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Hulk cant even get another solo movie in the MCU due to rights issues with universal. Best he can do is cameo. A game ain't happening.

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Why don't YOU show your 2017 press conference from Sony execs where they bow and say the PS3 mysteriously and suddenly stopped selling one day in 2013 after closing a 10 million to zero gap, even though it's the Xbox360 that bowed out and got DISCONTINUED FIRST! Years ago at that.

Ps3 remained in production as they still manufactured more for retailers, only stopping production in Japan recently. Articles were on n4g for everything I just said.

U ...

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How's it a year and a half too late for external HDD? You've been waiting longer than that for games to even save to it. Your reel2real psn profile doesn't even have Horizon on it lmfao! Ya haven't even popped a trophy since 2016!

They haven't had sh1t since Horizon? They've had Nier, Persona, The Show, Zodiac Age, Stormblood, Crash, Nex Machina, Guilty Gear Rev2, DQ Heroes2. Next month has Hellblade, Lost Legacy, Yakuza Kiwami


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Wasn't crash the top selling game worldwide in June, considering it only released at the end? Wtf are you talking about 343?

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I clicked the article just to see for myself if Edge was honestly that stupid.

They were.

Whoever said that, is a bonafide moron. Like, his only saving grace would be to either admit he's an idiot, or a freelancer that doesn't follow the videogame industry at all and was told to say that for clicks. Cuz it's just that dumb. Go home videogame journalism, you're drunk.

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Wow, Prey fell off the charts completely. Even by console.

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Zodiac Age and Stormblood are reviewing very well. Stormblood's averaging 90. What's the issue?

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This is a remaster of a ps3 digital only title, who on earth expected more? This is better than I even thought it'd do. Great racer but it's not a new game or hyped. It's all bonus money.

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Lmao, no way he said that! I gotta see this for myself --puts on snorkel and dives in--

Edit: didn't have to go far lol, only 2 days ago. Lame. And twice on Sunday! lol smh

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the Last of us is country music? Only on n4g smh.

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Better with every release??? Dude Forza 5 averaged 79% on metacritic as recently as 2013, which is lower than any GT has ever done.

Read it, remember it

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Prey estimates on vgchartz for XB1 are 110,000. For a AAA from Bethesda years in the making, that's close enough to stink bomb country that I can smell the sulfur. 270,000 on PS4. Better, but for a multiplat probably not enough to justify dlc let alone a sequel.

Space isn't tops in gaming right now. Look at the article you clicked on. "Is Mass Effect dead"?

The Star Trek mmo just launched on console this year and is equally meh. No one c...

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You're not buying them on PC, you couldn't if you wanted to. It's a rental, and a stream rental at that. Downgraded lower res, half the frame rate at times, no online multiplayer yet no offline mode. It's its own mutation.

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Remastering old ps1 ps2 GameCube Xbox era games for the modern 16x9 HD era has merit. REmake, Twin Snakes, Zero Mission, Halo anniversary, they did stuff. Crash is old af, so the Crash remake has grounds.

It's all the 3 year later definitive edition cash in crap like prototype, sleeping dogs or the train wrecks like the silent hill remasters that bring it down. Like, Metro Last Light got remastered only to bomb again. Wtf was the point?

COD4 remaster...

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Some things are cyclical. Space, sci fi aliens and all that, aren't all that in gaming at the moment.

COD's getting away from the moon jumping and space sets, titanfall 2 came and went, no man's sky got roasted, dead space is dead, Prey bombed, mass effect flopped, halo and gears are burnt out shells of their former selves, the guardians of the galaxy game is invisible. The aliens lost.

SW battlefront has the 40 yr old star wars license to hel...

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All the new maps in shadowfall were free. GG's good like that

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Needs more twilight princess go karting c-c-c combo breakers in another castle.

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Sadly, G4 died a long time ago. Someone just finally decided to bury the corpse.

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"Maybe you'll get a platinum for beating the game and then another for beating on hard. Maybe you'll get 5 a game, maybe only 1. Platinum means so much while individual trophies mean exponentially less"

Okay, wait what? You have NO idea what a platinum even is, yet you managed to write a dissertation about it and analyze. LMAO!

5g and those occasionally 1g achievements are trash. Grinding a 5g achievement in a 1000g game feels ridiculous. ...

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