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If so few exclusives interest you colbertinstor that you can write off the next 12 without even knowing them, this probably isn’t the right hobby for ya.

It’s like listening to my dad or Jack Thompson tell me everything sucks lol.

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Multiplats can suck and blow just the same. EA just lost how many billion over a multiplat? No guarantees

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Another Q1 beauty

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Typical kribwakker. Praises marketing deals for Xbox, bloody marketing deals, yet completely omits Hellblade, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Y’s VIII, Yakuza Kiwami scoring quite well in the 2nd half for PS. Suddenly one good game is enough for Xbox but 5-6 good games on PS is mediocre lol. Lucille give me strength

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You’re nobody. Who cares

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zivtheawrsome is right.i clicked on a HZD article and right out of the gates we got try-hards crying about Zelda and Mario being better. Jesus Christ. Wtf are you even in here for then? Take it somewhere else. Guy likes HZD. No one cares what you like kribwalker. The antagonists are ruining this place

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The order’s a team, so some sort of pve co-op mode would make sense.

If not, then a nice open world single player whitechapel like assassin creed syndicate that keeps that dark Burton atmosphere of the first.

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tough month

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Do you get all four?

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wtf kribwakker, love how you just erased the highest rated jrpg/arpgs in Persona 5 and Bloodborne out of existence! Lie enough I guess you start to believe it

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"That style"? You don't even know what JRPGs are. It ain't a Japanese thing, it's a PlayStation thing.

You say you don't find GT Sport "as impressive as Forza 7 or Project Cars 2", but according to your Xbox profile you've NEVER EVEN PLAYED Forza 7 or Project Cars 2!

Interesting how you can dismiss a year of PlayStation games you've never even played. Man, you don't even have to play games like Project car...

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Nintendo's alleged crown that you speak of is one game. Zelda. Arguably overrated af at that. Same old Zelda Mario cycle. Hardly crown worthy

Who cares if Sony has 3rd party exclusives? They're still exclusives. Stupid argument wooly. So now who makes the game disqualifies it from being exclusive lol? What dumb fud is that?

Insomniac is 3rd party. makes exclusives for both Xbox and PlayStation. Sunset overdrive, ratchet and clank, spider-man. They...

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No bloody kidding lol! Stupidest logic ever. How's that Nier Automata patch coming along btw LOL!

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Who's "everyone"? Why are you even here, you were never going to play it anyways

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Don't get high on your own supply there, scarface

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omg they already did, lol! Cheers!

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Is this running on the yakuza 6 engine? Looks fresh

lol he sets that guy on fire with his kali sticks, then unwinds with some boob pics. Don't ever change, Japan!

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Someone cosplay this, stat! -waves dollah bills-

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Was never in question

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Oh, god. Another mark that can't read.

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