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Games don't have to be 10/10 or bust. TLG has pretty much the same critical avg as the most recent Gears and Halo games. If anything it's actually a good example of why you --shouldn't-- cancel games prematurely.

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You've clearly never played uncharted 4 and have some weird microtransaction agenda where none exists. Everything can be unlocked in it by winning in game currency and you accumulate enough that I myself have a bunch of cool skins despite not having played the MP for too long.

It's NOTHING like the Star Wars season passes etc. FFS they just released the entire survival DLC for FREE!

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You don't know what flop means. It still sold a couple million and averaged a 71 despite the social media drama. I didn't even play it, don't want to. It's just common sense.

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Exactly this! The one girl says she got really triggered when her friend made a comment about her being a "cam girl", but the fact of the matter is she IS all dolled up with tons of makeup, done up hair and camera angles all set up for peeps to check out her figure just as much if not more than the game.

I check out twitch streams sometimes and a lot of these girls spend most of their talk time just thanking dudes for their subscribes and follows and asking for m...

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Michael, 2.7 million is closer to THREE than two. In school they teach ya to round up after .5 not down. Quit while you're behind.

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Now you're just spamming "the earth is flat prove me wrong" equivalents.

"Buh buh but Quantum Break sold 9 million, ReCore sold 10 million, Ryse sold 15 million, Gears sold 20 million before it even released, Halo sold 40 million cuz everyone on Xbox bought it twice cuz digital. Prove me wrong you can't!"

That is what you sound like. A hallway at Arkham. "goo goo gajoob, I'm the walrus you're a newb!...

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Guilty Gear Xrd, Blaz Blue, Odin Sphere, MLB16, Dragon Quest Builders all have critical averages between 83-87. I don't think any of those were mentioned in the article. Good representation just below that too with SFV and World of Final Fantasy. What is there to debate? It's cut and dry black and white. One console has those games one doesn't.

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Sunset Overdrive has already been free on GWG. Your digital guesswork conveniently forgets that.

Other than that, a million is a solid debut on Xbox. Insomniac knows their craft. Sunset will return.

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Lastking, son, it was FIVE YEARS between Uncharted 3 --2011-- and Uncharted 4 --2016--

Halo 4 was 2012, Halo 5 was 2015. That's THREE. You can't count.

Don't act like Reach wasn't a full blown AAA Halo game either. It outsold and outscored both 4 and 5.

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Those fire wheels give me anxiety lol

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If Crackdown 3 launches beside Project: scorponok, I think it's all but guaranteed to be a big seller. They need to roll a good game out with the Scorponok. By any means necessary. New console, new game, new bundle. New money.

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Publishers pay bonuses based on metacritic, not twitch streaming.

The only certainty about twitch is people watching the streams aren't playing the game themselves.

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That's exactly what I was thinking. Cheap little baseball game sprints past 8 reviews and suddenly its hanging with the hundred review marathon runners? No. just no.

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What's with the spam? Is that a bot or did someone push the q-tip too far into their ear?

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Love it or hate it, people follow it. Of course it's gonna get approved. Odds on favourite says your reviewer is already on there.

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Adewale had a poignant DLC all to himself very in AC4. Freedom Cry. Aveline did well enough in her own game too. Emmett in Starhawk got the reigns in Warhawk's spiritual successor.

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You serious? The industry follows it. Bonuses have been won and lost cuz of it. Microsoft and Sony have both linked to -- oh I get it you're being sarcastic. Aaaaa ya got me lol!

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Didn't GTA San Andreas have a bunch of interiors? I remember break and enter missions at night where you could sneak into a bunch of residential homes and steal their tvs etc

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