If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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While all of the games on that list deserved to be there, Pikmin 3 not being on it was a let down. Everyone who hasn't played it is missing out big time!

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I wonder if people who want this even consider what it could mean for the future? What if 5 years down the road, Reggie doesn't work for Nintendo anymore? What if he goes to work for one of Nintendo's rivals? What if by doing something this ridiculous and stupid, they turn fans away and splinter the fan base? You can't undo something like this.

I wonder if most of the people excited about this even own a Wii U? It's like a bunch of little kids who've hear...

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Ha ha, good one. :p

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lol a 30 second commercial shows off 5 games, and lists 8 at the end, but here at N4G, it's showing a 'dire picture'.


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Nevermind the fact that Poland received hardly any Wii U's in the first place. Not that I'd expect people here in 'Hate Nintendo fantasy land' to have read about the guy who spent months in Poland just trying to find a Wii U to buy.


Some people here are just pathetically sad.

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I don't ever want this on console if there isn't also the option to play as Link. New entry, console Zelda games only come out about twice a decade. One undesirable game and a LoZ fan has to wait something like 8 - 10 years between games.

But yeah, if there are options, then I wouldn't at all mind playing as Zelda/Shiek on a secondary playthrough. Other than that, they'd better do it on hand held where such experiments should take place.

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Hey, don't make fun of Kirito.

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All of the investors who are consumed with short term gains at any cost need to F off anyway.

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Yeah, regardless of what the game actually is, I'm very interested in finding out.

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Hopefully there are enough of us, that we do get those games. I'd personally like to see the Naruto games on Wii U as well.

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You don't like Tales style of games? Or are just averse to crossovers with Link in general? Or?

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While I agree with you that they should never expect success with late or half assed ports, I'm not convinced that there are a huge amount of fighting game fans (outside of Smash Bros), FPS fans, or Dark Sand box game type of fans who own a Wii U right now. In fact, if you own a Wii U and love CoD, then you probably already own a PS360 and would prefer to play there with your friends and in the community that is really into that. This sort of thing is just as much an issue imo regarding s...

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Well, all things considered, each 3rd party has an opportunity to make money from Wii U development. They just each have to figure out how best to do it. If Tekken doesn't sell well, but 'Pokken' does, then Namco has found a solution.

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Probably not. I just don't enjoy Zelda anywhere near as much on the small screen. If I find out that it's so amazing that I just can't miss it, then I'll have to end up getting it, but I'm not seeing that from the game so far.

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Exactly. People wanting something that different are saying that they don't want The Legend of Zelda. A game with Zelda as the main protagonist would be a different game, and as such, would need to be a spinoff for the sake of the series.

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Sure. But I said Main Console Series. Most people, including myself who enjoy Zelda games, want to play them on their TV.

Nothing wrong with the hand held games at all. Just not what I want from this series.

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Spinoff if anything. We have to wait a half decade between each game. They had better not ever do such a thing in the main console series as far as I'm concerned.

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Played it. It's very fun! I wasn't sure about whether or not I'd get this game, but I'm sold on it now for sure.

Controls are just fine by the way...

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I think that a lot of people, especially here, are going to be surprised at how well Pikmin 3 does in the U.S. in the first week.

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Geez. Well anyway, what do you all think can bring the Zelda fanbase back to 8 Million + sales on Wii U?

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