If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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Yeah, I read 'This game will make me reconsider a Xbox One'

But what it means to me is, 'I'll sell out my principles if I can get a certain game.'

What the hell is this world coming to?

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First thing I thought of was Super Mario RPG, chasing Booster's goons up the hill after Princess Peach. Of course the whole time it's possible to get flower tabs, which distracts you. XD

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Only idiots, and fanboys who would never buy a Wii U anyway have written it off. It's sad that developers continually have to say these things to try and counter the negative b.s. that people love to wallow in.

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I doubt user generated content will ever play a large role in a Zelda game. But Zelda really could take a page or two from Skyrim. No one wants Zelda to try to be Skyrim. But it was once TLoZ that pushed the limits of 'Open world', and by backing off from being ambitious on that front, others are blazing the trail in some ways that this series could have benefited from. I don't think that I will find it acceptable at all if the next Zelda game doesn't have a more detailed envi...

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Fallout is a great series, and 3 sold well. But why do people love to pretend that not only would not having a game on a console from a series that sold around 8 million copies is the end of the world? Or that large numbers of people would be more likely to just jump ship for a game rather than just skip the game until it comes out for a platform that they own? Fallout 4 is not the 'be all end all'. Just stop it already...

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I'm way more interested in what happens after the first 2 million or so fanatics buy in. You won't be able to sell them at sub retail price on ebay. This next generation will be a struggle for all 3 companies.

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^This. This writer has no idea what he's talking about. Nintendo, arguably is the most indie friendly console company at the moment.

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GameStop won't take a full hit if they've worked out a deal to get their cut, which it sounds like.

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Yeah, 1984.

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All consoles tend to have special games worth playing. But to each his own I guess.

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So you're saying that their response suggests that the Wii U isn't as powerful as current gen consoles? Really? When in the very next part he said that they anticipate the Wii U visuals as looking the same as the PC version?

You're just trolling.

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No one in their right mind thinks that the Wii U is AS powerful as the PS4 or Xbone, so...

Flame off! ;p

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Yewles, those old registers couldn't possibly be related to backwards compatibility with much older tech now could they? :p

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It's hard to believe they got that great of visuals on the original DS. Wow.

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Let's keep in mind though, that not only haven't any AAA, ground up games been released yet on Wii U, there hasn't even been any fully revealed yet. It's very sad, as obviously Nintendo has made some blunders with this launch. But we can't judge what the console is capable of very objectively by only looking at what's been released so far.

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Looks great.

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"XBone in the crapper? Best attack Nintendo and Wii U again!"

Fail article. We've heard all of this crap 100 times, and it's nowhere near as bad as some would make it seem.

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Until we find out the price of Xbox One and more games release for Wii U, I'm not sure we CAN know what it means.

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When I made the comment, this story was at 160 degrees with no comments.

It's a common theme with Pokemon threads.

A lot of people like Pokemon, but apparently have to be afraid that they do because the negative comments always pop up.

I commented on that. I set the tone. I didn't use the word 'haters' at all, as I was careful with my wording.

In fact, there was no negativity here at all until you came in '...

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Well they do love to nickel and dime us on new experiences until they catch on. A lot of people want customizable characters, and now we get it, but it's pretty much limited to male/female, 3 skin tones, and 3 hair colors. lol

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