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"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kic"


Thats the 1st thing I notice! Damn Liars! I knew the end product wasn't going to measure up! and not being cross-play compatible with the Pc game is a grave mistake.

War Thunder for Ps4 is doing fine with the cross-play with Pc gamers. #1.4
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Quote "PS2 on Ps4 will look BETTER than the PC version running on ULTRA settings" Is what SOE boasted in earlier articles.

Pssst!! RIGHT, BIG ASS LIE RIGHT THERE, this port looks like it's running on MEDIUM settings, This is how the ps4 version of PS2 suppose to look in Ultra settings https://www.youtube.com/wat... BIG DIFFERENCE!!

That aside, I believe SOE made a GRAVE... #14
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These SDK improvements should help the XB1 achieve better graphics performance like more native 1080p output in their games, but ultimately the XB1's GPU is still a HD7790 Bonaire, and PS4 gpu's still a HD7870 Pitcairn, Nothing that these updates gonna help to even match much less surpass the ps4's gpu capability.


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I got this on blackfriday week last year, but back then It only cost me $79.99 #1.6
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I thought it was suppose to be gameplay, What gameplay!!? ALL I WAS SHOWN WAS A CG ANIMATED MOVIE SHOW!!! #5
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It's possible, but Sony will have to completely stop shipping PS4's out to retailers for a good while. Or Maybe real late in console cycle like Ps3 was able overtake the x360 during the last stretch of last Gen. #1.2
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Screw these bigoted ignorant shit stains, Scar-, They just gonna side with whoever, whatever that suit their stinking convenience, A race bias justice system, that scumbag prosecutor that rigged the court system to get that punk cop off for cold stone murder. #5.4
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fuck you! liar! #3.2.2
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This is such a STUPID ASS ARTICLE, can't believe people already predicting next-gen tech before the turn of the current gen consoles first year out.

And most of the future tech predictions shown were supposed predictions for the CURRENT GEN CONSOLES!!!!

Will somebody please boot this fucking wasteful article !!?? #5
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Just wish they try a little harder in trying to design more bizarre alien species than dinosaurs and altered renditions of real-life creatures, their aliens so far just don't look alien enough for my taste.

They should watch some episodes of SPACE DANDY and other anime syfy movies for more inspiration, those Japanese animators create some really bad-ass alien life-forms. #1.4
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I never seen anybody write a review about a game so closely imitate my current feelings about this game is much as this reviewer has, My EXACT settlements, Exactly. #2
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I'll look on YouTube for some 1080p/60 footage when I get home from work, but looking at those pics, especially the landscapes, lighting and vegetation, all I can say right now, Hell Yeah!! Watch OUT Now, The ps4's HD7870 gpu is showing off again! #1.6
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If Nintendo does that, it would be to there downfall, Nintendo better start forward thinking and choose it's hardware wisely, especially it's gpu and ram capacity. X1 choose the updated entry level gpu from the Bonaire family, the PS4 uses the midrange gpu from the Pitcairn family, Nintendo better not except anything lesser than the Tahiti family, which is of the 7900 series. The reason I didn't mention any of the R7, R9 gpu's cuz I figured the older cards would be cheaper in... #2.1.1
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If it's Hardware again, I hope the lessons learned from this Gen will be that Sony won't use APU's and go for a full fledged High performance Desktop AMD cpu and it's power supply would be a 3 prong 480 watts or higher so it's GPU, whatever generation GPU it'll be won't be GIMPED to accommodate for it's weak power supply like the ps4's HD 7870 GPU was.

I mean think about it, the regular desktop HD 7870's optimum clock-rate is 1000MHz, Y... #1.11
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Here's something to dwell on, think about how irelivent all this international controversy is if the movie actually sucks!? #1.19
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Correction, Only the 2014 EVO tournament cuz Microsoft funded and sponsored it. PlayStation 3 and 360 shared all the earlier EVO tourns but most of varied fighting games where played on ps3. #1.4
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I hope Bioware copies the character soldier animation mo-cap & cover style animation of Ghost Recon Future Soldier & Ghost Recon online/Phantom. Or a least look at both games for inspiration.

GRO/P example: https://www.youtube.com/wat... Take close look at 2:16-3:00

4:39-4:50 shows best is what is explained in this dev dairy vid... #1.4
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Nor is 1.75ghz, But X86-64bit Low Power Consumption APU processors is considered next-gen for a modern-era console.

Your rating Brute Performance of a traditional PC desktop CPU vs a low Powered APU that by design NOT to perform at a high clock-rates but at high efficiency at low clock-rates.

Do you even understand the point of APU technology? You should make time to read about APU and look up the definition of the words "Power Consumption" then y... #2.1
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The post title is way to broadstroke, the post should say

"Xbox One to overtake Ps4 in U.S. in 2015?"

Because XB1 is still getting smoked by PS4 everywhere else in the world, still over 6m ahead and plus will be launching in China at a lower price than Xb1.

And besides, 1/Nov or maybe 2/Dec months victory vs 11 straight months sweep seem hardly worth bragging about. #1.6
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Love these guys, they have all kinds of vids on youtube called "Honest games or Movie trailers" by Smosh games.

If ya'll like this you should go watch the trailers they have for Call of duty, Skyrim and Mass Effect!! #9
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