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Guy gave you a legit answer in BB, your reply sounded insecure. "If I wanted that clone i'd buy it cuz I can afford anything but I'll look for a mod instead." That's peasant talk. The irony

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Gameboy, Gameboy color, Gameboy advance, Gameboy advance sp, Gameboy Micro, DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL. There's no 4-5 year "decency" gap between these

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PS3 had grest games. Your taste just sucks, which is your own problem. Comparing it to the wii-u, smh

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Still one of the best comicbook license games ever. Worth it for any xbox DC fans

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You seriously that delusional, to call SuckerPunch's last game 'shit' when there's only a 1% metacritic difference between inFamous & Sunset LOL!?

You namedrop Turn10 when Forza5 was the lowest selling and lowest rated in the entire series?!

You namedrop 343 when HaloMCC was BROKEN for MONTHS to the point they literally cancelled a tournament?!

You write off jrpgs as a whole as some xbox community taboo?!

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Why do PS4 only owners say X? Gee i don't know, why do you say Y? That only inFamous & Bloodborne delivered when Until Dawn, Ratchet&Clank, MLB16 The Show, SFV, The Witness are all the best exclusives in their respective genres too?

You'll remember Titanfall which you can buy on a last gen 360 and don't even need an X1 to remember FFXIV too, which has an 86% avg and is in the same boat.

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Whos, I didn't call your king garbage, yet suddenly everything on PS3 is garbage? Ok I'll bite.

Home lasted years and made more quick cash than probably most Xbox exclusives. You enjoyed that Doritos crash course and Burger King karting movement? Xbox gold only being able to be used by the primary account holder to access online and not sub accounts?

Who cares if it had an hdmi cable or not, neither did the 360!! it didn&...

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I'd say the X1 is the bigger dust collector, millions collecting dust on store shelves worldwide. You know, "objectively".

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You mention the ps2's year head start but neglect to see the 360 had the exact same year head start, securing 3rd party support unchallenged and a monopoly in sales.

However, when the PS3 and Wii came out in 2006 we saw even more contributions to the industry from the xbox's competition such as:

*BluRay burying the 360's HDDVD
*HDMI which 360 launched without
* free online MP vs the Xbox paywall that even blocked Netflix, <...

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It's on sale for $6

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Rockstar owns Max Payne not Remedy. Try again. Rockstar had spearheaded the whole ps2 on ps4 thing with multiple upgraded releases

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Not everyone cares about 4K, especially if PS4 classic remains the cheapest option and plays the same games. Plus, MS will follow suit, if they don't already have a head start. wouldn't be surprised if the Xbox launches first to undercut the ps4.5

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If you think MS is gonna let Sony hammer them on the hardware front twice in the same gen, and potentially Nintendo with the NXT or whatever, that's crazy.

Unless MS intentionally wanna end the console gen in irreverent irrelevance, I can guarantee you'll see an Xbox 1.5 sooner rather than later. They don't have the sentimental attachment to these machines the fans do. They dropped Kinect at the first sign of trouble and already re-wrote their playbook once. Do...

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So this guy says this makes the ps4 obsolete. What does it make the X1 then? An over priced under performing ripoff in comparison? Trust me, MS has a 4K answer, a Neo type .5 coming too.

The X1 can barely even hit the ps4's 1080p, let alone neo's 4K. They're doing this too, they have to. Nintendo has an entirely new system coming to replace the Wii-U, too.

These .5's we're gonna see, sound catered to the 4K crowd. Resolution upgrade?...

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Flopped? Who flopped and in what regard? Ico and SOTC are 2 of the industry's critical darlings and both sold over a million be it solo and/or as the double pack on PS3. SOTC did that million twice. You telling me those minimalist games with minimalist teams on minimalist budgets bombed? You're cray-zee.

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Injustice ultimate edition was awesome. inFamous First Light as well. But both were a long, long time ago. Time for 2016 to step it up.

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Manhunt!! Wonder if they'll modernize the controls and camera? If so I think I'm in. Trophies seem a bit tough.

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So no more WipEout, Motorstorm, Driveclub, Modnation Racers, Twisted Metal studios? Whats gonna happen to all those exclusive IP? They all sold ok. I guess it's just the Gran Turismo show now. Last one to leave, shut off the lights.

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Maybe this is the consolation prize rockstar is giving Sony for nothing coming of Agent? That whole deal last gen where rockstar got to keep the millions Sony invested in LA Noire, in exchange for a future Sony exclusive down the line. Agent seemed to be that game. Then Agent vanished.

Maybe Sony finally had enough and it was time to put up or shut up, and all these exclusive rockstar legacy remasters are the result of that? max Payne is coming too. There's clearly some...

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No kidding. You can't even buy Witcher1 and Witcher2 on a Playstation console. Hard for PC to lose a race when it's the only one running lol!

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