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I'd say exactly 2 years from now would be about right, March 2020. I'd rather they wait and get HDMI 2.1 more mainstream before it releases.

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I got it at launch and it was a decent game for a week or 2, after that it got stale fast and I moved on. Never tried it after any of the updates though so it may very well have more depth to it now.

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I'd could see that coming up in 2 instalments. Dice Sweden could be doing WWI, WWII, Korea then Vietnam. Or they might skip Korea being the current situation and do Vietnam next.

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Behemoths boo, call it what it is the welfare wagon. One team is losing so let's give them a superweapon.

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What I was going to get at, big difference for me was getting FULL games for your money.

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No reason it won't, not like they used some crazy architecture this time. Only difference between PS4 and 5 will be better hardware inside. And I don't mean that in a bad way.

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Of course, EA has to fund the 10 million dollar advertising budget somehow. Cut back on the ads and costs will come down. If it's a good game it will sell, word of mouth is the best salesman you can have.

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Was a time I loved going for hard to get trophies, that time has passed.

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I have yet to have that wow moment on ps4 so I get what you are saying. Solid console though.

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I'm expecting battle royale mode to be the centerpiece of the game, no way EA isn't going to chase the money in those games.

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IMO forced diversity is worse than racism because at its core forced diversity IS racism.

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Credit card is mandatory!

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Quit giving EA ideas!!

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It's called credit card fraud, that is the reason they won't accept P.O. boxes and I don't blame them.

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As others have said Apple didn't refuse to open an ISIS guys phone, they refused to give the FBI tools to unlock ANY iPhone at ANYTIME they want.

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I hope so

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Heavenly sword was such a great game. Warhawk was like crack for the first month I had it, if I wasn't playing it I was thinking about it lol. Sad but true statement is they don't make them like that anymore :(

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I'm expecting a great single player game and an online mode thats MT's will put battlefront's to shame.

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Sounds awesome until you get 10-20 hours into it and realize the only way to get anything worthwhile without grinding for hours on end is to whip out the credit card. This has money grab written all over it.

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I plan on holding off on battlefield and getting rdr. Pretty high chance battlefield will have serious issues at launch anyway.

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