friend.

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The part with the meat cube and mercury drop reminded me of Portal for some reason. The floor maybe? The Meat Companion Cube methnkz? This engine has most definitely earned my respect, and I take back everything I said about it. That is... if the texture loading is gone. If Gears 2 looks as good as this video, has all the features in this, and plays as good as it looks, I think it may just be enough reason to get a 360. Anyways, too bad UT3 couldn't have these updates. I'd love to see destruc...

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But I wont believe it until Sony says it.

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What's with the Obama Avatars? (off topic, I know) Did he beat Hillary(please say yes!) or is he just suddenly all the rage for avatars?

On Topic:

I PREDICT!!!! The same thing GamePro predicted.... except.... gameplay video of Resistance 2. Closed demo of Resistance 2(hey I can dream cant I?!). Possibly a Folklore sequel... uhm...... LBP and Home exact release dates.

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M$ wont be making BluRay games, just a BluRay movie player add-on

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Open zone is that way ---->

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GameCrazy actually gave me 35 dollars for Oblivion, and 35 for UT3! It may not be much, but it is over half price. Gamestop gave me 15 for Resistance >.>. I've been going to GameCrazy lately for my gaming needs and have been completely satisfied. Their used pricings aren't that bad either. it was 40 bucks for Motorstorm(used). Considering the prices they give you for trading games in, the used games are bound to be expensive, but I was very surprised that it's only a 5 dollar difference...

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This is still old news, saw these in an article awhile back. Anyways, apart from Queen, this music so far is utter crap.

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Mute them, kick them, pwn them. Not in that particular order of course.

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2 games made by the same dev, force you to install 5gb of data. Both about the same length of time. One game is good, one game sucks. If a game like Uncharted doesn't need a 5gb install to run as good as it looks, neither will capcoms games. It's just a matter of programming the PS3 correctly. I just rewatched the KZ2 GAMEPLAY video from E307, and this game looks beautiful! I'm sure KZ2 won't require a 5gb install, so why should DMC4 and Lost Planet be any different? >.>...

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