If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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I played the original Red back in the day. I don't feel that those were the best so much as every generation has pokemon that are awesome, and pokemon that have you shaking your head. Now that they are literally making garbage pile pokemon though, there are more extreme cases of pokemon that you can only shake your head in disbelief over.

That being said, I foresee another 15 years or so of playing Pokemon, as long as they don't F it up by trying to cater to people wh...

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If he HAS to go, I'd want Masahiro Sakurai. He's bold, talented, thorough, yet knows and understands the Nintendo way quite well.

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Why should Iwata step down, when in a year, whoever is the next President will be reaping the good things to come? There have been missteps, for certain. But the company is sound, and by this time next year, things will be looking good. Just watch and see.

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Definitely. And speaking of Arma 2, gotta throw a quick shout out to DayZ. Buggy and difficult as I don't know what, but it's as close to the feel of 'The Walking Dead' as we have right now.

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In addition to the obvious games, I strongly suggest Nano Assault Neo on the E Shop to help people get through this drought. Simple, great looking little shooter with an interesting take on the genre - and only 10 bucks.

When I say drought, I don't mean that there's nothing to play. Only that there are few games that are compelling enough to keep you coming back. I'm REALLY looking forward to E3. Nintendo has to come through, and I trust that they will.

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I have no reason to panic.

I am VERY sick of all of the haters and Debbie Downers regarding this console though.

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It's one thing to use a service on your PC that is mostly online. But to buy an expensive console that insists on it, with no option is a turn off to many people. It's a deal breaker to me.

I suppose that it's possible that some absolutely amazing game might make me change my mind. But I seriously doubt it.

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New Super Mario Bros 2 on 3DS? Yes. It's painfully short and not very innovative. The million coin idea fell very flat.

New Super Mario Bros U on Wii U? No. That game is pretty fresh. Though 60 bucks is a bit much with all things considered...

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Agreed. Took forever, but at least it's coming.

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The only way I can stomach Miyamoto retiring is if Sakurai takes his place. As for Iwata, I think he definitely needs to make some adjustments, but we'll see how much everyone hates him a year from now.

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Not sure if serious.

But any believable news is good regarding this game as of right now.

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Better looking than a 2 year old PC game is far better than most people give the Wii U credit for. Especially here at N4G...

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KMA, you childish buffoon. You don't know jack.

People have been asking for it for years. There are all manner of knock offs, recodes, and illegal attempts to put such a game out there due to the demand.

Iwata himself has been asked why haven't they done it, and said himself that Game Freak just doesn't want to do it. Your lack of a direct source not withstanding, even if the surveys are real, ANYONE can get ANY result they want from surveys if t...

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Iwata needs to grow a pair and tell Game Freak that either they are making a tandem 3DS/Wii U Pokemon MMORPG, or they'll do it themselves/get someone else to do it.

It's years beyond time for this, and it's frustrating beyond reason that they haven't done it.

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In the UK it's selling consoles. From several places, I've read that it was highly anticipated.

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Lego City. Hopefully it keeps bringing people in over time.

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Here's the thing though. Surely Nintendo made things confusing by naming it Wii U, and not something more differentiating. Even Wii HD, which they despised and was NEVER going to happen, would have been more effective.

But, how many of the 100 million or so casual gamers who bought Wii, or 360, or PS3, even know/realize that there are cycles to these consoles?> That new ones always eventually arise, and replace the old? Yes, tech tends to be that way, but with gaming c...

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delboy, I think playing the game where your friends are playing it is just as important, if not more important than the game running better. You just aren't going to see too many multiplatform games with PS360 yet that have large online gaming populations.

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Could be an awesome thing. But would probably be aimed at very young children and the parents of very young children like Disneyland unfortunately. But then, all even the most kiddie amusement park needs is one or two solid roller coasters and good food to bring in the average gamer.

Would be awesome though if anyone who bought admission could attend special events for the unveiling of new games, hardware, special hands on sessions, etc.

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While you very well may be right, I think just as many people would love to find out that they've been working on Zelda.

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