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"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kic"


Whoah, Whoah, whaoh!! Did anybody who read that BOGUS article notice this LIE!? quote “We believe that both PS4 and Xbox One are beasts of machines,” Hussain said to GamingBolt. “Both GPUs boast computational speed in excess of 1.3 Teraflops."

F**KING WRONG!! PS4 has 1.8 Tflops/18 GCN cores, XB1 has 1.3 Tflops/12 GCN cores which puts it at almost 50% performance gap, stop the BS, they're not at the same performance level. Lying DERPS!!

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I'm defiantly sure Sony is working on it's next console, as well as Microsoft. And I'm also certain both companies will be using AMD again, Why? because of Cost? A CPU/GPU combination SoC is So cost convenient for both parties, And I'm hedging my bets on looking at AMD's roadmap for 2015-2020 http://wccftech.com/amd-gpu... and 4d ago by Tsar4ever | View comment

You forgot about PS4's 1GB of Flexible memory, behind the 4.5GB for the devs. so it's really 5.5GB but only for the devs that really dig into the PS4's customized architecture, like their 1st party devs most likely would. Watch the vid too for explanation. #1.3.4
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Well shoot! NetherRealm Studios just might as well throw in more Horror icons like-

1)Freddy Krueger.
2)Michael Myers
3)The Texas Chain Saw Massacre- Leatherface
4)MAD MAN(*Marz) http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
5)Jeepers Creepers- The Creeper #8
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How interesting, According to this Dev, Dx11's API instructions is not collaborating well with Xb1's Esram so this is the REAL REASON why xb1 having trouble with 1080p res in their games? Devs & hardware limits is not the prob? MS own API is crippling it's performance? Man, this gotta be hurting Microsoft's pride something fierce. #15
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"Bloodborne is the best Silent Hills we are going to get"

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Glad I'm hanging on to my PT demo. :) #17
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You mean more Mass Hype Effect, l'm all for the next-gen ME too, but I'm not going to get excited over something some Dev squirts on Twitter.


Enough of this ME Hype mongering. #1.3
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Though the game Looks great, I'm really growing weary of these Multi-player centric fps games, I worry how long and indept it's single-player campaign is and whether you could play all the MP modes offline with decent AI bots. If not, I'm not buying it.

I really wish we'd see another RB6 Vegas type game, at least after you finish the main campaign you had Terrorist Hunt. #8
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Maybe PS Home for ps4 will be NEOTOPIA, guess we'll see in time.
https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.5
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Like I was saying ever since Sony bought Gaikai, Sony wants to become its own derivative of Valve's Steam-powered service. #1.3
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Hmmm, and the point of that article wassssssss? *Sarcasm" #1.11
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Well, IF Dragon Age: Inquisition has anything to go By being the next-gen MASS Effect will be running off DICE's FROSTBITE 4 engine, which means according to history, it dictates that ME4 will run in 1080p/30 on PS4 and 900p/30 on XB1. Hopefully Bio Ware would get better tabs off BOTH consoles so they both will be 1080p/30 and everyone will be happy.

But Up to this point, my predictions is MASS EFFECT 4, 1080p/30 on PS4 and 900p/30 on XB1. Ps4 will own the resolution and... #4
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Of course it's prepared, Microsoft's DX12 is the advancements of it's own API capabilities when concerning games development. Playstation's API/PSSL or GNM/GNMX is an new API sony started from scratch by scraping it's old Ps3 api and bringing it up to date by supporting all the latest API standards. PSSL is not static, Just it's hardware is, it's gimped HD7870 GPU can only take the ps4 so far this gen, but it's API could forever evolve to help the ps4 surpass i... #2.4
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Gave it low score because it's so unforgiving gameplay, Wonder what this ABC reviewer thought about Alien isolation? #1.2.5
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I've known about Demon/Dark Souls for alot of years but never enough to play any of them, heard those games would REALLY challenge a gamer. But looking at some vids on the latest game, especially those creatures you fight against, I'm like Wow! Then those bosses. Love the animations of the creatures and physics of the clothes and fur/hair of the bosses.

MAN, IF ONLY We'd see a "Savage Sword of Conan" game that has the fight mechanics of Batman Arkham/S... #1.4
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It's a cash grab, being so many current-gen games being pushed yet again into next year. P4 & X1 needs to keep gamers entertained. Notice all these remasters are big last-gen sellers, they figured we'd buy'em again if the graphics are upgraded to near pc standards.

DAMN IT, When's Bethesda is going to announce Elder Scroll V: Skyrim remaster and BioWare announce Mass Effect Trilogy remaster? They were last-gen big sellers! Weren't they!? #1.1.15
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Like the other guy said, the remastering is for the current consoles, The only conditions I'd buy the trilogy is if

1)It has to be a pc port, no upscaled last Gen console port, also they were built off the CryEngine3, and and also it must have all the missions intact. 2 levels were removed off the console port versions.

2)Please give us Crysis 1 expansion pack Crysis: Warhead, which is Psycho's mission on the other side of the island.
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About damn time, they announced this game. Wonder what the hell took'em so long. To bad this games' online Multi-player only, no single player off-line options that I know of. #1
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