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drunk? Lol

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Forza 7 > project cars 2> gt sport

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One of the best looking games on pc

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Both tomb raider and uncharted use real time cut-scenes.

"Real-time cut-scenes: The cut-scene sequences present in Rise of the Tomb Raider offer some of the most impressive visuals in the game. The mix of natural motion, high quality post effects, and realistic materials really helps sell these sequences.

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Some times tomb raider looks better and some times uncharted the lost legacy , PC version looks better than ps4 pro btw.

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Yeah I don't believe Xbox one s version will have 4k textures

"Forza 7 has been built with Xbox One X in mind, with astonishing 4K textures, as well as advanced graphical techniques like ambient occlusion, state of the art lighting models, improved shaders, and many more. Because all of this, we’ve improved the look of Forza 7 on every platform

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Forza 7 run at 4k native resolution and use 4k textures, plus dynamic weather/time with 24 cars on track
Gts =20 cars on track no dynamic time, weather in-game and run at 4k upscale
So forza win.

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Gears of war 4 / Ryse / qauntum break

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So does sfv, hellblade , ni nu kuni 2 Pc/ps4

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I'm talking about AAA quality games "WipEout Omega collection" really? /:

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Dose the PS4 Pro run gt sport at 4k native resolution? No.
Xbox x run gears of war 4 and forza 7 at 4k native with ultra settings name one game from Sony that run at 4k native.

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So that people say. This is ps4 pro footage it looks the same as Xbox one x version while the truth is it will look better on the stronger system.

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Well, ARK run at 60 fps on X1X and it runs at 30 on ps4 pro, pretty sure all devs can do the same thing for their games on xb1x if they choose 1080p over 4k. because it's like 50% more powerful than the pro.

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I like how derek smart edited his post on twitter after this..he was happy at first Lol!

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Looks better than anything on ps4/x1

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From digital foundry
Native 4K + HDR
"Highest quality pixels" gets a defense
PC comparison footage uses a Titan X
F7 uses similar texture filtering as on PC but not all the way
Ultra setting appear to have been attempted but some aspects don't seem to be
F7 on X1X is a massive upgrade over Forza 6 on XBO in terms of lighting and detail
Based on feed, 60 fps with not drops

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How is playing gears of war 4 and Forza Horizon 3 at 4k native resolution max settings on 499$ console is a waste of time ?
Also multi platform games will look better on Xbox One X than ps4 pro because 6>4 teraflops.

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New amazing looking game by tech wizards studio

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PS4 Pro has Anthem but it will look better on Xb1X because 6 >4 and it will look better on pc because more powah!

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"Anthem was easily the best looking game on E3" digital foundry
Now cry me a river! (:

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