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"Achievements were just one small part of what helped make the 360 the go-to console of choice as oppose to its first-party title-lacking brethren; the forever-fumbling PS3."

What does that even mean? In what alternate universe did the PS3 lack 1st party titles and how on earth would that be affected by achievements? Hell, the Wii won last gen' and didn't even -have- cheevos, lol. Oh internet #16
Article spends the last third doom and glooming over how the Souls games were never quintuple-platinum sellers and thus Bloodborne may not be a big help either, therefore continuing the PS4's "start to flounder."

LoL, always something eh?

It's apparently a Sony-only problem as he never once mentions the mediocre sales of rival company exclusives like Sunset Overdrive, Forza5, Forza Horizon2 etc.

Blasts the Order again by lin... #22
Mob mentality twisted what? MS is responsible for flipping their own switches. From DRM and always-online to parity clauses and the Kinect disconnect

@ krypt
Whats so future proof revolutionary about AA batteries? #2.5.5
There's no tangible difference between infamous averaging 80% metacritic and Sunset overdrive averaging 81%. That's a difference of one clickbait Tom Chick review. Dead Rising 3 likewise scored 1% less than LBP3.

The Order for all it's controversy still scored higher than Ryse. Horizon2 pretty much averaged the same as Horizon1. Xbox doesn't even have a retail baseball game to speak of. Naw, there hasn't been any substantial leap or difference of quality i... #23.1

Seeing how games like Driveclub and LBP3 pretty much doubled the sales of Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive in the same release window, I'd beg to differ. #16.1.2
LMAO, ruining the industry?!

What, your innocent, precious industry of day one DLC, broken games at launch, micro transactions, annual sequelitis, slapped together licensed properties, motion control shovel ware, paid online, DRM, paid/timed exclusives, flip the switch proprietary peripheral gamer gate goodness????

Sorry, but the industry ruined itself before this game was even a twinkle in gaming journalism's clickbait eye #1.1.2
lol, my thoughts exactly! Can't watch it on my phone either. Maybe fix your cr@ppy website guys before tearing anyone else a new one #4.1
Oh lord, another editorial? Game journalism has become a man-child playground. Yet another post-review thesis about why their opinion is the right one. Then he ends it by saying Bloodborne will be awesome and if you don't agree with him he'll beat up your charachter. Meant as a joke but probably not far from the truth. #4
How do you know he hasn't already tried all those other things and realised they suck, lol? Can't ride your bike from sunrise to sunset.

Times have changed. You "chase a girl" they'll probably cite you with harassment, beat up a bully and it's you that gets charged, brandish a water gun and the cops are likely to shoot you back lol. Kid's better off saving a fictional galaxy, or at least he was until Kermit got indoctrinate... #1.1.13
"Most of the rest literally have Playstation in their publication name, hard to call that unbiased.."


Of the 51 reviews currently on meta, only TWO have Playstation in the name, and one of them gave it a 75. This game is literally making people stupid #3.1.6
Not one game there interests me. Waste of money #10.2
EA access? Lol, I haven't played an EA game in a good couple years. Didn't even bother with Crysis3 or DeadSpace3 when they were FREE on psPlus. Access is for EA fanboys, Now is more for anyone. #14.1
So the last place console manufacturer will be A-ok but the one leading with record hardware sales and the most future proof specs for software is doomed to be sold off to samsung?! That's generally not how implosions work, LOL.

To the other point, MS has thrown everything at Sony already including exclusives, multiple sku price cuts, free game bundles and rebate offers, and Sony hasn't even had one price cut yet. What do you think will happen when they do?? #9.4
RIP. We all owe him #17
nerds, I swear #105
Wtf you mean "who cares about last gen"? A console is a console. If they keep releasing games for last gen like Forza Horizon2, LBP3 and AC Rogue that AREN'T ON PC, then clearly it matters! "Think carefully" indeed. #5.1.2
It's not. It's a thinly veiled shot at ps plus, hence the quotation marks around "free".

Frankly with the recent MCC problems, I'd through some quotations around "refined online experience" too. #1.2.2
Er, Assassins creed 2/3/4 and revelations all sold more on ps3 than 360 according to vgchartz estimates. You were saying? #7.1
Better than Sony's best on all fronts? Umm, the latest Zelda, skyward sword, only sold 3.78 million according to vgchartz. Super smash bros 2014 only moved 2.7million.

Uncharted 3 sold more and rated higher than gears 3 head2head, as did GOW: Ascension next to GeOW: Judgment. Heck, uncharted 2 rated higher than all of them. The last of us did too, critically and in sales.

Reminder: Halo 4 had an 87% meta score. Smash Bros 3DS scored les... #1.1.15
LBP hits all of your bulletpoints for innovation, impact, sales, critical acclaim. Why should it budge? Uncharted isn't on there either. Bayonetta should forfeit if anything #30.2
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