If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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Companies should have a well researched plan to execute based on what they think Consumers want and what will pleasantly surprise them, which is what Nintendo tries to do. However, when they fail at this, they tend to double down on the weak or failed ideas, and remain stubborn until they are far behind and have alienated many fans. They need to find a better balance.

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Metaknight, Wario, Toon Link, Snake, Pokemon trainer, and maybe Falco.

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A fun game is a fun game. But a cheap game should have a cheap price imo. Game and Wario isn't bad either, but it's hardly the time for it, when so many good games have been delayed on the console, and people are looking desperately for original, core experiences.

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This whole thing is stupid. It was worth hearing about for a quick chuckle, but now of course it gets blown out of proportion...

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I agree. Nor should they release it during drought times like this with the attitude that it's for core gamers. The last thing I want in my face when I'm looking for a game for my somewhat starved Wii U experience is this B.S. Full price no less? Kind of an insult...

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'Would you buy an XBox One with Kinect?'


Answer: Hell no.

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The other part of the article speaks about the fact, that even though inflation at times is somewhat comparable to before, the rise of wages has not kept pace.

The truth is that while it costs $5 for a loaf of bread and some butter, and $4 for a gallon of gas, Minimum wage is less than that (combined) per hour, unless you live somewhere like San Francisco. While wages overall, unless you are a CEO or executive level employee have stagnated for some time now.


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You can make a great game, full of surprises and lack of pandering, and still give people an art style that isn't divisive.

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You should ask yourself this question: When a Nintendo fan is defending Nintendo, would they be doing so if a Sony or MS fan wasn't attacking?'

Then once you sort that out, if you can give a damn long enough to realize how often those attacks take place, how often those attacks are petty or unfounded, and then you just may see that if Nintendo fans become critical, then the positivity will be drowned in shit.

I've written plenty of articles criti...

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No. But buying one is definitely back on the table.

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Considering that GTA V isn't coming to Wii U, it hardly matters that they release near each other. Yes, a lot of us own a PS360 in addition to Wii U, but the premise of the article is that because of GTA, people won't give a shit about Wonderful 101. A very false premise imo, unless you're talking about people who don't own a Wii U, and don't particularly want one anyway.

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Considering that the main 'purpose' of the game pad is to be able to play while someone else uses the TV, I'd say it's doing well. As for 'Asymmetrical gameplay' concepts, I agree, we haven't seen compelling use of that yet. But the biggest draw to the gamepad, the ability to play on your porch, or while your significant other watches TV, or in your bed, or in the bathroom, etc. is staple by virtue of its existence.

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Sucks. But it's not something we should expect anyway so yep, oh well.

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While I agree that sticking with consistent releases can help if marketed right, Metroid Prime kind of killed the series momentum after 1 with number two, which was just way too hard for some people. Then 3 came out after many had written the series off, but it still sold better than 2. Finally, after regaining a little bit of momentum with Prime 3, they released Other M, a forced effort to try and take the series away from what people had grown accustomed to.

Instead of a ne...

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Slammed into what wall? They definitely announced some things that people were expecting otherwise, but they've come out of E3 with quite a bit of buzz considering what Sony and MS had to announce, and they finally showed some games that should end the 'It looks like last gen' nonsense for everyone who has sense.

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'To follow that with the best reveal of the day: $399 US dollars, was quite literally the one-two punch that knocked down Microsoft more than a notch.'

Best reveal of the year imo.

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Cool interview. Hearing that Aonuma played Skyrim, and is was interested in studying what some fans might like Zelda to take inspiration from was very good news to me. I don't want Zelda to try and be Elder Scrolls at all. But I do think that at some point the Zelda series stopped pushing forward the open world experience in the ways that it had initially helped trailblaze.

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To me it's not about whether or not it's a gimmick. It's about choice. The choice of not paying to have a camera in your home that you may find out 5 years later that is being used by governments or has been hacked by 3rd parties even though they claimed otherwise. And MS does not allow the choice of buying their gaming console without a high quality camera/microphone combo, integral to the system. Deal breaker for me. Period.

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Yeah, Pachter, proven wrong again.

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lol, Looks like MS has their paid, 'anti-say anything against our dirty plans' crowd going even here on N4G..

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