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I'll go from a buy to bye if that is the case.

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Shark card sales must have been slowing down, time to release a new car and make it 10 million in game credits.

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The only thing wrong with bad spellin is the guy who call out the bas spelling

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Problem is the American corporate culture. They no longer even consider any other options other then maximum profit, even if it will be detrimental down the road.

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I was going to buy a PS5 anyway but now I can feel a little better about doing it! Keep em coming Sony

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@LandoCalrissiano, I wouldn't call 4 hours a single player game. That is about the length of BFII's campaign, can't vouch for TFII. Also we don't have to take it as everything is going GaaS, EA themselves have said they are only focusing on games as GaaS, hence why they shut down the single player Amy Henning star wars game. They couldn't milk gamers with GaaS in it so it was canned.

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So I'll end up with 45-55 hours of gameplay lol. I tend to try and explore every nook and cranny in these types of games.

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I get what ted's saying. The difference between the Pro and the X isn't that big, the difference between the X and the switch is huge. If sony went with the power of the switch next gen, I'd grab an X that same day and I've had every PS ever made.

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Well if they want the game to have less then an M rating they need to keep gambling out of it!!

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They really ruined the alcohol and tobacco industries regulating them to keep them away from kids. I swear some people really need a reality check.

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I know every time I go to Vegas I leave disappointed, all those gambling regulations really ruin it...That's about the jist of what you just tried to argue lol.

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Your spending REAL money on a game of chance (the loot box) Like it or not it's gambling and should be labeled clearly on the package.

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EA was the originator of a lot of the mt's out today, it's not our fault they made gamers make the connection of MT's=EA

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I'm sure you could run a bethesda game on a quantum computer and still get framerate drops.

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Because your acceptance of them will just encourage EA to take them 1 step further in the next game until we end up with SWBF:II all over again. MT's are the cancer of the gaming industry, it's better caught early.

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First thing you do upon loading the game is input your credit card number for quick and easy use in the loot box system.

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Maybe my mom got on N4G, last I saw she was pretty into candy crush.

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Ya it is. I'm still on 1080p and no plans to upgrade anytime soon. Around early 2019 I'll pick up a PS5 and start looking into making the jump to 4k(with hdmi 2.1)

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What do you do for a living, I'll come over and say it's just (xxx), fuck you roadkillers you piece of shit.

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Either EA's servers suck of the Frostbite engine sucks cause it's 50/50 in any of their games if it's playable or a laggy mess.

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