If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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I don't think it's against Sony so much as it's another step in their stance against video games in general. Remember, Fox News is the main TV platform for that Thompson clown and his frivolous lawsuits...

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is utter garbage. The most biased, hateful, and hypocritical so-called news station currently going. (And there are some bad ones).

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The deadline for a games release was December of last year. So Galaxy, and the rest of the current great new games will have to wait until the next go around. Probably a good thing.

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I can't find it in stores. It seems to be as hot as the Wii. In its first few days at least.

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lol How stupid can you be? That's what she gets...

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Oh the nostalgia... :)

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They did it a few years ago, but they say that they are involving more people this time, and mention that several very good games have come out since then that should be included.

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I agree. But this guy is the assistant EDITOR for this English language news group. If he's going to talk crap in English, then he's got it coming when he blows it and looks like a fool. Not that his little b!tchfest didn't do that enough on it's own...

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Because playing a sports game such as baseball standing up, mimicking the motions and having those motions mean something for the gameplay is fun. Unless you are a fat lazy slob like the writer of this article must be. Who ever said you have to stand up? It's called immersion... However, if you are a hater, and have no plans to immerse yourself, then just sit there and complain. lol

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PS3 sales get a bad wrap due to the phenomenal success of the Wii, which makes their sales look not so good. The numbers, whatever they may be for 360 and PS3 after one year are close, so that means alot. Remember, XBOX 360 had a year of no "Next Gen" competition during their head start. I really think that with the way this is playing out so far, that all 3 consoles will be winners this time around. Which means that we, the gamers should all be winners as well, since we'll all have...

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The same people claiming that Nintendo has nothing new are the same people playing Halo 3, COD 4, and anticipating FFXIII. How hypocritical can you get? People like what they like. Quit hating just because stuff you don't like is popular already. It's sad.

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Why is it a big deal that I got the date wrong for Ratchet and Clank? I'm not the one belittling a game. Point is it's been out longer than SMG, and it's behind in sales. Make the correction to what I said earlier, and the point still stands. Try all you like to take the focus away from the real issue, (You, using a lie in order to belittle one of the hottest games going right now, in order to try and add clout to your disagreement with the article) it won't work. My God... I mean damn... thi...

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Cry cry cry, lie lie lie, excuse excuse excuse.
That's all you ever do here.
Again, I re-iterate, since you can't get your head out of Sony's ass enough to catch what I said: Ratchet and Clank is a good game. Your need to try and belittle SMG on it's behalf though is just pathetic. Especially considering that SMG is already doing much better. If you must defend your Father's company, can't you do it in an intelligent way instead of this B.S.?

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Jackson? WTF? What a biased Nimrod. Yeah, Sony is indeed doing alright. I agree. But you say that and knock Super Mario Galaxy at the same time, when it's already outsold Ratchet and Clank which has been out for at least a month. You should change your name to "Imaginary Clout". You act as if your BS opinions and biases are fact or somehow more important than others, and almost everyone here laughs at you. I'd put you on ignore if your little shenanigans weren't so damn funny.

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What are you talking about? Super Mario Galaxy sold over 250k already in Japan alone. And that in the first week. Not that I'm dogging the game because I think it's a good one, but you must be thinking of Ratchet and Clank when it comes to tanking. :p

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Don't sheep have hooves or "Cloven" feet? That would make them "unclean" according to the old testament I think. :D

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"Spiritual warfare".
I can't believe this one was left off of the list. It was a Christian game on the SNES I think. You are a Christian wandering around the big bad world (Everyone besides you looks like a Hispanic Gang member). You find the pearl of wisdom and proceed to throw it at the bad guys whom upon contact with your projectile, immediately turn Caucasian kneel down and pray. Look out though! Some of the baddies are possessed by little red demons which come out after ...

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Weren't there bozos saying the same exact thing a year ago? I agree that there is no winner yet, (and really I doubt that there will be one since all three consoles should end up doing well). But go ahead and look silly by making light of the Wii. A good laugh is always fun. :p

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Chrono on Super Smash Bros Brawl. Nu would be a cool assist trophy. :)

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The point isn't the graphics, it's the control system. While I never said that the game couldn't be done on the other consoles, HoTD was an arcade game with plastic guns used to play with it. The game's original intent was a style best suited for the Wii's strengths. Wii's main strength is it's point and click/ motion sensing ability. Whereas the other two consoles focus on graphics as their main strength.

The Wii is best suited for this game. It will be cheap for the developer...

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