If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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You won't be disappointed. Very fun!

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The point was though that 500k early adopter 3DS owners bought the Abyss re-release to 'vote with their wallets' so to speak, and apparently that isn't good enough? Makes no sense.

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To be fair, the review rate amongst those with a faulty product is probably far higher than that of those with a healthy product. People are more likely to rate when upset.

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It was a decent try, but if they would have had the father say something along the lines of, 'Oh, buy the Gamepad to upgrade?' then the kids could have said, 'No. It's Nintendo's all new console!' or something to that effect.

A missed opportunity, but at least it's a step in the right direction toward clearing things up.

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Hopefully more people who hang on his every word will begin to emulate his attitude toward Nintendo.

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In an industry where games like The Last of Us are vehemently deemed 'game of the year' a year before they release by thousands of gamers, I don't see Zelda as one of the most overrated series. There are some things it seems to get a free pass on though, and those things do need to be called out from time to time.

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I agree with you, except for whatever reasons, people can't have that same attitude toward the Wii U.

So to a PC gamer, it's absurd. Like a German Shephard watching a Dachshund bragging about being bigger and stronger than a Chihuahua.

It is, but come on...

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Looking forward to AC4 big time!

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Same here. It looked great at the beginning of the year, and even better at E3. I can't wait to see a new trailer and get a full reveal!

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Good luck to Nintendo with turning around Wii U sales, and good luck to the A's in the playoffs!

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Some fanboys here talk crap and slant negative on consoles but don't even own one yet lol. ;)

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lol To quote Shokio, 'Too easy'.

Some people's hate and bias are so ridiculous. Great to see it exposed so people can make some reality checks.

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So we now live in a world where having Assassins Creed IV, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty Ghosts, Batman Arkham Origins, Splinter Cell Black list, Project Cars, Sonic exclusivity, etc. but no Grand Theft Auto and no EA Sports means no 3rd party support? And suddenly, now that Nintendo has the Indie crowd supporting in full effect, those sorts of games no longer count as 3rd party support?

Get real.

Of course things could be better, but this is ridiculous.

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To have the money you need for life safely set aside and used properly, then get a job here and there for the extra things in life that you desire is a smart move on this kid's part. WAY more responsible than most people his age. Good for him.

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Except you are wrong on that. Shin'en was asked about whether or not the scale of a game would downgrade graphics ability and they debunked that.


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I hope so. Not sure what 'Mind blowing' Zelda would entail exactly in HD as far as art style combined with modern features goes, but I like the sound of it.

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I think that with Activision and Ubisoft support, they are doing rather well compared to last time so far. Games like Watch Dogs, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Assassins Creed IV will need to sell well though if people expect the support to continue.

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The Wii U did have some dry times, but if you still think it has no games, then you really aren't paying enough attention. The flood gate is being opened.

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The comparison was made to show provide reference as to what 10 MB of eDRAM can accomplish, then consider the ramifications of nearly 4 times that amount embedded onto an MCM like the Wii U configuration.

If you want to write it all off as though the article is about comparing Wii U to Xbox 360, that's your own little personal problem.

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