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What on earth does Halo4 have to do with TLOU? Could just as easily cherry pick a "GT5 outsells Halo4" quote and bring it back to square one. #1.1.16
You have no idea the reality what exclusives sell. In 2013 alone Playstation had more exclusives hit a million than Nintendo or MS combined. GOW Ascension, NiNoKuni, TLOU, Tales of Xilia, Beyond Two Souls, GT6.

Heck, the other two big guys won't even HAVE a licensed mlb baseball game AT ALL this year so exclusive MLB The Show wins that sales battle by default. It always outperformed the multiplat 2K one anyways.

Even for the stuff that doe... #46.2
HD remakes are universal. Didn't Fable Anniversary just come out for Xbox, with Halo2 in the pipeline to follow up Halo Anniversary? #1.7.1
If "Sony can't afford to pay devs for DLC first dibs", wtf are they doing with EXCLUSIVE AC4 AVELINE DLC ?! lol. It's like the short bus in here. #38.1
Jack Thompson had a degree too. There's no school for common sense. And tbh, if I went through all the same edumacation that Pachter did , I wouldn't be wasting it talking about videogames on GTTV. #1.9.1
You gonna borrow me your 60gb BC PS3 everytime I wanna play an upscaled PS2 game, lol? Cuz 60gb BC PS3's stopped being produced and shipped like...forever ago. I don't have one. Most people don't have launch PS3's. This service is for them. Ie. the majority

If you just wanna lose a week playing MaxPayne 2, manhunt 2, spyro 2, Incredible Hulk ultimate destruction, xmen legends and indigo prophecy, but don't wanna pay 5-10 bucks a pop on psn or buy back a PS... #32.1
Chronicle was good, but his adaptation of FF sounds like a disaster in the making. From Michael B Jordan to the script leaks. Fox should just let the rights revert to Marvel/Disney #7
This!!! The PS4 should at LEAST be equal to the PS3 in terms of USB flashdrive cut/copy/paste/playback, not WORSE! They need to take the training wheels off this thing. #17.1
This. Started out funny then went Simple Jack over numbers.

TLOU sold over 4 million in only 6 months last year. Who in their right mind would call out TLOU when thats FOUR TIMES more than the latest Gears of War game sold?!

Heck, God of War Ascension sold more than Gears Judgment last year, as did GT6 in one month. What an odd flag Penello & Hryb just saluted. #71.1
Steambox won't do spit. Didn't valve already say they aren't doing exclusives? So what's the point? Especially with more expensive skus?

If Nintendo are having a tough go at it, what dent is valve gonna make with even less on the table? Half Life 3 development hell isn't a console seller #13.5
Puppeteer blows Knack out of the water. Shoulda been a PS4 IP for sure. Wrong horse in the wrong race #1.2.1
Dude your numbers are so off. You're not only cherry picking but under tracking killzone as well. Both infamous games outsold both crackdowns, gran turismo has always outsold forza by a country mile. LBP1 alone did over 5 million. God of War has always sold millions, naughty dog launched 2 new IPs this gen and sold millions on every title. Hell, Bungie isn't even a first party anymore. What's your angle? #1.7.11
GT6 has already sold over 2 million worldwide in under a month. Can't take you serious when you're calling that a bomb while cooing a million less elsewhere. A sale's a sale. #1.4.8
GT6 has already sold over 2 million worldwide in under a month. Can't take you serious when you're calling that a bomb while cooing a million less elsewhere. A sale's a sale.

On a side note I haven't seen a PS4 on a store shelf at all yet. Anywhere. Can't find one to save my life. Supply is the issue. Japan will be taking the next big batch. #1.4.7
".. Everything from Rain to Shelter, Papers, Please and right through to the extreme "high art" of Luxuria Superbia demonstrate that games are legitimate works of art and able to provide thematically deep experiences that would be impossible in another medium, and these games are all far stronger candidates for game of the year than The Last Of Us."

LOL, um no. ALL those games scored much lower with critics. And that's what we're talking about here. C... #56
Arabicgamers?? they're not even on metacritic. #14.1.1
That 30,000+ undertrack on Beyond coulda been fixed though, but vgchartz are notoriously stubborn. Even when corporate and investor figures say otherwise, like on Polyphony Digital, Sony Santa Monica and Kojima Productions websites. But GT5, GOW3 and MGS4 all remain undertracked.

Heavy Rain sold through over 3 million back in August. vgchartz did nothing and it remains undertracked by a whopping 300,000. That's kinda ridiculous. Now Beyond's still undertracked 2 week... #1.2.11
Guy's trying way too hard to be clever, and fails. Basing an article around a play on words, expecting the Now service right now, telling readers not to be "bamboozled". LMAO. Bamboozled by what? Beta hasnt even launched yet. Of course you can't have 'Now', now. All it is, is a marketing name for an on-demand service. When it's up, you'll get games 'now'. In the meantime, shhh. Now. #12
Then don't subscribe. You don't have to. OnLive was stream only. PS4 is not. Key difference that shouldn't need explaining.

Things like Netflix weren't possible on what we considered high speed back in 1996 either. There was a time before XBox Live and memory cards too. Technology evolves. If other companies are more comfortable in the AA battery era, that's their Doritos to chew. #36.5
Keep your old consoles. Problem solved. Brick 'n' mortar stores don't sell PS1/PS2 games anymore anyways. Digital keeps em alive. Personally I'd love to rent some old games again, if the subscription is reasonable. Dont feel like paying inflated prices for rarer discs like Red Dead Revolver that I may only want for a lost weekend. #66.1
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