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There has been no confirmation from CDPR that the Witcher 3 will be identical across platforms. Will it be the exact same game (in terms of gameplay & content) across platforms? Absolutely. Does that automatically mean that the PS4 & Xbone will have the same resolution? Nope. Lets wait till we hear from the developer what all the specification will be. Until then lets just be excited for how awesome of a game it will be no matter what. #6.1.2
What do they mean "only 8 abilities"? That would really suck if you couldn't use more than 8 abilities in combat. In Origins and II you could use as many abilities as you had available. #2
The Witcher 3 is my most anticipated title right now, but this article kind of sucked. They barely compared 1 image from each game. Plus the author described the combat as being similar to Skyrim. #4
Yeah but from the videos I have seen from MGSV the landscape and environment is pretty barren. The environments in the Witcher 3 videos are way more detailed. #11.1.4

Yeah that was one of my major complaints that Bioware (or many people) didn't bring up. I hated how only certain party members did certain things. Basically, if I was a Rogue/Warrior, it was mandatory that I had Anders in my party since he was the only one who could heal. If I was a mage, I had to have Aveline since she was the only one who could be a tank. It was really dumb. #1.1.3
CDPR has a good reputation with them but that doesn't mean it will look better on the Xbone. PS4 has more powerful hardware plain and simple. #14.1
....there is still 6 months left till the game releases. Its actually really good that they can already hit 30fps in some areas with this much time until release. #13.1
Graphics look amazing but I haven't been too impressed by the gameplay that has been shown. Seems too linear. If the areas widened up a bit Id like it much more. Also not the biggest fan of the cinematic widescreen but I am sure those who play it will get used to it really fast. Still a while till the game comes out so still plenty of time for me to be impressed. #6
Lol. I am kind of in the same boat as you guys. Don't get me wrong, I like certain collector's items such as concept art. Other than that I really have no interest in any kind of "Collectors" item. Especially figurines and trinkets that will just end up taking space in my closet. My biggest concern is just the developers making the best game they can possibly deliver, and CDPR is without a doubt doing that. I care about the game, not what comes with it. #9.2
Not too many. As of right now it seems game developers are using 4K support for marketing. I imagine it being easily another 2-3 years before 4K becomes more mainstream. #9.4
Yeah I am pretty bummed about this one. Really wanted to play it in October since I wasn't going to be purchasing any other game that month. I am really hoping Rockstar decides to release GTAV on PC in September/October, but I don't think that is going to happen. #9.2
Doubt they would have a Mantle patch for The Witcher 3. It is going to be a nVidia oriented title so I doubt they would make it work for Mantle. #6.4.1
For the love of God wait! Worst case scenario if you wait, the prices of the 780ti will come down significantly. #7.5
Only if you had never owned it. I, like most people who bought ODST, already did. #3.1.2
I liked ODST a lot, but the biggest issue with it however was they charged a full $60 for it when it was clearly just an expansion. Should have been $30-$40 max. #3.1
Well seeing as I didn't get to play GTA V cause my 360 and PS3 both broke before it came out, I am definitely buying this for PC. I think Rockstar will be able to make a decent amount of money off PC gamers who waited for this. #18
Bioshock Infinite's gameplay wasn't bad. Definitely wasn't the greatest but not bad by a long shot.

Alan Wake wasn't too bad either. I don't believe that game ever intended to have a robust combat system anyway. That wasn't the focus.

Mass Effect I am kind of on the fence. I loved that game, but the combat wasn't fun. That is easily forgiven though considering how great the game was overall. Definitely didn't "ruin"... #4.1
nVidia's pricing was fine up until the 700 series. Flagship single gpu card was always $400-$500USD. When the Titan hit and cost $1000, that's when things got pretty crazy. Hopefully they go back to the flagship card being around $500. #13.1
I am right there with you. After that huge disappointment that DA2 was I am a bit skeptical. However, from the gameplay videos I have seen it looks like they have learned from their mistakes. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. #1.1
Some areas, especially the ones with a lot of foliage, look really good. Other areas not so much. My main thing is environment detail and immersion. Things like grass on the floor that moves when you walk through it, and the trees that move in the wind really help to bring the game world to life. So far it looks like this game has that, at least for new consoles and PC. #2.2
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