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So the last place console manufacturer will be A-ok but the one leading with record hardware sales and the most future proof specs for software is doomed to be sold off to samsung?! That's generally not how implosions work, LOL.

To the other point, MS has thrown everything at Sony already including exclusives, multiple sku price cuts, free game bundles and rebate offers, and Sony hasn't even had one price cut yet. What do you think will happen when they do?? #9.4
RIP. We all owe him #17
nerds, I swear #105
Wtf you mean "who cares about last gen"? A console is a console. If they keep releasing games for last gen like Forza Horizon2, LBP3 and AC Rogue that AREN'T ON PC, then clearly it matters! "Think carefully" indeed. #5.1.2
It's not. It's a thinly veiled shot at ps plus, hence the quotation marks around "free".

Frankly with the recent MCC problems, I'd through some quotations around "refined online experience" too. #1.2.2
Er, Assassins creed 2/3/4 and revelations all sold more on ps3 than 360 according to vgchartz estimates. You were saying? #7.1
Better than Sony's best on all fronts? Umm, the latest Zelda, skyward sword, only sold 3.78 million according to vgchartz. Super smash bros 2014 only moved 2.7million.

Uncharted 3 sold more and rated higher than gears 3 head2head, as did GOW: Ascension next to GeOW: Judgment. Heck, uncharted 2 rated higher than all of them. The last of us did too, critically and in sales.

Reminder: Halo 4 had an 87% meta score. Smash Bros 3DS scored les... #1.1.15
LBP hits all of your bulletpoints for innovation, impact, sales, critical acclaim. Why should it budge? Uncharted isn't on there either. Bayonetta should forfeit if anything #30.2
Lbp2 was better than lbp1 but they picked the original that started it all. Portal2 added soooo much to portal including a full AAA story and coop, yet they went with the first. Same should apply to Souls. Demons Souls started it all. Dark Souls needs to know it's role as the multiplat consolation prize . Demons Souls was the revolution.

Frankly I'd take out DMC's little sister sarahpalinetta, that sega couldn't even fund a sequel for on their o... #3.1.5
Xbox One didn't even HAVE any gwg games until June, when they got an old PS3 game in Guacamelee. You know not what you say. #32.2
lmao, so you essentially stole 3 years of PS+ and then complain about wanting more for your money? I'd love to see your trophies to see what you actually like, but your profile is privacy locked. Red flags everywhere. #8.5
GWG changed to "rentals" too because the selection was prehistoric without it. They literally had no free XB1 games 'til they flipped that switch this summer #7.1
Nah, Playstation won September with Velocity alone. Brand NEW, $20 value for free, the -HIGHEST RATED- new game of the month with 86% on metacritic. That's higher than Destiny. Plus it's a PS4 game. Halo Reach in comparison is a 4 YEAR OLD last gen 360 game. Wow. #4.1
Most of the comments here aren't even about the game, they're about the xbox controller, xbox friends lists, xbox multiplats, xbox live. It's xbox reassurance personified. #70.1
Cobraaaaa! #37.2
Warframe is free, and you can trade loot. More classes, more planets, more pve modes, more weapons. The repetitiveness is offset by the rewards #27.1
Bioshock has better characters and more story in one city than Destiny has in the entire galaxy. Even from just a sci-fi/rpg aspect, Destiny pales next to the first Mass Effect. #16.2.3
No, but I remember when Tomb Raider Definitive Edition was 30fps on xbone and you guys accepted that. #36.1
What hand holding?! that chunk of video shows nothing other than drafting and overtaking peeps on a tight corner. Lol, I think you're confusing this with Forza which has a built-in "rewind" cheat, even on Horizon, so you never have to take responsibility for your own gameplay. #32.2
Apples to oranges. Infamous is xmen fantasy and not about side quests like playing tennis, drug running, stock market lol. You could compare gtaV to batman arkham city by those standards and say it puts batman to shame as well. But you'd be just as dumb. #29
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