If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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Sounds interesting.

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Thanks for the laugh. Ignorant arrogance at it's best. :P

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Should be great overall.

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The music sounds great for this game. On the subject of Sega's dropping out of the console race, in retrospect it seems to have been a positive for both Sega and Nintendo. Though since I did grow up also playing on Sega consoles it is still a bit wierd to be playing Sega games on other systems. That being said, this game looks great, and somewhat enthralling. I look forward to playing it.

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For it's second Christmas go-round, apparently the Wii is being called the new "Tickle me Elmo" due to it's popularity. A year after the fact, with unparalleled success every step of the way as far as current consoles go. Haters are pathetic. Nuff said.

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...that many aspects of the older games were re-created bit by bit, detail by detail. This game may be far from perfect, but it sounds very good. Like a quick handshake and a smile from Capcom to longtime Resident Evil fans.

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As long as there is a healthy supply of quality new games as well, (Which there is) it means that things are going well. Other than Tony Hawk's proving ground, I don't see a game on that sequel list that's personally unappealing to me. When an original is very good or great, and you can make a better sequel, then it would be a crime not to do so imo.

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If this is real, then this Goliath person is a freak stalker. I lean more toward gamesblow's opinion though that this is probably just a publicity stunt. Has she shut her site down? Has the hacker revealed any of the stuff that she claimed to be unable to come out and say before? I'm going to have to check this out to know for sure, which means that it is likely that I'll play right into the scheme if such a scheme does exist.

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Fallout has quite a hardcore following, but it's not a huge following. Just by virtue of the games awesomeness, I'm sure Fallout 3 will pick up lots of new fans and sell well, but Brawl is going to dance circles around it. That being said, sales don't determine what the best games are, but since these are very different genres, and impossible to compare, the only rape that's going to occur between these titles is in the sales department and in this particular instance Fallout 3 is the proverb...

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What a hateful, biased, sour grapes article. As if the only people or even the majority of people who own Wii's are 40 something mothers and the elderly... And the author wonders why Nintendo isn't as open to the media, which this story in part represents?

Too many gamers have crappy "The world owes me" attitudes. Ever stop to think that some of the reasons a game like Metroid Prime 3 didn't quite sell as good as the first one could be that many gamers who liked that ...

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It's a fighting game that also features a full length side-scrolling action game that can be played (with specificity) by any of it's many characters. Come on. Snake taking on Mario land? Sonic fighting Pokemon or Earthbound enemies, or Metal Gear Solid enemies, or Ridley? etc. Nothing like that has ever been done to this extent before, if ever. Not to mention all of the tons and tons of extra features, play modes, and online play for nearly all, if not all of it. Summing it up as just anothe...

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Probably because they worked on the game for 3 years or more. Sadly, I doubt that we'll see a whole lot of Wii games with this much effort put into it. Thank goodness Smash Bros Brawl falls into the same mold effort-wise.

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I think that decisions like this come down to the tiny amount of storage space on the Wii, and Nintendo's refusal to do better. They can't afford two music programs, so they are offering a replacement. I just hope that people realize this when they download the program.

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"I don’t want another Mario game, no matter how long it takes, until this one can be topped."

This game is awesome. I will have fun with it for a long time. No more Mario Sunshine's while we wait for the next gem. This one will last us until then. :D

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These poor, poor game publishers... How ever did they survive all of these years? They must make these games for us out of the goodness of their hearts. :P

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Super Smash Bros Brawl is probably going to destroy all comers next year. If that game had been released this year, there'd be little talk about Super Mario Galaxy (Which has a very decent chance this year) winning GOTY. Brawl will have a wide range of appeal for many types of gamer and system owner, will be polished even moreso than Galaxy, and will likely have unprecedented replay value. That being said, if Fallout 3 really has that perfect blend of Fallout 1,2, Tactics, and Oblivion, who k...

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1. The prices on HD-TV's have alot more falling to do to become practical for the Average Joe.

2. Only people with alot of extra money buy a new TV when their old one works just fine. The average Joe isn't penny pinching to save for an HD experience, he's penny pinching to pay for the ridiculous cost of gas and hopefully a few nights out with his girl every month.

The following comment isn't necessarily aimed at you kydrice, but this whole subject seems to have p...

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this brings more of the casual gaming crowd into more serious games. Who better for that task than Mario huh? Over the years, the trickle-down affect will be good for all of gaming.

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You've already made your choice. You prefer HD graphics, and you don't like Nintendo. No biggie. You don't need them, and they don't need you.

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Apparently not if you really think that HD is about to catch on with mainstream sales. Things are good for the top 10-15% or so, but on the decline for everyone else. HD is something that many who know about it would like to get into, but it is far from a priority right now. The Upper middle class and the rich are the only ones who can afford the HD package right now, and many of them have already bought in.

Meanwhile the industry continues to slightly tweak prices in order to ...

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