If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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Well if it's $800+, I'd rather get a PS4 AND NextBox to go with my Wii U, and stick with my Quad core and Radeon 6850 until the MUCH better GPU's become more affordable.

I just like the idea of GPU's like this. So much potential packed in there. Just way ahead of the times for most developers, and way too expensive for me personally.

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All of Chow's movies are parodies of various entertainment genre's.

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Sounds awesome, but I checked the prices on these things. SO expensive... I guess 'Elite gaming' has multiple meanings.

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I bought the Zombi U w/pro controller bundle yesterday. GREAT value in that package. The problem is, that 300 and 400 dollars is A LOT of money no matter how you shake it. You can sing about value all day, as well as truly offer it as the Wii U is doing. But unless you give people compelling reasons to spend that much money at once on gaming, you'll have issues. Only the 'hardcore' nuts like me are willing to spend that kind of money. It will be the same for Sony and MS' new o...

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I don't think it's about pleasing themselves so much as it's about pleasing the shareholders. Nintendo shareholders have built a business culture there that plays out with the game strategy. As long as they can release a NSMB U and sell 1 for every 3 consoles sold, why should they put more money into it? Same thing with the idea of a full effort 3D console pokemon RPG. Why should they do that, and spend 20-30 Million dollars, when they can sell 20 million copies of a pixelized or ...

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If we're lucky, then regardless of what the main team is working on now, a smaller team is laying major groundwork for Metroid for them to take over after they are finished with the currently anticipated game.

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Hey, I'll take the port since it's in 3D. I can't wait. Hopefully it will lead to a sequel though!

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I'm sick of 'garbage pile' pokemon, and gears and machines, and more and more versions of the same type combinations. I'd much rather they focus on about 20 or 30 new pokemon with each new entry, and put their all into them. We REALLY don't need ANY more normal type HM slaves, Flying Normal types, Fire Fighting, etc.

Too many of the Pokemon already released are worthless or near worthless. Quality over quantity I say.

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That won't happen though. Sony is a HUGE electronics corporation. Even if they withdrew from gaming for a generation due to some calculated attack like that, they could easily re-enter once the threat has passed. If anything like that ever happens, it would probably happen to MS, since their shareholders are rather hostile toward the gaming division, which with the exception of the past year or two, has dragged down profits since its inception.

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lovegames718, it sounds to me like you hate games.

Gamers can love and respect the existence of games and consoles that they personally wouldn't choose to play.

Your post just sounds like a collection of excuses for why Nintendo beat your favorite.

If people like you can change a little bit, then next gen, we all can have a bit more peace, and perhaps the world won't look down on gaming and gamers so much...

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Thing is though, while we can consider 'loss of domination' as failure, both the N64 and GC gained Nintendo profit on every console sold, so they don't see it that way.

Also, there were several reasons that they failed, not least of which was the long delay of the 64, which also deemed that the GC had to be released later. But fact of the matter is, that Sony, with the PS1 and 2, went with the lower powered machines then. PS3 is their first attempt at crossing the...

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Well, since you never buy Nintendo consoles, and your Wii U was a gift, then hopefully between the Wii games you've missed, and the games for Wii U that you like, you'll have plenty of good gaming to supplement whatever your other favorite(s) are.

Look on the bright side. :D

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ANOTHER one of these?

Good grief...

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The internet is a different beast man. E-mail/Twitter type of communication is the norm and has permeated near everything. The punctuation in this particular title serves a communicative purpose that would otherwise be lost. The title isn't a headline so much as it is an advertisement, or a banner for the article itself. Surely punctuation, and when or when not to use it is important. But I think it's just as important for people to adapt with the times, as it is to be educated on cla...

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If they put out an open world 'interactive RPG' for Pokemon, where all of the capturing and training had to be done on the handheld, but battling, quests with other trainers, tournaments, special items, berry growing/harvesting, etc., etc. could be done on the console game, I think it would work well enough for all parties involved.

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Here is a better question. Why is it SO important to you? Both consoles are doing well. Who cares why in one region, one of them is doing better?

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I got tired of waiting so I just went ahead and downloaded it. Unfortunately to do so, I had to delete some blocks/games and now that I have it, my 3DS is full again. Bleh...

Great game though. Loving it so far.

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I've always felt like there's nothing wrong with cheat codes, as along as the gamer has already gotten everything else that they wanted out of the game.

I like the Wii U for the games, what the games look like, and what games are coming in the future, and what they look like.

It was the same with the Wii. With the Wii, there were some games that I did not like the way they looked of course. But Nintendo with the Wii U is moving into the realm where it...

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Already over 30 million sold, when just a little over a year ago haters had it dead/doomed, and shareholders wanted Iwata's head. Who knows for sure what will happen with the Wii U, but I'd like to think that come mid 2014 or so, we'll once again be laughing at the negativity and hate of this time period.

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What's your problem? Grow up dude.

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