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The way people are on here if he didn't clarify it was a joke some idiot would have posted a long-winded response or argument against what isarai said.

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Agreed, Kotaku needs to be down voted and banned from here.

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There's going to be no manuals next gen so why have a huge case? Just go back to CD cases. Easy to replace when broken or ruined by Gamestop stickers.

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They meaning nothing and usually ruin the immersion for me when an annoying sound goes off and i get a message "OMGZ YOU SHOT 100 PEOPLEZ!! 250 PTS!!"

Th only people obsessed over achievements or trophies are those kids who were given "participation" trophies in school even when they didn't win or AHDH medicine addled kiddies who constantly need a pat on the back and told how much of a special little snowflake they are.

Need a goal? Se...

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It was a fun game. Not $60 fun, but still good. $35 from Toys R Us was about right for it.

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This looks like one of those games that are "fun to play through once" and will land in the $20 bin in 3 months. I'm waiting on a price drop.

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I hope they allow us to reverse the X axis camera controls in the Wind Waker HD remake. They always threw me off being backwards from every other game. (Left to go right, right to go left, etc)

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I just want SOME games before March. I beat NSMBU, ZombiU, BLOPS2 U, and messing around with Sonic Transformed. Anything else out that i would like (AC3, Arkham City) I've already played on either 360/PS3. Please! move the releases of Rayman, Lego Undercover, Bayonetta up to January!

Also, a new Metroid Prime, Zelda HD, Kirby, and 3D Mario would be nice too. ;)

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She looked hotter in the bubble pop video. She looks totally different now after whatever kind of plastic surgery she had. Still good, i just prefer the Bubble Pop version.


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Operation Raccoon City wasn't THAT bad of a game. They just need to fix a few things about it next time.

1) Revised controls. An elite team of mercenaries shouldn't move like a tank.

2) Make the enemies less like bullet sponges. 45-50 bullets for a common zombie is ridiculous.

3) They're a team, act like it. Require teamwork to do tasks like open locks/doors/etc.

4) The teammate AI when computer controlled was ret...

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I got it free for PS Plus. It's a fun time killer but i have yet to play an online game. Everyone quits before the match is done.

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I hope Nintendo floods the shelves with them and they're easy to find very soon like the PS3 was. I love watching people like you whining and crying in Gamestop trying to get any money back they can after realize buying up 2-3 systems wasn't a great idea and can't offload them.

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True, if someone is dumb enough to pay $1000+ for a WiiU they deserve it but it sucks for those of us who just want to go to the store and buy the system to enjoy it but can't because the line/preorders are filled with Ebay resalers. They're no better than ticket scalpers.

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"Full Frontal Assault is, at its core, a Ratchet & Clank shooting and looting experience with layers of tower defense and MOBA strategies thrown in to twist up the formula"

I like those types of games but it's not what i'm looking for when i play a Ratchet and Clank game. Passing on this one.

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I really hate that the people who worked there lost their jobs. I hope they find something else really soon. However, i am glad OnLive didn't take off. It shows publishers and developers that people prefer to own their games instead of "long term renting" them. Plus the internet in most places sucks too much for a streaming service like this anyway. Maybe they should have tried in Japan or Korea?

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I want Mr Mosquito and that bicycle game from it where you try to ram each other off the towers but with online multiplayer.

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Save all the good games for oct-dec, wonder why sales are down the other 9 months.

There's people who buy games and don't have to depend on mommy to buy them games for christmas. We would like something to play jan-sept. Cramming everything in a 3 month period just makes me skip 90% of what's out and pick them up later when on sale.

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I'm not going to sugar coat this. Anyone who thinks going completely digital is a good idea is a complete idiot. If you think paying $60+ to "long term rent" a game you deserve every negative aspect that comes with digital distribution.

If you think publishers are going to give you great deals like Steam once you have no choice but to download or not play at all then you are crazy. No shopping around, no trades, no deals. Nothing but high prices and a big f*ck y...

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Reviewing a 5 year old game to get hits for your site is ridiculous. Plenty of new stuff came out in July alone that could have been used.

Don't take my criticism the wrong way. Your site doesn't seem that bad from what i have seen. It looks very user friendly and has a lot of good info and reviews. I just think posting reviews on N4G for games months to years after they have released is little unnecessary.

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Seriously? Little late for this don't you think?

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