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I just want a BF game without 100 lock on weapons. Whatever time it's set that is all I really want.

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I had a few controllers do that to me. I kept sending them in for replacements and finally got one that hasn't had any peeling yet, knock on wood.

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It would be a lot more fun then the lock on simulator known as BF4

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Not like the last 3+ years have all been wall running, double jump shooters or anything like that. I for one would be ecstatic if this is true. BF4 was all right once it got patched 15 times but in my opinion the worst part of that game was the 100 lock-on weapons they put in it. Bring back skill based BF and leave the lock-ons at the door please.

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Oh the Irony!! I ordered the digital version so I could play it ASAP(10PM my time the 9th). Now I find out I would have actually got it faster if I did what I always do and order it off Amazon.

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Be careful with them, the hinge is a tiny flimsy piece of plastic. I found that out the hard way.

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Yes it is! But sadly the target audience of twitchy/ADHD teens would never be able to handle no double jumps, wall running and only iron sights.

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The fact that DLC actually makes the game have LESS content. Yes they add in a few missions but then they only put those new missions in the rotation for nightfalls, ect.

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That looks bad ass

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The Order was great game play and story wise but ya 60 bucks for maybe 8 hours of game play is f'd up.

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God I hope so, this game was killed by greed before it had a chance with me. Hopefully will be a wake up call to EA not to be so damn greedy with future games.

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Agree, yes I had to say it also.

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I sound like a parrot but I need to vent also..

Poor EA/Activision, you didn't get to sell the game at $60 and then sell a $60 season pass then add in microtransactions on top of it all. Cry me a freaking river!!

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It'll show up soon as a microtransaction

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Well on the way to a pay to win model for destiny 2. I wouldn't be surprised anymore if they put the equivalent of the Ghallahorn in the next game as a microtransation.

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Like the other 2 I don't avoid games just because it's EA. That said though the first thing I thought when I saw EA in the title was how much is the season pass on this one gonna cost lol

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Red Dead Reverend

The Marsten boy settles into a simple preachers life until.....

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LOL, Half the United States are still on DSL and more and more cable providers are capping internet usage. Until uncapped ultra fast and stable connections are the norm and not the exception it's a pipe dream to think we will be streaming games anytime soon.

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New design is teribad.

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I have no problems using the site on my phone.

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