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Of course it's getting a pass. Article even says it's lacking but they gave it a 9 cuz it's fun. There have been tons of "fun" games over the years though, that -still- get dissected under the microscope and criticized for the same things Overwatch gets overlooked.

Hey Lego games are fun too, but at the end of the day they're not rated higher than Souls games. Budget games have been scrutinized more than this $79.99 cdn, MP-only content pending cri...

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Why say SFV, why not the Overwatch of racing games? It's not like Overwatch has any dynamic weather, day/night cycles or single player campaign? Or is it because they've already made up their minds not to like this game?

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I did look at 2013 and listed sources from 2013. You listed nothing. I also looked at numbers from 2011, 2015 and 2016 including Sony financials. The results are always the same. PS3 moved more units in less time. Can you not read?

A Generation's sales end when they end, when people stop BUYING not when you pick some arbitrary convenient date to say nothing else matters lol! On top of a one year head start to boot.

So anyone who bought a PS3 or 360 i...

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Funny cuz even VGChartz estimates PS3 is at 86.5 million while 360 is at 85.5 million. 2015 numbers from Statista had PS3 at 85.88 to 360's 84.94. Tech radar posted 80.29 to 78.84 in 2013, corroborated by Geekwire from Sony's financials. Eurogamer proclaimed both consoles got to 80 million in 2013 but the PS3 got there one year faster. and mcvuk reported PS3 passed 360 at the 77 million to 76 million mark. List goes on.

But keep believing the oppos...

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So now we've got a guy telling 'sheeple' not to move goalposts and to evolve, all the while saying bluray could've waited until this gen, exclusives don't matter, 900p is ok, uncompressed and better audio is useless because he sees into all our living rooms and apparently we all use tv speakers or $150 bookshelf throwaways? Yeah that's forward thinking. Oh and Sony fans are apparently the worst, cuz Stone Cold said so or something equally rational.
Nope, no mo...

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Overpricedwatch + nerds x ign - ps2 = what now?! Quit spamming and get my fries ready, you're holding up the line

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If you have a ps4 you can buy the remastered digital HR from the PSstore

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What's Halo? You mean that tune by Beyoncé?

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Ha! I know right? Well, last i checked Peter's now a billionaire tycoon running Parker industries, and 'Spider-man' is his bodyguard. So i guess it worked out in the long run, in a weird way lol

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The guy -IS- trolling though. I Don't care about the score, don't care about meta, I'm simply not star struck by critics and know when someone's full of $#*t,

Eg. thompsen followed up on Twitter by saying the game aspires to be a toilet but is only worth being a urinal. That sounds like some of you guys on here.

Says the games should have ended after part one and has too much detail. Too much graphics lol. That's a first.

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Surprised they rated it this high. I'd say Dead Space was smarter. MP is just another corridor game of whack a mole.

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What do you mean "everyone threatened Shane"? Who's everyone? You're being exactly what you're condemning.

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He says on there, "game wants to be a toilet but is only ever usable as a urinal".

You know, there's an old saying about how the right to be heard does not include the right to be taken seriously. And that's some straight up trolling right out of a message board or 0/10 user review. It's one thing to not like something, but now he's just sh%#^g on the developers. Yeah I dont think naughty dog set out to make a toilet.

My qualm is wh...

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@pistols at dawn
33% of metacritics uncharted reviews are from sites with Sony or PlayStation in the title?! Umm, theres actually only FOUR. Four out of s whopping Ninety One!

4 out of 91 isn't a conspiracy, let alone 33%. Never go full, man. Never go full.

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"Quite possibly the most overrated game ever made"

Ok, now you have an agenda. You're taking it to a whole 'nother level, dismissing 30+ years of genuinely failed IP just to spank the current hit. So you're the only smart one in the room then? Don't be a dick with generalizations. Your readers aren't all clones of you.

Don't end future reviews with snarky comments about good graphics either. We all know they're good....

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A) Washington post shouldn't be on metacritic for games in the first place. Totally random with no gaming cred. Meta gonna start listing every local paper on earth now? They doesn't even include Famitsu and thats a legit long running gaming mag! Where's the Sao Paolo Gazette, or the Siberia sorta-Free Press, lol? Washington post. Dear lord.

B) Meta shouldn't make up scores where there are none. If you have to start making up numbers to someone else's w...

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The shooting mechanics and cover aren't "eerily similar" at all. Gears did that CNN shakey cam running shooting with slider reloads, can't jump, more of an over the shoulder RE4 feel. 007 Everything or Nothing from PS2 is a MUCH better example of the kinda cover shooting, melee, vehicle parts seen in Uncharted.

They didnt make UC1 in less than a year either. The conspiracy theories here are asinine. Game first showed up in magazines with a pic from the fir...

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Another one? I don't mind a legit fond farewell, it's when they start slipping in dat insecure re-assurance. Why insecure? Author keeps bringing up PLAYSTATION over and over and over again in an xbox eulogy, trying to downplay every 360 shortcoming -RROD- while overplaying every PS dislike -knocks both ps3/ps4 controllers-

Talks 360 sales dominance while avoiding the Wii all together and the 360 losing a 10 million - 0 lead twice.

Says he's pr...

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Guy gave you a legit answer in BB, your reply sounded insecure. "If I wanted that clone i'd buy it cuz I can afford anything but I'll look for a mod instead." That's peasant talk. The irony

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Gameboy, Gameboy color, Gameboy advance, Gameboy advance sp, Gameboy Micro, DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL. There's no 4-5 year "decency" gap between these

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