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Agree to a point. Tired of sci-fi advanced future warfare kinda shooters. I don't miss the grenade spam of W@W either, but there's gotta be some happy medium #6
In the end it comes down to this. He said it at home a long time ago when he was emotionally charged up over his daughter, and he's paid the price via a back stab. So far he's also the only one who's apologized for anything.

He said sorry. He didn't kill himself after killing his family like Chris Benoit.

WWE is just gonna make things worse by breaking his neck in this corporate crossface instead of letting it go away quietly. WWE never apolog... #16

Dude, your lists are fubar. Not only did you leave out MLB the show once, but twice! That's literally the ONLY AAA baseball game out these days and they averaged over 80% each year you missed.

You include XB cross gen games like Titanfall/Forzahorizon2/PvZ which are also on 360, but you omit cross gen games on PS like FF14 online, FF Heavensward and LBP3 which scored higher than other games you listed.

You listed some XB downloads... #23.4
"..for what it's worth.."

It ain't worth $#%*
Trust me #1.1.23
Xbox damn well better have something considering they gave up supporting the 360 3years ago. Sony was still releasing AAA ps3 exclusives during the PS4 launch year. Since then we've already had a next gen Killzone, infamous, LBP, souls spinoff. Output should be increasing now as last gen fades away. #37.2
Your -this year- lists for MS are all stuff we knew about last year. Why even have a conference for that, just release the next trailer?

New overpriced controller isn't a coup. It's scraping the bottom of the barrel. Betas are a dime a dozen, blacktusk's gears is no exception.

Sony wisely left this years releases to booths outside of the main conference. Until Dawn, tearaway, the media player launch etc all had seperate 41... #3.6
Hmm. Dude makes inflammatory blanket statements like accusing Sony of payola then insults other users in his rebuttal while simultaneously berating N4G as a web site like some kind of martyr despite ironically having more bubbles than almost everyone else with nothing constructive to say. Nope, no red flags there.

As to the conferences themself, I don't see how MS was better when it was mostly games we already knew about. Halo 5 we knew about for years, it is a 343 trilog... #15.4.7
It's like Kojima stole Konami's girlfriend and beat them up for lunch money. Konami needs therapy. They sound emotionally unstable. #20
360 games couldn't even win the last console war, why the hell would they win this one? #24
Let this die before you guys kill the damned game before its even made!

This is why we get like 2-3 assassins creeds every year while the Shenmues of the world go to development hell. Everyone's afraid to touch them!! So publishers keep hedging the safe bets and we get $50 Arkham Knight season passes in lieu.

We're on what, Halo 10 or whatever this year? Yet we can't even get Shenmue 3 without bloggers losing their minds. If I was Suzuki, at thi... #9
Lol @ all the conspiracy theorists who never put a penny into Shenmue then, now or ever. Gamers are the cheapest, most entitled smack talkers out there. This is why we can't have nice things. #30
Um, you're the first post on here.

Which begs the question, who exactly were you talking to saying "You guys are crazy, seriously crazy. Never seen such hypocrisy in my life, people on this site bla etc bla." No one had even said anything yet LOL!! #1.34
Your second post there is a hot mess.

Halo has been garnering less critical praise with each release for a while now and despite being milked for 15 years, MCC had broken online forever on those very same games. Even 343 regrets their trouble with it. Best value for money? You're a glorified beta tester.

Both Gears AND Forza hit franchise lows in critical average AND sales with their latest releases, Judgment and F5.

... #1.1.16
Lmao, ummm, MS does remastered comps too!

Don't be acting like the Halo MCC, Gears collection, Rare Collection, Fable Anniversary, DMC definitive, MGS collection, Silent Hill collection, RE remake etc etc etc never happened or ain't happening on Xbox!! It's not like they suddenly cancelled the Gears of War collection. They just announced it!! #4.2.1
It's true. What happened to Sunset Overdrive last year? Big exclusive with decent reviews, but launching in that stuffed window only sold an estimated 790,000 units according to VG. The Order rated far lower and just launched a couple months ago, but has already passed it at 870,000. As has Bloodborne. As has LBP3 from the same window last year.

I see a lot of "MS won cuz the games come out this holiday", but history tells us most of you will bu... #1.2.14
Indeed. PT proved a demo can still do wonders for a game #8.1.1
Games like this are special cuz not everyone's good enough to make em. To sell a million while rocking that 92 on metacritic doing their own minimalist thing that goes against the grain of every GTA/COD/GOW clone out there. #22.1
Last guardian has hype because fumito's games are once a gen. They buck every trend when they drop yet find success, almost despite itself.

No sequels, no preorder Mumbo jumbo, no dlc, no micro transactions, no betas, no tacked on multiplayer, no zombie mode, no horde mode, no Doritos ad campaigns, no cover shooting, no cutscene drama, no English lol, no Hollywood VAs, no mods, no load outs, no loot caves, no BS. It's just two companions in a lonely world... #10.2.4
7 year old PS3 game? When was Last Guardian ever finished and released for PS3?! The other side had Halo Gears and Forza which are all on their umpteenth ++ releases, some of them dropping twice a year. No ones surprised anymore. It's conveyor belt development. #10.2
Freedom to be bored on any planet? Everything I've seen of this looks barren and visually uninspired. If the crux of the gameplay is exploring and looking under rocks, at least up the eye candy quotient. Even in ME the Mako became a chore and that was AAA. #7
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