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This deal was 75% off when I posted late last night.

Proof -

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"What can you after you beat possibly..."

Perfect for the VGAs.

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"15 years plus gaming has given my thumbs the strength of Captain Americas left nut."

Gotta love the professionalism. It is garbage like this that makes all gamers look like a bunch of idiotic morons.

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This is not an HD Remake. This is a poorly done port from 1997.

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They did not, but some replacements are available here - :

100% better.

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Impressions of the fact that this is a terrible product which spits into the faces of PC gamers everywhere. Absolutely nothing has been done to enhanced the audio or graphical presentation. Couple that with the stupid DRM and install limit.

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This is probably the biggest aspect to piracy, at least in my mind.

You could look for a review online, but decent PC reviews are as hard to come by as demos these days. You could ask a friend, but what if he or she is in the same boat? You could also ask others who have bought the game, but in many cases, you cannot be sure their opinion will match yours. There are game trailers available online, but those are really just marketing tools and give you no true insight in ...

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If a gaming company like Bethesda or Rockstar can pump tens of thousands of dollars into an ad campaign, I believe they can afford hosting for a demo.

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While I can see your point, if a game is illegally downloaded, that gives more fire to gaming companies who are already jaded by piracy.

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Thanks a lot. It was great working with the Dustforce guys. It took a bit, but they opened up.

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When I tried to add SWTOR, I got redirected to an error page. I will update the tags when the issue is fixed.

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It is well worth your time and money. Of course, you will need a nice rig to run at max.

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In my opinion, Metro 2033 looks better than any of the games listed. Also, Just Cause 2.

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This was a PC-only review.

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