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great progress.

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another great example of a first party studio reaching new heights in terms of visual fidelity, with the title standing proudly alongside the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 and Gears of War 4. From its remarkable rendering technology to its seamless camera system"

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Crysis is the reason why. It was the game that defined the concept of technology pushing gameplay systems, with such mind-bendingly insane graphics on release that games today are still playing catch-up with aspects of it. How many games have procedurally breaking and touch-bending vegetation? How long did it take for filmic per-object motion blur to become standard? How many games use self-shadowing parallax occlusion mapping or other highly detailed technology to such an insane degree?"...

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The game has higher score on metacritic than the first uncharted both released same year

Eurogamer give it 9/10

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Looks amazing

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"the Xbox One X does reach actual native 4K (3840×2160) resolution but often drops below that"

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Nice joke

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Sea of tears

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Nice Upgrade over PS4 pro

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"A Rare technological achievement"

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Last comparison was deleted because it was a PlayStation Game now we will see same people who were complaining come here and say oh Downgrade .. this should be approved fast"

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" let's not pretend this is of the caliber as games like Witcher 3"

SoT is completely a different game

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Because some people want it to fail Lol!

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Unbelievable this game looks real

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Looks great
april 20th can't come soon enough

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Just read the comments

Same thing with gears of war 4 and every game
If you all start crying and want to stop this kind of articles from being approved about changes/difference in the time...

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