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Glad to hear there's way more in the tech pipeline than just large waves of zombie hordes, fun as that will be. The bike playing a big part in the open world takes me back to the importance of the horse in red dead redemption.

Dynamic weather will be great if it actually impacts the environment in meaningful ways. I can see rain making driving around more perilous and maybe winds and snow knocking around shelters, Impacting visibility against zombies or slowing them do...

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There's articles and forum posts on all the games you listed every single day. Maybe YOU don't click on them, but it's hardly just the Scorpio news network.

Yesterday Last Guardian was heating up from salty haters, today Spider-man, Days Gone, God of War, and Horizon all have new articles on page 1. There's a new Days gone article already 500 degrees with 60+ posts and a Spider-Man one tracking right behind.

All these Scorpio articles are...

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Just ideas for making more money from software. Will windows make you pay for Gold? If it does, Xbox live would survive through windows, and however many years Scorpio stays on the market.

Could show up as some kinda Uplay or EA access thing on the other consoles. Pay an XBL fee on PS and Nintendo for early access and perks on MS 1st party Xbox brand games.

If Scorpio doesn't bomb and they upgrade that one, XBL will still have that...

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You assume PC/PS peeps want those games. If they're not selling now why would they start selling later? Quantum Break won't go from 200,000 to 2 million anymore than MetalGearSolidV which didn't sell squat on the Xbox One.

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More likely the Xbox brand could start showing up on PS and Nintendo consoles. Play anywhere right? If it's software they wanna push then that's the next logical step after PC. Pull a Sega.

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You just spent all morning trashing TLG lol! Change your name first

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Sounds great.

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Everyone already knows what's coming out this year. You enjoy that? It's like buying a TV guide to see what was on yesterday. what's the point?

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I'm amazed COD fans can tie their own shoes. But hey, there was that one guy

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I got a Shadow of the Colossus vibe at times with the environment, in a good way.

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In comment history you said yourself you're a PC/xbone gamer, so you couldn't buy this game if you wanted to.

There's a great "Halo Wars 2 beta killed my hype" thread for ya not too far from this one.

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Because he's ultimately playing the victim on something that he leaves ambiguous. Namely, his budget. Somehow this is Sony interfering with his quest to "keep the lights on and food on the table." It's disqualified by me simply asking where his $9.99 went that I somehow managed to dig up a year in advance, with lights and food leftover.

Article says he's somewhat bewildered and violated by what's actually a TOS precedent set 8 years ago. Killzone 3...

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What Azuske said. Xbox Live used to lock Netflix and the web browser behind a paywall, and that was far worse imo because Netflix was already a paid service. This is nothing in comparison.

Yeah you can say "why have this tech demo behind PS+" but that argument could go on forever. Why shouldnt avatar X or theme Y or beta Z be free for everyone? Why can't Silver give you online access on 360 when online is free on PS3 and Wii? Welcome to last gen

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Anyone who played on PS3 last gen would know this was part of the foundation PS Plus was built upon. Exclusive trials. And it's been a while.

Video games in general are entertainment. How we choose to budget and prioritize our many forms of entertainment is our call, not Sony's. That's why his rant about how Sony is somehow to blame for this while he's trying to "keep the lights on and put food on the table", is a bit sanctimonious. He can't af...

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It's not strange. If you had ps plus last gen you'd know they did this on occasion. It was the perks of plus that were its selling point, not paying to play online. Online was free.

Exclusive betas, demos, early release dates, sales, online storage, free themes and avatars, 1 hour game trials, IGC, That's PS plus. Frankly it's about damn time they did this. Something more to justify a subscription besides an online pass.

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"So why the selfish attitude?"

Because Sony's investing money in this? This ain't Kickstarter, and it ain't Sony or Disneys responsibility to buy stubborn peeps the hardware they don't wanna buy themselves.

If MS wants in, let them approach Sony with a proposal. Maybe free up SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION which MS snatched up as an exclusive last gen right in the middle of that storyline, screwing over PS gamers. Turnabout is fair p...

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Eating shit and Barbie's pink shoes? What the #%* are you talking about LOL? This game's announcement has been pure entertainment. I already want a sequel

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That's not TC Carson???? I swear it sounded like him just deeper and gruffer, which VA's can do. Well damn.

I honestly thought it was Carson so good on the new guy for bringing a similar texture. Some of the delivery with his son DID seem faster paced than what TC used to do, but I just chalked it up as a whatever.

I wonder why TC didn't come back. memories of David Hayter, but at least it's not a Hollywood actor type teplacing him, I do...

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ScorpiusX, you're the guy who got moderated the other day calling Sony "the garbage they are and that includes Andrew House, I couldn't care less if they vanished or dissolved, rather see Microsoft and Nintendo remain the only players in the market."

Yeah, that's your quotes I'm paraphrasing.

You don't care about multiplat equality, so can the SJW act! You want their game but also want them out of the industry. Doabarrelroll...

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Is this a 1hr timed trial or can you keep replaying it?

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