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Sony says "Me too" all the time? Err, the Xbox Web browser, GWG, bluray, blutooth, wifi, hdmi, 3D, DTS, cloud backup, Twitch all say "me too" right back atcha. I don't even think MS has had a 3D game since Gears 3 in 2011. Sony still supports it with games like Puppeteer.

Driveclub was announced before horizon 2 was btw. Before that they made Motorstorm. There's a lineage here you're not seeing. What's Forza if not a "me too" Gran... #1.17.1
Did the announcement come later, yeah. But I'm talking about the words "too late". too late for what exactly? Is this console cycle over now? We don't even have mp3 playback yet. Year one first world problems, I swear #1.8.6
My name address and phone number are already public. It's called a phone book. Paranoia much?

I wonder what my yellow pages could go for on the black market? Bidding starts at half a million.. #4.1.5
Dude, the xbox brand didn't even have a web browser until recent. Or built in wifi. Or bluray. Or twitch. Or DTS HD. If Sony's broke, then by your standards MS must be borderline homeless lol #22.2
Sony's too late? To what, their own party? The ps3 has already had 3D bluray support for years. Congrats to xbone for finally inching closer to last gen #1.8.1
LBP karting

Sackboy's also popped up as a cameo here n there like in 3d dot game heroes and the Playroom. He's got plushy dolls at toys r us, dudes out there #8.1.1
NEC and Sega? Neither makes consoles anymore. Proof that mascots don't mean $#*% #1.4.3
Games I actually wanna play? #1.5.1
Sony helped fund LA Noire to the tune of millions of dollars and didnt retain rights to squat, so nice try. GTA, MGS, RE, TR, FF have all been Playstation exclusives at some point yet the IP still belongs to rockstar/konami/capcom/square. Sony don't own Spyro or Crash either.

If MS owns Bungie, how are Bungie releasing Destiny on PS3/PS4? MS does own Gears btw, and MassEffect was exclusive on 360 for more than "a year or two". As were DeadRising... #1.2.8
Lmfao! The reason you don't pay for online on the wii-u is because you barely have an online to speak of. So many games launch late and with missing features, Arkham Origins didn't even have an online! AC3 players can't even find a lobby.

I'd hardly consider the Bioshocks, Battlefields,Tomb Raider, Xcom, Demons Souls, Uncharted etc "crappy games" on plus. You couldn't buy them on Nintendo if you wanted to. 3rd party insurrection will do that to... #46.2
MS talks statistics all-the-time!! Hell, in the middle of npd reports they go off on how many zombies were killed here, or how many miles driven/combos performed there . Throw in some paid celebrity endorsements on stage and Aaron Greenberg stick poking and bang. What goes around comes around

Paying for gold to access free ANY... #36.1
Outlast has a great atmosphere, coupled with some of the cat'n'mouse sections where you had to hide, felt like something right out of Manhunt. And thats a good thing #7
Read the links I gave you from analysts, google it as well, and think for one frikkin second. You bring up PS2 but WTF do you think the PS2 is even selling in 2014 when its not even on store shelves anymore? You honestly think PS2 is inflating PS3 numbers by millions? Really? So defensive for that one year 10 million falsestart, whittled down to nothing. #1.16.5
SingleConsoleGamer, you're putting a November 2013 PS3 link up against a JUNE 2014 MS link. Like the PS3 hasnt sold a single unit in 8 months LMFAO. Your Gamespot link's quote from the MS PR guy says 84mil' btw, not "almost 85." Stop spinning.

PS3 has been ahead since 77 million 34d ago by trouble_bubble | View comment
"king of consoles"? You can be king now from 3rd place LOL?

The PSP alone did XBox360 numbers. Then lets pretend Nintendo doesn't exist and didn't regain the -most- marketshare going from just over 20million Gamecubes to over 100 million Wii. It was all Xbawks

you're frothing at the mouth in fallacy. UC3 outsold Gears3 head2head. Look it up. UC2 did over 6million too. As did MGS4, as did GT. Gears Ju... #1.8.4
How is Sony more reliant on ND?! ND only released one exclusive in the last 2 years, a new IP.

Last year alone Sony had exclusives from Santa Monica, sanzaru, polyphony digital, guerrilla games, quantic dream, sega, vanillaware, insomniac, DE, level-5, Namco, Japan studio. 2013 wasn't that long ago, unless a certain green demographic have just repressed it #6.4
So we're dividing by master chiefs now lol? Assassins creed has had like 6 different playable protagonists. Each numbered entry introduced a new ancestor. No excuses there.

Are MGS2 and MGS3 not "main stories" because you play as Raiden and BigBoss instead of SolidSnake? Is Resistance3 not a main game cuz you play as Capelli instead of Hale? Templar hasn't been playable since Killzone1. Silent Hill and Resident Evil swap protagonists every... #20.3
Hate to break it to you, but 4 is less than, how many announced retail halos are we at, 9 or 10?! More if you count the inevitable halo 6 in the new trilogy and downloadables like spartan assault.

Uncharted4 is looking to be the finale. You couldn't have picked a worse counterpoint. Especially with franchises like Ratchet&Clank out there. #25.1
Ha! That was awesome, hit all the right notes! #12
Well, some levels would change right beneath your feet for one. Fighting on the limbs of titans and getting spun around. Arkham Origins didn't add anything, recycled the same dreary snow vibe from arkham city. Lowest rated in the series, if you're not counting the arkham blackgate game. Assassins creed does the batman "press triangle to win" fighting style every year. GOW doesn't really have direct hack n slash competition. That said they still need to make... #3.2
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