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Ur acting as if the profession of a "stripper" doesn't exist in real life society today.

Plus, it's good paying profession for most mothers as well. #3.3
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Would've preferred if the game had no combat whatsoever.

Playing as some noir detective, and just beautifully investigating the various parts of raptures, and interviewing it's citizens (like sander cohen, or dr. stienman)would've been gaming nirvana to me. #4
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You would have a point, IF, the Beta sucked ass indicating a shoddy, cheap, cash-in by Overkill.

Except the Beta is great, and indicates that the game has great fun potential.

So shut the fuck up would you kindly. You clearly didn't play the beta and have no clue what your ultimately saying. #1.2
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But I'm confused why he claimed he was returning to the "survival horror" genre.

A survival horror is supposed to be methodically slow, and have ammo be a scarcity.

This seems like a fun house that RE4 was..with PEW PEW PEW with waves of monsters coming after you after every turn.

YAWN> #1.10
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Pretty sad state of affairs for Capcom.

Besides Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter, they have been failing title after title (sales wise) this gen.

No wonder there resorting to online titles and mobile games/ipad, ipod games.

A good few more years of bad sales and I have no doubt that Capcom has the potential of shutting down like THQ did. #15
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why would tomba be relevant?

it was an obsecure japanease game (that got a sequel). It was cute, it was well made, and is clearly holds alot of nostalgia.

That said, it was a game that never hit the jackpot when it came to sales in america, and was never on the same plan as the rest of the sony mascots. #7.5.4
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Ah the days of games simply being games, rather than microtransaction/free to play/dlc/fully focused online modes (rather than putting full effort into the single player narrative as well)


Thank god for Publishers like Sony and Devs like Irrational and Naughty Dog for leading the way. #4
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Sort of true.

But it was incredibly well executed for a medium that's very thin (in terms of excellent execution in this specific genre of zombie/apocalypse survival)towards excellent execution.

I think at the end of the day, what made the narrative standout so much was first and foremost the characters of Joel and Ellie.

Instead of being portrayed as some "jack bauer" save the world type of persona, Joel was someone who just wanted to... #1.6
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I personally predict a cross gen launch.

For one reason or another I see a TGS re-annoucement for an eventual Fall/Holliday 2014 release, for both the ps3 (sony's way of supporting the ps3 fanbase) and the ps4. #6
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It'll probably have stiff competition from GTA V.

An honestly, as a FUN gaming experience I might enjoy GTA V more.

But from an emotional narrative standpoint, I know GTA V won't even compare in the least bit.

That said it'll be tough voting. What makes a game a true goty candidate? The amount of fun you had in it? Or the amount you were moved emotionally/and mentally?

Idk, lets just call it a tie! #1.6
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-Yeah but the ladder/crate only occurred 4 times in the game..and yeah, I counted. So there's a point if it occurred 10+ times or so..but 4? If you played the game for 15 hours (which I did, and most of the community on neogaf on average did for as well), than you would do a crate/ladder once every 5 hours. Hardly see the repetitiveness in that.

-AI glitches are rare, they happen, but there rare..if your primarily discussing ellie standing and walking 1 feet away from a... #5.1
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Just for GTA V?

There are a shitload of great exclusives like The Last of Us, the uncharted series, and so on that deserve your time as well. #8.1
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did you not see the gameplay? #43.1
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maybe a sony reveal? #28.1
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4/10 for EA, really?

Plants Vs Zombies 2: Looked surprisingly awesome and fun.

Battlefield 4: 64 players, nuff said.

StarWars Battlefront: By DICE no less, I mean come on, we've been waiting for so damn long for a new battlefront game

Mirrors Edge 2-The game every fanboy has been crying for

so a 4/10 just screams ignorance on your part. #4.1.1
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Looked incredible. Mass potential.

But where the fuck is my beyond good and evil 2 ubi!?!?! #17
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Such a great e3 so far.

Even though I feel meh on the xbox1 console itself, I have to admit shit like Killer Instinct, and project spark got me excited.

Now EA kills it showing off a really sweet TF2 game with PVZ2...than shows off an impressive 64 bf4 match...than tops it off with a battfront teaser, and a mirrors edge 2 annoucement.

An it's not even finished yet. Christ, has this been amazing show for games. Best e3 is yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrs!!! #19
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The only way to actually understand why it's so liked is to play it.

It's addicting as hellllll #3.1
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hyped. not next consoles considering it's already been in development for a bit, and should probably be released in 2014. #1
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