If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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Who does this guy think he is? Some judge needs to grow a pair and threaten to disbar him over this frivolous crap. He is not a government official. He's just some holier than thou bozo stirring the pot for attention.

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lol @ you people who act like America can never do any wrong, and that it's crazy or unpatriotic to believe otherwise. The reason our country is getting so screwed up is because of people like you, who pretend everything is great when things are going down the tube, and try to foul mouth people who tell it like it is and disturb your comfortable little illusion...

"Strange times are these in which we live, when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the one man...

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Those numbers, (possibly, or likely flawed even) represent all consoles sold in America since each respective launch. Though the XBOX 360 is doing well and should continue to do so, 47% of market share and falling even with an extra year under its belt isn't something to brag about. Especially since this particular market is by far Microsoft's best.

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...should try Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games. If you aren't worried about what people think, and let yourself get into most primarily motion controlled games, it is definitely better than sitting there on your butt expending one calorie per hour via your thumbs. Of course, getting in a real workout is best, but Nintendo should receive nothing but praise for getting America's obese kids up and moving, rather than sitting and eating.

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For Zack and Wiki. As bleak as things were, there just might be hope for that game after all.

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In just a few weeks, Wii Fit is over 3 quarters of a million sales in Japan alone. That puts it ahead of games like Uncharted and Rock Band, which aren't doing bad at all, and have been out longer. You may not like Wii Fit, but it's already a success even if it doesn't sell any more units. Want to try again? Then again, never mind. Nothing good can/will come from you commenting again...

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It might not make you fit, but if it keeps people from sitting on their butts with a bag of chips, cookies, McDonalds, etc. while gaming then it's definitely helpful.
Not being a part of the problem means alot in the world of obesity.

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Having a fact based opinion that you can discuss intelligently even if there's another valid side to the issue is one thing. Flame comments like, "Such and such console sucks/is not as good as/etc." or "Owners of such and such console/game are retards" will get your bubbles taken away. What's the issue? If you make such comments then ask yourself: Are you really doing anything other than being a Troll? There's a reason why the question we are asked when it comes to the sub...

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The Wii version's online is abominable. However, even taking into account that this is a youtube video, the graphics really don't look all that much better on Burst than those of the Wii's Budokai Tenkaichi 3. At least Atari did a few things right, even if they did completely screw up arguably the most important feature...

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Just like Virtua fighter, people tend to either love Smash Bros or have nothing to do with it. That being said, millions of gamers who are fans of all major consoles are chomping at the bit for this game.

Regarding Zack and Wiki... I really hope that it takes off well in Europe. Then maybe people here in the U.S. will give it a second look, and we'll really end up with a sequel. Any Wii owner who is a fan of the motion control system should own that game.

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"What follows is the most whimsical search for mythical items since the invasion of Iraq."

That line had me cracking up.

Seriously though. This is a great game. If you are here at N4G, own a Wii, but don't own this game, you really should give it a try. It's alot of fun. Definitely not a game for young kids. Many teenagers probably couldn't handle the difficulty of some of the puzzles.

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Yeah, it's not as if anyone wants to play Brawl, Spore, Monster Hunter 3, Mario Kart Wii, TOS 2, etc. MGS4 and FF13 will be blockbusters for sure, but this continued ridiculous talk from fanboys of the Wii being a fad is just pathetic. Give it a rest.

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...I would say that the online multiplayer on MOH: Heroes 2 is just pure fun. The controls are great, and while the weapon selection is a bit small, it works just fine. WWII has been overdone, and the graphics aren't the best, but the game is still very good, and fun. Better than this reviewer saw it imo at least.

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The proven game buying demographic, (Hardcore gamers) are being catered to by third party developers. This is why the Wii has less "AAA" games. Nintendo has plenty of these Hardcore gamers too, but just as many if not more casual types. Developers are going with what they know, while testing the Wii's waters with their big toe to see if they like the temperature. Meanwhile, all of the major support goes to the more established audience.

People can get angry until they...

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Yes, you can team up with a living partner in the Subspace Emissary online.

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I somewhat understand the beef that this hadn't been "Disclosed" but it's not as if this is a government agency we're talking about. Anyone who's read Cassamasina's reviews and other work knows that he's a professional. If there had been some shady instances over the last few years or so then that would be one thing. But this is just a slime piece, fueled by the instant hype of the "Aha! So-and-so is married to so-and-so" disclosure.

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I'm sure it's the little "Mom and Pop" store's Nintendo had in mind when condemning the Wii bundle idea and not Walmart, etc. lol... Give me a break...

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...training Pokemon while on the pot.

You could call it training while straining.

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NiGHTS has only just been released. No, it isn't selling well, but likely because it's pretty much the same old game, and people aren't interested. The original NiGHTS was a breath of fresh air. This one, while a good game, is just a sequel with the Wii-mote.

As for No More Heroes... I don't blame Japan at all for rejecting a hardcore game that's been watered down to the point of no blood. Here in America, it will probably do decent. Had the same game been released in Japan, th...

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Which is it?
Is the Wii a fad that is going to die out any time now so the "Real" consoles can take over?


Is demand so great, and will be so for the future, that Nintendo should spend the money and resources to ramp up production yet again?

Pick one already.

Better yet, just stfu already.
Hate is wrong, but hate on internet forums is just annoying and pathetic.

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