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"If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!"


The last thing I want to see when i go online looking for a smash bros match is 3, low detail, stupid looking, bobble head doll Mii's.

If they add that crap in, it had better be a separate mode, or I'm probably done with the series.

Wii fit Trainer as absurd a choice as it is, is infinitely more acceptable than the 'Mii'.

'Mii mode' or forget it. #9.2
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Yeah, IP bans would be nice for that type of offense, if possible. #1.2.2
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I wonder what all of these naysayers and doom and gloomers are going to say this time next year when the Wii u is having solid, consistently good sales each month? It's as if all of this negative hype is more negative hope than anything else. I find it disheartening.

In any case, I know it will turn around. In fact it already is. It pretty much can't get any worse than this past quarter with 16,000 sales and only Warioware released on the platfform. #1.1.1
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Everyone is on the Nintendoomed threads due to the bad but 'how did you not expect it for the Wario Ware only quarter' news from today... #1.1
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Sweet. #1
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I wonder if this is even true? I think it's more plausible that a mistake has been made. #4
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No story mode is fine as long as there is still an 'Adventure mode'. #4
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Not everything that happened due to hardware limitations needs to be brought into the future. People are ridiculous sometimes... #7
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While Nintendo buying Atlus would be great imo, I don't think that they will be buying anything right now. They have to prove to their shareholders that they can hit their financial targets, and a semi-major acquisition such as this would cause the operating costs for this fiscal year to skyrocket. #49
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Another thing to take into account about Nano Assault Neo beside the fact that they purposely went for 720p, is that they were not trying to push the hardware at all. They stated in the earlier interview that Nano Assault Neo was a test run of sorts, so that they could get a great little game out on the system, and learn what it's capable of. They did, and plan to go further with their future games.

Are people really trying to make the argument that because NAN is 720p, t... #1.1.11
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Nintendo has 10 billion + in the bank surplus. Sony and MS gaming lose money 5 out of every 7 years. This has got to be the 30th opinion piece on this in the past 6 months that doesn't take those things into account... It gets old. Just saying... #1.1.2
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Wholeheartedly agree.

The best reason I've heard as to why Nintendo won't include them is that Nintendo has stated that they must be very careful with how they use Mii's when it comes to violence, etc. because they are how some players represent themselves through their Nintendo experience.

Once case where I'm potentially glad about a restriction brought about for the sake of younger gamers. #1
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Definitely. I think that some people were worried that uninformed people may think that the Wii U has equal capability as the other two consoles. But as we find the happy median between those two and the HD twins of last gen, pretty much everyone is content, so things are becoming more peaceful. In fact, for many here, they plan to buy a Wii U along with their PS4 and or XBox one, not unlike last gen when Wii was quite the companion console. #12.1
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If you take into account the separate ARM processor that runs the operating system, and leaves the 3 CPU cores for pure gaming, the Wii U, for all intents and purposes is a quad core.

Also, considering the small amount of RAM the last gen systems had, AND had a large portion of dedicated to the OS, the fact that many of the tougher memory intensive tasks are handled by the eDRAM, then the 1 gig dedicated to gaming, and 2 gigs overall of the Wii U is quite a jump.
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Assuming that Ubisoft has made it a point to optimize the game graphically for each title. Not so sure about that. I hope so though, because it would make for a great comparison. #10.1
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I would say sort of/kind of/but not really. What it means is that when used properly, the eDRAM covers pretty much all of the things that make putting out a 1080p game difficult to do. So with the CPU cache, eDRAM, shader efficiency, and all 3 CPU cores being used properly, we'll see some amazing looking games, that greatly surpass what PS360 are capable of.

However, PS4 and XBox one have enough power that the Wii U probably sits somewhere just beyond halfway between PS3... #8.1
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How freaking petty... #5
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If they are lying, then my question immediately is, 'Why would they lie?'.

The only answer I think, if this is all true, is that they want to see what kind of outcry they may get for a sequel, along with the forced expectation that if there ever is a sequel, it would be multiplat rather than Wii U exclusive.

I know that the common idea amongst people of decent intelligence these days is that the vast majority of people are stupid. But it's exceedi... #23
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Nintendo has been profitable 9 of the last 10 years, and will be again next year, which is far more than Sony or MS gaming divisions can say. Yet people think they should have had layoffs? The thought process in gaming and amongst gamers is ridiculous sometimes... #8
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Interesting. #1
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