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Mass Effect 2 made the list, but I'd go with Mass Effect 3.

Tons of free MP DLC maps, all the SP DLCs were on point ---I'd say Levisthan was crucial actually---, new awesome character, extended ending that was better, skins and weapons. Good support post launch.

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The effect is pleasure

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Still sounds like a dick move. DCUO still gets updates, DLC, patches and events on PS3 and that's an older MMOAG than Destiny. Bungie shouldn't have bothered with last gen at all.

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Misleading headline! I actually read the article.

CEO dude specifically said top three --> RPG <-- developers, NOT top three developers overall. Change that headline before all hell breaks loose, lol.

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The timer is garbage. How's it fun to play with a gun to your head? "Do what you need to do in 8hrs cuz then we're pulling the plug, progress be damned." Yeah, no. I have no desire to play those first two games again. Archaic

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They see there's a demand for it, they'd be silly to keep it locked away behind an infinite warfare paywall forever. It's not gonna make them money sitting on a server with no one playing.

Once a couple months have gone by and no one's buying the infinite warfare mega bubba boom boom pow edition or whatever the #%^* it's called, it'd be in their best interest to re-release cod4 on psn and xbl.

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I wonder if they can work something out with PS Now, like if you stick your PS3 bluray in your ps4 it acts as a verification that you have it which can then let you stream it free from PS Now.

Downloaded games should be easier as all your licenses are saved on your PSN account already.

Either way, they spent millions on gaikai, they gotta start pushing PS Now in more creative ways. At least do some sales or PS Plus free one month streams or something. Pe...

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Rich guy buys stuff. How in the hell is this today's hottest news story?

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Movies ebb and flow just like games. Not all movies are slow paced either and not all games need to be fast. Fast doesn't automatically equate to better. Michael Bay fans and people with attention deficit disorder seem to have the most problem with this. Fortunately there's medication for at least one of those problems.

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Time for the next beta?

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Good list. River City Ransom woulda been nice to see as well. Crystalis was a good one too that more people shoulda played.

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This is, yea I don't even know where to begin

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They just released three very different games in June: Star Ocean, Guilty Gear and Odin Sphere. No Mans Sky comes out in like 3 weeks. FTP shooters Kill Strain and Hawken both just dropped. SFV just released a free story mode upgrade. $25 Furi just launched free with PS+. For summer, which is historically a dead season, that's quite good.

You bring up McDonalds and Pokemon, but by your lack of interests & awareness, you sound like a casual yourself. COD just release...

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Don't like Star Ocean? Then go try Guilty Gear and Odin Sphere which also came out in June and are highly rated.

Customer satisfaction isn't low. You're just not a customer.

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It's relevant in that it's a full lobby running fine on their servers. 15 players is the most a RDR online free roam lobby holds. If you'd ever played the game, you'd know that

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You just proved my point. Same s#%^ different pile.

The games you listed are mostly hipster niche slogs or multiplatform indies. Binding of Isaac was a free throwaway on plus ages ago, yet that's your idea of must-buy PC gameplay?

You say those Sony exclusives aren't interesting yet you're keen on paintball I wouldnt even play for free. Your idea of good gameplay is depressing. If prison architect was the best a console could do, the entire i...

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What's on PC that's so bloody innovative? RTS, MMO's, walking simulators and late console ports like GTA, COD, Batman? Wowee. Nintendo's doing another Zelda. Same s#%^ different pile.

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So the BLIND clickers didn't see you beside them? Gosh, nothing gets past you captain obvious! Make noise and watch those certain clickers make their way to your last known location and one hit kill you from a grab.

Hunters flank you and will grab you from behind prompting a button mash escape. At this point I don't even believe you left the tutorial, let alone Pittsburgh or Colorado. Try Survivor.

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lol, so if a guy says the earth is flat and someone hits disagree, theyre automatically a Pythagorus fanboy?

Sometimes people disagree because, well, people say some downright stupid s#^% round here. Let's be honest.

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"I will never buy an uncharted game"

But you proudly bought ROTR for $60, will buy it again and buy the next one after that while insisting everyone else buys it, downvoters be damned. "Sony favouritism" I believe were your words.

Nope, no alarm bells or whistles going off there! Not the slightest hint of Stockholm Syndrome lol! Your brand loyalty is holding you hostage.

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