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"If ever it was time for the Pokemon MMORPG Nintendo, it's now!"


"Nintendo's online policies are killing the company in the minds of people who don't want to spend more than $200 on the console, regardless"

Oh well. #21
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Funny how pretty much the only time we hear what Pachter has to say here at N4G is when he's talking bad about Nintendo, saying good things about Sony, or both. #18
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Hope I win! We all have a better shot than at winning the lottery, that's for sure! #1667
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You know what's interesting in reading this conversation? If the MGS fans truly felt so strongly about the franchise, and about Snake, and feel that it's absurd for someone to claim that Bayonetta is a better character, then they'd be advocating that the Wii U get MGS5, and trying to be part of the Wii U 3rd party solution instead of the problem. But they aren't just MGS fans, they're console specific fans, on a thread not about their console, talking down to people. If yo... #23
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I know right? Dropping post play survey support for Wii and DS is a nightmare! Oh wait...

I do agree with you though that some of the coin costs for some items are a bit much. But hey, it's free right? #1.1
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What a classy fellow. I hope that he has more success in the future, and I'll look forward to his next game announcements. #66
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Yep, and look at which review is the top Wii U article here at N4G. The Gamespot one. #1.1.2
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Yeah, I recommend watching it on your Wii U on your TV, through the eShop. Looks great! Much better than the youtube quality stuff going around. #1.1.2
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'eaise', how exactly is it becoming more likely that NA and Europe won't see the game until 2015, when in the NA Nintendo Direct, they reaffirmed that the game will release this year?

I really don't understand the mindset with some people regarding Nintendo. No matter what the news, people either slant it negatively, or are so afraid of the worst case scenario, that they conjure it up and believe it in spite of the facts in their face. Incredible.
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Pre-ordered. Can't wait. #41
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Blasphemy. lol #32
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While I would have liked to have seen some gamepad specific support on this game outside of off tv play, perhaps this will shut people up about 'gimmicks', and poor battery life. #1.1.3
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This hasn't been corrected yet with an update in the description and is still in the top Wii U stories? Gamestop in both countries has cleared up the issue. This is a non-story. #14
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The worst kind of fanboy going currently imo is the type that likes a particular company and the unique things they bring to the table, but go on and on about how other companies need to do the same things to the point that they are for all intents and purposes, trolling the people who enjoy their consoles for what they are. #24
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The Witcher 3 on Steam and X on Wii U ftw. Great list as a whole though. I just may not have time for the others outside of Bravely default since it comes out in February. #11
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Just because someone may rather play it on another console doesn't make it any less of a must have for Wii U owners.

There will be a lot of PS4/Wii U and XBox One/Wii U comboing this generation. With a lot of PC sprinkled in as well. Everyone will balance it out accordingly.

But so that Wii U continues to get games like Project Cars, I personally will support them with a Wii U purchase, and probably on Steam as well so I can play around with settings. :D #3.2
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Project cars looks amazing. I trust that the Wii U version will be quite worthy. #1
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If only the console people who see the silliness of the PC elitism could see it in themselves when they claim superiority over other consoles... #1.1.5
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The people on here who are still upset that this game is a Wii U exclusive need to face the reality that the original Bayonetta sold relatively poorly on Xbox and PS3, so assuming insta-fail on Wii U, and pretending that the game would do well on Xbox One and PS4 is just silly.

Either buy a Wii U, or get over it, and quit hating.

It's pathetic, and embarrassing. #108
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It's definitely very fun. A constantly changing, colorful ride! #8.1
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