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I had fun with the game but have to admit it never did wow me in any way. On my personal list of fallout games this one is at the bottom of the list.

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I'd also like to add nitus10 that with a mounting arm, I got mine off amazon, you can make your monitor movable in mid air. I got mine set up next to a recliner so I can sit back and pull the screen right up to my face and adjust the distance till it's perfect. You want to talk about gaming in comfort lol

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Wish they learned with the hinges on the golds. Hinge on headphones=bad idea. At least in my experience and pretty much everyone I know with the gold headphones the hinges will break eventually and it's either replace them or duct tape the area to keep it from breaking completely.

And to be clear yes I am using the golds at the moment (duct taped to keep them from falling apart) and do like the sound quality, it's just the cheap plastic hinges i'm not a fan of. ...

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Maintenance or not they need to change that. You should be able to have a game installed on 2 PS4's without having to jump through hoops just to play the damn game you paid for.

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Damint, just bought lords of the fallen last month.

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Played for about 2 hours and can't say I'm felling it. Seems like it's going to get old real quick.

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I'm in the same boat. I'd like the NEO asap and then a full blown net gen PS5 about 2-3 years from now.

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Never worked in the restaurant industry I take it? What you just said happens all the time! I'm not exaggerating when I say the managers of food places are there basically to deal with people trying to literally get a free lunch.

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I cancelled my gamefly years ago because the shipping was to slow. But he is right I did get quite a few good deals buying games for them when I had the service.

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Thorn was by far the worst. I didn't mind auto rifles at all and feel it's a shame they nerfed them because they wanted people to use pulse rifles instead.

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I do, just not at full price. I'll wait to pickup a used copy around $30.

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Ya I was using my galaxy 6 charger on them

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@IRetrouk, yep. I fried two controllers with my phone charger before I realized that is what is killing the battery. By fried I mean they stopped accepting a charge altogether.

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I know I'm in the minority but I hope it's a different shape/size then the DS4. I could never quite be as accurate with DS4 as I was with the DS3 for some weird reason, seems everyone else absolutely loves the 4.

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He's mad because he can't just shoot lock on weapons from a mile away in this game, it's going to take skill to get kills.

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I just want a BF game without 100 lock on weapons. Whatever time it's set that is all I really want.

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I had a few controllers do that to me. I kept sending them in for replacements and finally got one that hasn't had any peeling yet, knock on wood.

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It would be a lot more fun then the lock on simulator known as BF4

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Not like the last 3+ years have all been wall running, double jump shooters or anything like that. I for one would be ecstatic if this is true. BF4 was all right once it got patched 15 times but in my opinion the worst part of that game was the 100 lock-on weapons they put in it. Bring back skill based BF and leave the lock-ons at the door please.

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Oh the Irony!! I ordered the digital version so I could play it ASAP(10PM my time the 9th). Now I find out I would have actually got it faster if I did what I always do and order it off Amazon.

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