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A sample size of 17900 out of tens of millions is pointlessly insignificant. What age group you asking, territory? Tweak one variable, ask another 17900 in and you'll get something else entirely.

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Strike back with Scorpio? That thing that's over a year away? That's like CM Punk striking back after he's already been speared outta his shoes. Glancing blows, too little too late. First let's see what Nintendo weighs in at. Word is they've been bulking up for a rematch too.

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I'll save you the trouble. They suck.

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So by that ass backwards logic, a good GWG lineup = an intentionally bad AAA one? That "majority of months" GWG is better it's cuz their exclusives are piss poor? LOL!! "Their own massive AAA's" distract from GWG. My god. If they marketed that way somebody would be out of a job.

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XcOm and darkdungeondragonballs should pay ME to play em. Naw, shit games on both dockets.

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You need to pull back that camera a bit. Konami killed Castlevania, Contra and Silent Hills, Rare died a slow death on Kinect shovelware, Lionhead folded in beta, Half Life went vapour under Valve, Sega watched Sonic the Hedghog and Phantasy Star get left behind the times, Nintendo dropped the ball on kid Icarus, Starfox, Bayonetta 2 under their exclusive banner. Socom ain't some industry anomaly.

Project Gotham, Project Spark, Too human, Banjo, Fable, ...

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Free to play is free, recoRE or however the hell you capitalise it costs real money. Jesus Christ man. That comparison is 'Fighter Within' bad

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Too many Xbox trolls in last guardian articles. Maybe ask THEM why they're so far from home?

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They need to enable streaming on ps4. Video's all blocked

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Game could score 10's and there are people here who wouldn't buy it. Fact. They're so concerned, yet don't even play the games they bitch and moan about all the time. It's the same half dozen Xbox guys in every critical PlayStation article. Most of them are already in here. Just waiting for sandwich to show up

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Games not out for 3 more months. Zero Dawn isn't even this year genius. Gears 4 will bomb way before any of that happens if the bland beta was any indication.

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Um, the reviewer seemed to like it. The controls gave hi some concern cuz his character grabbed something in a jump he didn't want to, kinda like assassins creed which still sells a ton.

Oh and one puzzle he got stuck on when the animal wasn't doing what he wanted it to, which they still managed to figure out and which they can tweak anyways in the next 3 months. Look at how much the Witcher 3 buggered up for people at launch or Fallout 4 still does with dlc. Are t...

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Huh? PS3 had custom background ya know. You could even use your own photos and zoom or scale. something the 360 couldn't do.

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And yet it's still worse. NMS 71% meta, RECore 61% and falling. What happened?

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Wtf. ME is a single player experience so why not up the frames for P-Pro?

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PSPro4neo is the most powerful console that youll be able to buy this year and for most of next. HankScorpio will be the most powerful after that. It's that simple. The year after that it might be something else.

The Scorpio victory parades are getting a bit silly though. Im seeing a growing "war's over" sentiment that's based on ignoring everything that's already happened this gen or will happen for the next 12+ months. Like suddenly the years of...

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Lmfao! "The glaring lack of exclusives becomes more apparent when you compare it to the competition"! Goes on to mention bombs like quantum break and sunset overdrive --which has already been FREE on GWG-- as being something to aspire to. Yeah all AAA devs aspire to lose money.

Takes a shot at NMS as not being a true exclusive since its on PC, failing to realize all the upcoming Xbox exclusives he listed will be going to PC too since MS's new Windows push. ...

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Omfg what lol? Name one. Cuz you're saying until dawn, ratchet and clank, MLB the show, last guardian, horizon, yakuza 0, Gravity Rush, Bloodborne, infamous, Killzone, Odin sphere, Nioh, LittleBigPlanet, the order, Driveclub are all too much like the last of us. That's what you're saying when you say too many Sony games are like the last of us. Youll see how dumb that sounds

Where's the RTS's? Oh god! Well where a...

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lol, so now it's the ps4 fans' fault for hyping mediocrity? Fable says hi. Or it would if it wasn't shot out back beside project spark

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