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I completely understand what you are saying but at the same time the shark cards have kept GTA online going. About every month or so they add in more stuff in GTA online and never charge for it, the people buying the shark cards are effectively subsidizing the dlc for the rest of us.

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Story sucked in 1 but the gunplay was excellent imo.

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I got in the beta somehow and it's not bad for platformers. Fighting or shooting games though you can forget about, to much input lag. Anyone saying or wanting gaming to start going to the 'cloud' should try PSNow first.

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Don't forget how much electricity a high end rig uses, been a few years since I've pc'd so it might be better but it was considerable.

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Focus on Quen and it's pretty easy.

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I'm all for trophies and like collecting them but yes, the idiotic do something that hiders your team online trophies need to be banned lol.

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I'm no CoD fan but I'm kinda hyped to give this a try. As long as it's a solid shooter without any stupid gimmicks WWII is the best setting IMO.

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Sometimes it's fun to run around mashing stuff.

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Ah the irony, was just playing the warmastered edition and stopped to eat and do some surfing. About to plat that game and will be a day one buy for 3.

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First time in a few years I'm getting CoD. Even if it ends up sucking and I'm not saying it will, it's been too long since the last D-Day invasion in a game. Can't wait to play that mission, hope they knock it out of the park.

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If white privilege exists where do I go to get some of it? I've been barely scraping by for years so I missed the memo.

ziggurcat: You are naive if you think that a white with the same gpa as a minority has a chance. The university will take 'diversity,'' every time.

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Tower north by the speaker

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Wish it was IW, world at war sp was a blast.

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Killzone 2 had a trophy for being in the top 1% of multiplayer gamers for a week. I boosted it with a friend lol.

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I played it for about an hour before I deleted it. Cool concept but the game just wasn't fun at all.

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Elimin8, I'd say no one but then I'd be lying. Myself and a few others keep buying Bethesda games for some reason.

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If it wasn't for all my friends being on PS4 I'd probably make the jump. Well not jump I'd keep both but getting a scorpio just for SP games seems a bit overkill.

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Can't wait to see what it's got.

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Unless you can convince investors in EA to not want to make as much money as possible it's how capitalism works. Results be dammed, the money is all that matters in the US unfortunately.

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Nothing in the game costs such an outrages amount of money that you can't earn it by just playing the game. They are pushing the shark cards pretty hard but they are by no means necessary to have fun and buy top end stuff.

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