If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!


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lol Jim Sterling doesn't give an F what he says or how he says it does he?

But yeah, I say make the games properly, market them properly, give them a chance. Either they will stand or fall. We just don't know yet because there hasn't been a series of fair enough chances yet.

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I got mine from GameStop too. They actually had 1 copy for once when I wanted something. I hadn't preordered it, and apparently no one else had.

I'm sick of that Game Stop preorder Bull crap though.

'Did you preorder it? Oh... Well it might be a while.'

So what you're saying is, I should just order my games online and never shop here? O.k. If you insist.

Every time I've pre-ordered in the past, I felt ...

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Zombi U didn't try hard enough, but it was still a good game, and great concept. Plenty scary.

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Seriously. Call of Duty is kids playing 'tag' with blood and guts animations. Gorified paintball, where you don't have to feel the sting. People call Nintendo games kiddie. But people call CoD games kiddie because the concept plays most greatly to teenagers and preteens who think they're grown up, and very young adults who are looking to prove that they are 'mature'.

No kid is beating Zack and Wiki without some serious adult help. Nor are they complete...

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I'm enjoying this one so far. It's fast paced and thrilling at times. I understand the criticisms of it being too easy/not enough penalty, but this is a late port and they found a way to make it unique, in addition to making it the best looking console version by far. I'm glad for the 'God mode' type of gameplay. I just want to experience the game at high pace, high intensity without the tedium of the past. If only other Wii U ports had had this much thought put into them,...

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He wasn't even commenting on the article itself so much as the fact that you/the writer don't know enough about the 3DS competition to call it by its proper name. (Vita, not Vista). So why do they need to make things too hard for the 'Vista'? Even if you have reasons, it sounds like you don't know what you're talking about and are just hating.

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Glad 'Daryl', and 'Merle' got some more work in voice acting for this game, but unfortunately the game itself seems very average, if not poor.

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Saying that you don't want to pay *that price* for the hardware is fine, but let's not pretend as though Nintendo isn't taking a loss on every Wii U sold... The controller is expensive. It drives up the cost. If all you value is what graphics it's capable of, then it's probably just not for you. Nintendo went for a strong balance between good graphics, and out of the box 1:1 controller. Whether you're talking about motion controls, streaming to the screen, NDP in real ...

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They don't in games, but often times they do ruin the experience on the Wii U section of N4G.

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Ebay, or the equivalent bro. I'm sure plenty of people in your region will be selling their extras at reasonable prices online.

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The worst thing about Brawl online was the inconsistency. One match little lag, next match, unplayable due to lag. One match found right away, next match takes a half hour + to find. I'm very glad he;s researching the experience in order to make it better. They should do some polling or something amongst Club Nintendo members who've registered the game though for further insight.

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I totally understand no items, because some of them are ridiculous. But one of the good things about them is that they can balance the run away crap.

It's the height of (enter insult here) to play no items, then play run away.


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'So to recap. If you’re a gamer who plays Pokemon Conquest for 1 hour in a week, 2 hours of Persona 4 Golden, 2 hours of Zombi U, 2 hours of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, 2 hours of Skyrim, 1 hour of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, and 3 hours of Fire Emblem Awakening you are not a hardcore gamer. If you’re a gamer who plays 3 hours of Call of Duty and 2 hours of Madden, you are. Well, as long as you’re playing them on a PC, 360, or PS3 at least.'


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Is this game PSP only?

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I'm not very interested, but if Valve can leverage their top notch IP's well, giving them a sweet looking new coat of paint and some new gameplay elements. Portal, Left 4 Dead, Half-Life, then any serious gamer will have to at least think about taking the plunge. I've already got my Wii U. Plan to get a PS4 - not sure when yet, waiting on price. After that MS has my ear since I enjoy my 360 'enough'. Valve can do it, possibly, but they are going to have a challenge.

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Price cut in Japan right after it was already showing positive signs in the weeks before. Hopefully it takes off.

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I don't mind, and would eventually like to see some NFC games. But for now, I really hope that Nintendo isn't making this the focus. I want a library of games to choose from that in addition to having solid replay value, don't require me to buy or collect anything but the disk I'm playing the game on. Since they keep going on about how they didn't have the resources to get more HD games ready before now, I seriously don't want them focusing on things like NFC until the...

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See? Now we are going to HAVE to ban video games. I can link to 5 future articles and studies that show that playing such games births pirates. Call your congressman today!

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Great response by Ubisoft. It's about time people find ways to answer organizations that jump on anything in a way that snaps people back to reality.

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You greatly underestimate how much the UK loves the Lego series...

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