If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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Each one will last until they put that amount of money into a game that has a few problems and everyone abandons them. Then the top developers in said group will migrate elsewhere. Contraction, contraction, and contraction. Until eventually everyone ends up at EA, Activision, Nintendo, Sony, and maybe Rock*.

Not good. There's got to be a better balance, where the expense of making these games doesn't cripple a company after one or two mistakes.

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Ha ha. That was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the riding mechanic. Arcanine. Gonna be sweet.

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I love how this thread is over 150` with no comments. XD

Pokemon is a cool game/idea folks.

If you play it to its depths, there's probably not a more 'hardcore' game out there. Nothing to be ashamed of if you like it. No reason to be a jerk about it if you don't.

Just because the little critters are designed in a light hearted way, and there is no blood doesn't make it a kids game. It's a game for everyone to play and ...

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I totally agree.

'You managed to turn your console on properly and get the game started! - Achievement Unlocked!'

I understand that it gives a collector's element to some games, and that some people have come to associate that with true replay value, but I think they are overrated.

Totally agree that if Nintendo ever does it, they should only do it if they find a way to make it more meaningful. There are some other things I'd...

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OMG!!! What a turd of a game! Blowing up the screen, slowing down the video and attempting to check the difference frame by frame shows there to be less fluidity on the hand held port! Who would have thought??? /s

Good grief. If there's really anyone who thinks less of this 3DS game because of this difference, then I don't see how gaming is even any fun to you anymore...

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8 is not a bad score. Not in any way. On almost any scale it means very good. Whoever did the review simply didn't think that those games were 'Amazing'. Just very good. What's the big deal outside of 'Metascore'? Casuals don't know or care about that. True gamers do but don't care. While fanboys and trolls of fanboys toil and suffer over it.

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I can't emphasize how much much as a gamer, I NEED the first HD Zelda game not to be cartoony. Those games and art styles have their time and place, but I don't want that on the Wii U as the first new game.

Anything solid, along the lines of the E3 demo would suffice if the world is large and the game play is tight.

The bright side is that I think that the very reason why Wind Waker is receiving the remake treatment. Now we'll get the best of bot...

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The question Itoi was asked was about a possible Mother 4. Since such a thing doesn't exist yet in any form, then to a great extent, there is an open canvass. Nintendo can stay true to the series and at the same time make the game appropriate for all audiences.

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Unfortunately, I think the issue is that Itoi is an old school developer who even at the time of Mother/Mother 2 wasn't very good at taking his creative talent and putting it into video game code form. He struggled even more with Mother 3, and now in his older age, and never having kept up with technologies that have far eclipsed that which he struggled with, it's just, 'Impossible'.

That is of course unless he's willing to step aside, let others handle th...

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While what you are saying is true, the bottom line is that they DID need to hire more people. Just not once it was too late. They had years of windfall profit on the Wii and DS to prepare a proper infrastructure for the Wii U/3DS generation, but they overestimated how long that gravy train was going to ride, and now they are struggling, and gamers who care are left wanting, while gamers who don't care will be hard to win back.

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If one of the duties that Iwata took over from Kimishima includes direct overseeing of the Pokemon IP, then perhaps it will happen sooner rather than later.

Nintendo needs money, and if several million people will buy garbage like Pokemon Rumble, then all the more people will buy a full fledged MMORPG and pay a worthwhile monthly fee.

With a Wii U/3DS combo like Monster Hunter, it would work well and keep the hand held powerhouses relevant.


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Agreed. Plain ridiculous.

Silly fanboys who want Nintendo to make their games 3rd party for their favorite console, or just disappear actually believe this crap, write articles, agree with each other, and come to a tiny circle jerk consensus that it's the truth.

Only on the internet...

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I agree, but would say that it didn't dominate the market, so much as the concept dominated the mindshare of many gamers.

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I think it's more accurate to say that the Wii U is about 2X PS360, but with the added importance of modern DX feature set in the GPU. Even a 3DS game like Resident Evil Revelations can have screen shots placed next to the 360 version without shame. Why? Modern shader/lighting/etc tech.

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Why in the name of sense, would you compare a FPS where all open looking areas are on rails, and all game play areas are in confined areas, to an open world Skyrim like RPG? We all know the PS4 is more powerful than the Wii U, but you are just ignorant.

Fact is, there have been no big budget, full effort games for Wii U that have been released yet, or fully revealed. The Wii U is less powerful, but it's plenty capable.

If you want to use X as an example, ...

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Yes it is, and it's VERY fun. Helps the wait not be so bad in my mind.

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An unfortunate necessity.

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Lack of presence? They will be there in a big way. Just not the completely traditional way that we've grown accustomed to.

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His career was way too short, but I understand why he walked. Sanders was definitely one of the best of all time.

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Damn. That's some serious success.

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