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"Atlas should be paying ME for that"

Lmfao, wHaT?!

With that foolproof logic, why stop at digital? Do every developer the same solid and walk into GameStop, tell the guy behind the counter to kindly place all the new games into your napsack with some cash from the till for the bus ride home. Cuz your friend might buy something there one day. Free advertising.


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List your alternative sources then, cuz Uncharted 4 alone sold like gangbusters last year, leading ALL exclusives on any platform. Series high for MLB the Show as well. R&C even did a couple million, so to hear you saying nothing is selling is transparent BS.

Gotta look at sales per console. Not just PS4 sales vs the combined multiplat sales of 3 consoles + PC. The games that sell the most millions like COD or BF aren't moving the industry forward either. They'...

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TLG passed a million in a couple months. That studio never sold that much of any game that quick. To say it didn't sell well is either a poor attempt at trolling or you're genuinely retarded.

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Take your own advice for once

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Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of Xilia and Tales of Graces f all did a million on PS3 too. White Knight Chronicles is right on the cusp. For jrpgs that's really something.

Japan's done some great games. Even the Dragon Quest Heroes spinoff is near a million while Dragon Quest Builders already passed it worldwide

You keep talking about averaging in the 70's. About that. Forza 5 averaged 79%. GT has never scored that low.

Then you say GT6 didn't sell 5 million? Except it did

What else ya got? More barns found than any other racer, lol? smh

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This game already made back its money and has had two more games come out since. You wouldn't grasp that concept though, since yours are always getting cancelled.

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Internet says it's at half a million WW. Which is Sega's average over 10 years.

Not every game is made for ''murica, same way not every 'murican game makes it over there. Just ask MS

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Uh oh, this would suck

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Yet you have time to post mediocre comments on here. So much more you could be doing, like brushing your tooth.

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Hannah Montana? lol what?

You sound defensive. Did someone laugh at your level? How small is it? Don't look at the other guys in the lobby. When you find a game you really really like, it'll get bigger. Promise.

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So by the same broken logic, we should also do away with leaderboards, prestiges, feats, points, levels, ranks, milestones, basically anything remotely competitive that might threaten the betas. smh lol!

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Games don't have to be 10/10 or bust. TLG has pretty much the same critical avg as the most recent Gears and Halo games. If anything it's actually a good example of why you --shouldn't-- cancel games prematurely.

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You've clearly never played uncharted 4 and have some weird microtransaction agenda where none exists. Everything can be unlocked in it by winning in game currency and you accumulate enough that I myself have a bunch of cool skins despite not having played the MP for too long.

It's NOTHING like the Star Wars season passes etc. FFS they just released the entire survival DLC for FREE!

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You don't know what flop means. It still sold a couple million and averaged a 71 despite the social media drama. I didn't even play it, don't want to. It's just common sense.

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Exactly this! The one girl says she got really triggered when her friend made a comment about her being a "cam girl", but the fact of the matter is she IS all dolled up with tons of makeup, done up hair and camera angles all set up for peeps to check out her figure just as much if not more than the game.

I check out twitch streams sometimes and a lot of these girls spend most of their talk time just thanking dudes for their subscribes and follows and asking for m...

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Michael, 2.7 million is closer to THREE than two. In school they teach ya to round up after .5 not down. Quit while you're behind.

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Now you're just spamming "the earth is flat prove me wrong" equivalents.

"Buh buh but Quantum Break sold 9 million, ReCore sold 10 million, Ryse sold 15 million, Gears sold 20 million before it even released, Halo sold 40 million cuz everyone on Xbox bought it twice cuz digital. Prove me wrong you can't!"

That is what you sound like. A hallway at Arkham. "goo goo gajoob, I'm the walrus you're a newb!...

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