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"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kic"


Gave it low score because it's so unforgiving gameplay, Wonder what this ABC reviewer thought about Alien isolation? #1.2.5
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I've known about Demon/Dark Souls for alot of years but never enough to play any of them, heard those games would REALLY challenge a gamer. But looking at some vids on the latest game, especially those creatures you fight against, I'm like Wow! Then those bosses. Love the animations of the creatures and physics of the clothes and fur/hair of the bosses.

MAN, IF ONLY We'd see a "Savage Sword of Conan" game that has the fight mechanics of Batman Arkham/S... #1.4
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It's a cash grab, being so many current-gen games being pushed yet again into next year. P4 & X1 needs to keep gamers entertained. Notice all these remasters are big last-gen sellers, they figured we'd buy'em again if the graphics are upgraded to near pc standards.

DAMN IT, When's Bethesda is going to announce Elder Scroll V: Skyrim remaster and BioWare announce Mass Effect Trilogy remaster? They were last-gen big sellers! Weren't they!? #1.1.15
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Like the other guy said, the remastering is for the current consoles, The only conditions I'd buy the trilogy is if

1)It has to be a pc port, no upscaled last Gen console port, also they were built off the CryEngine3, and and also it must have all the missions intact. 2 levels were removed off the console port versions.

2)Please give us Crysis 1 expansion pack Crysis: Warhead, which is Psycho's mission on the other side of the island.
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About damn time, they announced this game. Wonder what the hell took'em so long. To bad this games' online Multi-player only, no single player off-line options that I know of. #1
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Why do gaming bloggers & journalist consistently troll Sony for the Order 1886, that games that a Ready at Dawn created. Sony built the hardware development tools, they don't make games, except Former SOE, but they didn't make the Order 1886.

What an XBONER Troll article. #1.3
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Is it me, or it's really BOGUS that his Front Tires don't turn with his steering wheels on tight turns, Yes he turns with the road but his front tires don't turn at all. Don't tell me I'm the only one hear that notice this. #8
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Click-bait. #1.7
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I read the article, and then read some of the comments hear, and I'm like, I know people aren't STILL falling for CGI screen shots and assuming it's gameplay Crap! I mean just look it!? Are people here really that stupid!? #3.3
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The first thing I notice on the few Steam Macs shown is that

1)Alternate Steam Machine
2)Digital Storm Eclipse Steam Machine
3)ORIGIN OMEGA Steam Machine
4)Scan 3XS ST Steam Machine

All 4 Steam PC are built on Siverstone"s RavenZ/RVZ01 case, which to me seem to be the best investment should you decide on buying one. https://www.youtube.com/wat...
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'Coarse it can support it, all it need is a firmware patch to make it work. It's a not working based on a design decision by sony bosses. They want PS gamers to support and buy in to that Sony "Music Unlimited" so buy restricting you from using your own MP3 music collection or DNLA support, the ONLY WAY it'll work for you is to suscribe into Music Unlimited and rebuy all your wanted songs.

But the ruse is already back firing on Sony, Very little to no... #19.1
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I dig most everything about this version except the "gold strip",where the light bar is. And I feel that the controller's color should be maroon and black, like the red ps4 controller.

Anyways, cool looking ps4 console edition. #1.7
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Yeah huh, And years back Kojima said that MGS4 was the last and final Metal Gear. We'll see how MGS5 does in review poles and sales, and that'll determine whether or not they'll be anymore Metal Gears. #1.9
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I got one "Thing" to say to J. Weston at gamrReview, how bout shutting the hell up and stop being an damn ARMCHAIR games developer.

So Tired of reading gamer bloggers telling REAL devs how to design games. #3
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And after about 6 month or later when they port RoTR to PS4 it will "Push the Boundaries" even further with better resolution, faster frame-rates and will have all the DLC included, being called GOTY edition. #1.6
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I always thought SEN wanted to be it's own version of Valve's Steam service. #1.4
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I believe "ground zeros" is level already part of Phantom Pain game. It was just put out as a promo demo. #2
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Damn, Capcom! Whats wrong with your drivers for this game?

XB1's performance has nothing to do with it's GPU power against Ps4, It's a driver issue. Capcom just needs a better driver update for Ps4. #1.11
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