If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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Yeah, a relatively small amount of overly vocal fanboys of other companies are intent on influencing other people's opinions of the Wii U to be negative.

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Of course, they'd have to sell them kind of like gift card format-wise, where you can't activate it unless you buy it in store and have it activated at checkout. Or, buy your own card, buy a download pass, and do the whole thing online.

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That's a great idea. If the price was say $99.99 for a Wii U ready SD card that has 'the full SNES collection', or 'the full GBA collection', etc. I'd buy them. It would be a great deal for gamers, and a nice large one lump sum for Nintendo. Take out your GBA card, put in your NES card. Wow. Really great idea.

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I lost my original 60 gig this way. I was pissed, but at the same time had to realize that I got years of service out of the machine, and probably shouldn't have watched so many movies on it.

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Yeah, I put together my quad core with Radeon 6850 gpu with used parts and spent a little more than $300 on it.

You aren't spending extravagant amounts on a PC gaming rig unless you are buying top of the line or recently top of the line pieces, or unless you don't go shopping for deals. There always people looking to sell pieces they no longer plan to use since they have upgraded, or are about to upgrade.

That being said, I love my PSWii60, and my new...

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They both look damned good, and one is a sub HD handheld, which is the point. Modern architecture and capability makes a big difference.

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I don't buy CoD for my 360 or PS3. I don't particularly enjoy them outside of an occasional Zombies night at friends houses. So why would I buy one for my Wii U? There are all manner of 3rd party games that I have bought and am more than willing to buy on Nintendo consoles. CoD, or really just about anything Activision for that matter don't impress me. If they stick it out with the Wii U, I'll keep listening, but it will have to be something new and solid as opposed to a game ...

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I think someone will, but I'm more interested in one of these console companies to pick up the developers themselves. They seem like good developers who need a new start and a little guidance in order to step up to an amazing level.

I'd be glad if any of Nintendo, Sony or MS pick them up, but I prefer Nintendo pick them up and put them on the Zelda teams.

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Funny thing is, that's what a lot of people will say about the difference between Wii U and PS4.

Beyond a certain point graphics-wise, the dollars spent just don't justify the on screen difference.

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I love playing Tales games with my little sister. It's our biggest excuse to spend time together. Vesperia ranks second only to Symphonia in hours we've played together. Great game. Even the characters you don't like will grow on you in your second or third play through when you delve into their quests and backstories a bit more.

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I think that they are both catering to me. I'm not really a one console kind of guy.

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Well I liked what I saw from the PS4 reveal. I'll definitely be getting one. I just worry that it will be too expensive for a while. The thing about SOny with the PS3 and PS4 is that they are packing enough power so that they can adapt on the fly according to what consumers desire that they didn't initially pack in. It's a different route than Nintendo, but it's just as important imo.

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I'm definitely enjoying it, and think that Nintendo is onto something good.

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I'd say that everything looks to have a lower polygon count, but with the texturing, it looks pretty much the same. AND it can be played in 3D, which makes everything look fuller and more tangible anyway. You should download the free trailer on the 3DS EShop and check it out. I'm personally going to buy it again just to play it with the 3D effect, and to support Retro.

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That would be cool, but I doubt that the storage space of the cartridge would allow for that. It's only like 2 gigs as of right now.

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I think we're way beyond the years of charging an extra $100 based on HD size. Storage is so cheap now that even non-tech people realize that the extra money isn't about that. It's just that in making different sku's more affordable, they'd take a bigger hit on the cheaper ones, and count on the more loyal customers, or people with more money for the others.

People buy the Deluxe Wii U more than the basic not only because 8 gigs is a joke, but because of t...

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The game looks decent enough, but the controls are a bit wild, and it's quite disappointing that you can't really explore. You are very confined as to where you can walk. A game with that many invisible 'You can't keep walking in that direction' walls should be much better looking on Wii U imo.

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Well one reason I'd say for why 'the box it comes in' not being shown yet being important is that Sony probably hasn't finalized how they are going to keep the hardware cool enough (temperature-wise) yet.

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Hence why I said:

"It's one thing to disagree, but the hit and run, anonymous disagree that pretty much everyone knows are based in ugly fanboyism is just pathetic."

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^ lol, What do those disagrees even mean?

'Shut up! It's gonna be teh failz! My favez company will win! All yer customerz r belong 2 us!'

People need to stop acting like middle school kids on this site.

It's one thing to disagree, but the hit and run, anonymous disagree that pretty much everyone knows are based in ugly fanboyism is just pathetic. If there is truly a compelling anti-Wii U argument that is fact based, but doesn&...

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