If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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I agree b_one

If there are any console versions of M&M, I hope they are in the style of Heroes 3, or they just re-release that one with updated and beautiful, yet still relatively static visuals and of course, some more scenarios!

Man, that would be awesome on Wii U with the Gamepad!

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Well considering that since when you consider all 3 major regions, Americas, Europe, Japan, the Vita has sold roughly 1.5 million, and only 1 region is supposedly profitable, then 2/3 or 3 million of 4.5 million of sales are at a loss.

In any case though, my point was that if it's that expensive to offer the Vita, and the PS3 itself still has Sku's that are $300, it makes little sense to believe that the PS4 price will be even remotely near.

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They've been selling the Vita at a loss at $250. But somehow the PS4, with 8 gigs of GDDR5 RAM, 8 cores of CPU, 500gig to 1tb HDD, superior disc drive, built in cloud streaming technology, 3D camera kinect like system, etc. is going to be priced only $150 more?

We'd all love to see it since it will hurt our wallets less, but let's be realistic here people. You're just setting yourselves up for disappointment and crap talk...

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I have Nintendo Land, ZombiU, NSMBU, Nano Assault, and NFSMWU. I like them all except Nintendo land isn't very fun to me still going to try Mario Chase in a group though.

The thing about those games is that none of them have that, 'I want to keep coming back to it!' quality. None of them. I think that's a major problem for this console right now. None of the games are compelling, so only 'core' gamers who don't mind supporting Nintendo early like m...

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I'm glad they make these games for the people who like them, but this isn't at all what I want during such a drought. Personally, I detest thevery idea of Wario. They did this to us last time during the Wii drought with Warioland shake it. Not a bad game, but not at all what I want during times of slim pickings, and not a character I enjoy.

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Went to the site to buy it, and I guess it's not available yet? This will be awesome for long trips with shared driving.

First major example of low power draw, hyper efficient cpu/gpu combo being an advantage!

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About what? A child talking crap? No. Just annoyed.

You sound like you enjoy stirring the pot for reactions, and getting off on it when other people stir it. Good luck with that...

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You don't want the Wii U for Mario and Zelda? I ask because you surely wouldn't buy it anyway if it had top tier 3rd party support. Your loyalties lie elsewhere.

Which begs the question. Why do you even care? You must just enjoy coming in here and talking crap.

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Right. Kind of how in NFSMW on Wii U, they split the duties up when they added the 'God mode'.

If it were the only version of the game, I wouldn't want such a mode unless it was an extra. But since this is a multi-platform game, the Wii U version can be unique in that way.

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Do glad this is coming to Wii U! Hopefully they'll have a Gamepad co-op multiplayer mode, where one controls Aiden with the Pro controller, and the other handles control of the city with the touch pad.

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Why would it going head to head with the other two newer consoles be a bad thing since it will be cheaper - with possibly even a price cut by then, and one of the reasons the Wii U has sold more slowly so far is the price?

Once you get to that $300 mark, the question of 'Is it worth it?', expands to 'What will it cost my lifestyle/bottom line if I buy something that expensive that I don't really need?'

The Nintendo 'Hardcore' who h...

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Those 3 promises have definitely been let downs so far.

Nice point though, that pretty much the only thing holding the console back is Games. More specifically that there are few games yet that gamers just HAVE to have. But, once that changes, (and hopefully Nintendo can afford a price cut soon), the Wii U will take off.

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Well it does stand to reason that they are trying to capitalize on a potential market within the MMORPG market that hasn't been realized yet. If this game brings people into MMORPG's for the first time, then it's a good thing.

I don't really know why people expected this game to look better than Skyrim or something. They have to have the game able to run on all kinds of hardware, not just high end. Typical of MMORPG's right?

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lol Clever. I give you props.

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I would VERY much love to play a Tales game on my Wii U. Especially perhaps an HD remake of Symphonia on the console. But he's right. The bulk of the fanbase owns PS3's. I've waited forever for Xillia release to be announced, and just like I did with Graces f, I'll be playing it on PS3.

Nintendo needs to help with the process again, and bring in a timed exclusive.

Though to be honest, I'd be satisfied to see Symphonia characters as 'Tr...

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I will reply by clarifying.

I do not want them to change the format of the game to that extent unless there is the option to continue to play as before.

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I'm all for playing as Zelda. But not at the expense of not being able to play as Link. Options are what people want. Not alienating change.

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Yeah, seriously. I can enjoy a good JRPG on a handheld. But by far prefer them on console.

Valkyria Chronicles lost me after the first. I can't really enjoy Tales games as much. I stay away from the 'Mario and Luigi' series. Pretty much Pokemon or bust with me and hand held rpg's. I've been playing and enjoying Fire Emblem lately. But I'm going through it slowly. Not enjoying it as much as when I play on console.

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Ubisoft is set up to rake in some dough on the Wii U since some of their competitors are passing at this early state.

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I agree. They want to push downloads on the E-Shop more, so games that have small or questionable followings, they want people to download.

After not being able to find Fire Emblem for a week after launch, I downloaded it. Problem is, I had to delete a bunch of stuff from my 3DS, and after downloading the game, I'm already pretty close to full. It's the Wii all over again...

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