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Probably the easiest to describe it (though an oversimplification) would be to say that it is a single character open world rpg like Skyrim, but with 3rd person action combat like the Batman Arkham games.

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Well pretty much means I'm going to have to double up on my GTX 780 and go SLI like I thought I might have to. I doubt even a 980 would be able to completely max this game and keep a steady 60fps at 1080p.

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I won't argue that it doesn't look as good as last year cause I actually agree with you on that point. I do however think it looks really good still and definitely impressive considering this is the Xbone version of the game which would be considered the weakest version.

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I don't hate having to click multiple pages to read an article as much as other people, but the layout of this website is horrible. The ads are all over the place and it is a pain to read. Trust me I understand ads are how these websites make money, but the layout desperately needs to be changed.

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Surprised they didn't have Dragon Age Inquisition on this list. I would say that is more replayable than a few of the games on this list considering that it is a massive RPG.

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I think Dragon Age is a little heavier on the CPU side. When i run DAI i notice my GPU fluctuates between 90%-98% GPU usage (processor is an i7-2600k @ 4.4ghz). I haven't had a chance to play Far Cry 4, but Far Cry 3 would alwasy be running at a solid 99-100% usage.

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Just looked this up somewhere else and made a bit more sense. The paid DLC basically allows you to upgrade from the standard edition to the deluxe edition. That's it. There are no missions or characters you are missing. It just gives you access to the deluxe edition mounts, weapons, and soundtrack.

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I can't imagine them not releasing it at the same time. It runs on Frostbite 3 which most recently powered Dragon Age and Battlefield 4 which both released the PC version on the exact same day. I doubt they would have optimization issues since that engine alone is already well suited for PC gaming.

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Probably better off just reading about the other games online. Id recommend playing them but it would take WAY too long to do that and then try and take on Inquisition. I have already sunk in 24 hrs into Inquisition alone (Im not far in at all) so you would be giving up the better part of 2 weeks trying to play all of them.

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From the gameplay videos it seems that it looks dated sometimes and other times it looks really good. Guess we will find out for sure once it releases.

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Yeah and I understand where D&D purists come from. I would definitely prefer a more tactical game, but I am not completely against a more user friendly experience. Very much like you I am extremely happy we are getting better environments too. Also better visuals cause even though gameplay and story are more important, I still do love good visuals.

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I think everyone was worried about this game and rightfully so. Bioware/EA haven't been the greatest lately. Dragon Age II was mediocre at best. Mass Effect 3 was great but had a horrible ending. Glad to see that Inquisition is going well with reviewers though. Can't wait to play it tomorrow night.

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Is it kind of sad that Ive actually viewed Dragon Age that way before? Lol. In all honesty I have been looking forward to both. I really enjoy the party based system of Dragon Age as well as the lore. Especially from all the mostly positive reviews I can not wait to play this game. Also cannot wait to play the Witcher 3. Glad I have plenty of time to get through Dragon Age before the Witcher 3 comes out.

"that the growing freedom-before-story crowd is more interested in...

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Yeah I am looking forward to playing it. Bioware really needed to knock this one out of the park to make up for Dragon Age II and based from the majority of reviewers it looks like they did just that. Glad to see it too cause I really enjoyed Origins and the Dragon Age universe. Can't way to play this come Tuesday

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Lol I was thinking the same, especially since Dragon Age is actually getting a lot of positive praise and zero to none negatives. Not only that, but when I went to preorder Dragon Age yesterday, I was shocked to find that the deluxe edition didn't include anything I felt I would be missing out on. It was just some cosmetic stuff, armor set, and a soundtrack. There were no missions or additional characters that were deluxe edition exclusive. First EA game in a while that is like that. Look...

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Had this same issue before. My account was hacked and I had to call their customer service. The guy knew they were experience hack issues so he had it fixed for me within a couple minutes. Also bought a game once and started playing and realized I would rather of spent my money on a different game. Gave me a full refund right away. While I prefer Steam to Origin, Origin does have really good customer service.

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Well that means you can get your card sooner.
Oh yeah a GTX 970 should be more than enough to handle Inquisition. I have a GTX 780 and I am pretty sure I wont even have any issues running max settings at 60 fps. Even though the Frostbite Engine is AMD favored, it still runs really well on nVidia cards. I rarely drop below 60 fps on Battlefield 4 max settings and 4xMSAA.

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In all fairness though you should definitely wait till proper recommendations come out. I am going based off rumor. Another thing you might want to consider (if you haven't bought the game yet) is waiting to see if nVidia announces a Witcher 3 deal. Seeing as the Witcher 3 is a nVidia favored game, there is a good chance nVidia might announce a deal in which you get the game for free when buying a new graphics card.

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Well not so much why they are free but more so that's why they are coming so soon after release. CDPR did enhanced editions for Witcher 1 & 2 that came out quite a while after release. They were completely free and improved on the game a good amount. So I wouldn't expect something free and really amazing to be coming out that soon after release. However, you know every other developer would be charging for this or have it be collectors edition only.

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