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It won't take much longer for the Switch to outsell the Wii U. A big turnaround for Nintendo.

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The Switch did outsell the PS4 in the US. But worldwide the PS4 was the bestseller.

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Launching with Breath of the Wild and having Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey has helped sell many Switch consoles this year. The concept of a hybrid console was a great idea on Nintendo's part. Imagine once a mainline Pokemon game launches for it.

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With the Xbox One X out in November it should help sales this holiday period. But it does look like it won't be enough to help boost sales long term wit the $499 price.

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@darthv72 This is around the time the Kinect was released for the Xbox 360, which helped sales for the console immensely.

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The Xbox One X will help push Xbox One sales this holiday, but without a price cut it won't do much beyond this year. They need to improve their image and get more exclusives. Right now the only series you can count on from them are Halo, Gears of Wars and Forza. Getting a new studio to work on a new Fable RPG would help. Though, in the first half of next year there is Crackdown and Sea of Thieves.

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I remember when I got my Nintendo 64 in Christmas 1996 with Super Mario 64. I went crazy.

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He is going to have a great Christmas. I'm tempted to buy myself a Switch for Christmas.

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At least for the holidays (with the release of the Xbox One X) the Xbox One will also sell well. Though it will likely remain in third.

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The 7.64 million figure is shipped, so units on store shelves and in transit from the factory. VGChartz tracks sold to consumers.

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I own both. PS4 and Xbox One, and will be purchasing a Switch when there are more games I want for it.

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@JaguarEvolved The Xbox One X will help sell the Xbox One, however, at $500 I doubt it will be enough to help it catch up to the PS4. I don't even think it is enough to help close the gap. At least not beyond the first couple weeks. But I could be wrong.

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The S helped sales in 2016, but with the Switch and PS4 dominating it has hurt sales. If you look at the YoY differences the PS4 is up as much as the X1 is down.

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I see it happening in 2 or 3 years.

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This is aligned launches, but yes the PS4 is still going strong.

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Switch has been a success for Nintendo so far. Right now it depends on how many units they are able to ship.

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I hope so. Crash Trilogy and Sonic Mania is a good start. Mario Odyssey looks to be another good platformer coming out soon.

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I see the game having strong legs selling a decent amount for a couple of years.

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It should easily surpass 5 million sold at retail by the end of the summer.

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retail will remain important for many more years. Especially in rural areas where internet speeds aren't as good.

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