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Again PC is not a console, and yes I can play Ni oh on PC.

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The 4K Debate"

isn't it obvious?
Some games run at 4k Native on the X
Same games run with checkerboard upscale on the Pro.

Xb1X console exclusives like forza 7 , gears of war 4 , state of decay 2 Crackdown 3 ,Ryse qauntum break killer instinct Cuphead, Sunset, many others will run much better on the X beside multi platform games like red dead redemption 2, star wars battlefront 2 etc
All will run better on X.

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Forza 7 PC Ultra 4K vs GT Sport PS4 Pro 1800p checkerboard
Forza 7 has dynamic weather, uses photogrammetry and offers more cars and tracks
GT Sport offers less but delivers it in more detailed, near photorealistic manner
For both games, detail in photomode is identical to gameplay
GT Sport Physically based rendering approach offers a slight edge in car model detail
GT sport's extra detail may have come at a cost of releasing the game with fewe...

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"Both games offer a good variety of highly detailed art but Forza has the advantage in terms of texture resolution of the track. While racing, this is difficult to notice, but it stands out when looking closely.

but it's clear that Forza 7 has a huge advantage in terms of raw image quality"

Forza 7 offers a huge range of circuits and track configurations, many with variable weather conditions. The environments are richly detailed with super ...

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Forza 7 is king

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A technical marvel

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The hype is real!

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Yeah the game run at 30fps/1080p on ps4 pro ,that X power!

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"We have a large team working on Squadron 42 and we’ve been making good progress towards achieving my goal to take the Wing Commander style narrative experience to the next level with first person gameplay that moves between foot, vehicles and incredible locations all rendered with a fluidity and quality that you normally only see in pre-rendered cinematic scenes. I am confident it is going to be worth the wait a game that can hold its own with any other AAA story game.

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Fun game

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And pro version?

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I forgot Crackdown 3 State of decay 2 sea of thieves

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Did they announced 22 console exclusive in the last conference? beside forza 7

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How about Forza 7 on X?

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Let us get one thing right out of the way. Forza Motorsport 7 is the best looking racing game of this generation on any console."


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Great Game

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I said it before best looking racing game

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Any hope that the game can run at 4k native on pro like X ver?

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Lol True story

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