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Good call. Talking about immersion breaking, 3/4 of the trophies/cheevos in Bioshock infinite were just "kill kill kill".

Kill x amount with x weapon/vigor in x graphic way. TLOU you barely get anything your first playthrough and while you have to upgrade everything eventually for the plat, you don't have to use them. Don't have to play a certain way. Bioshock, you have to play how the developer tells you to. Rambo out those death from aboves! #20.3
Since when does Sony buy out random, timed exclusive sequels? Not talking about DLC here, but full retail AAA follow ups? They don't. It was weird when RE4 was a Nintendo exclusive, and so is this. #7.1
PS doesn't intentionally cock block sequels to franchises already on xbox though, does it?

PS had Splinter Cell Double Agent, MS took away Splinter Cell Conviction. PS had Dead Rising 2, MS took away Dead Rising 3. PS had Ace Combat 5, MS took away Ace Combat 6. That's greasy.

Look how long MS held on to Mass Effect1 even after the trilogy ended? MGS Peacewalker and AC Liberation meanwhile both went from psp exclusive to ps3/360 at the same time. No p... #4.2
The gameplay in ground zeroes is closer to mgs4 and peace walker than any other metal gear that you liked. The camera, customizing, codec, controls and larger maps/multiple paths have been carried over from mgs4 while the Fulton and mission score rankings from peace walker have been as well. What's this "return to roots" you speak of?!

Yakuza was always a Japanese niche. That's the difference. No one expects it to flip flop, e... #2.2
"Why I didn't like last night's dinner." Overly long blog after the jump. Film at 11. Soundtrack already available on iTunes. #19
The logic in this article is so flawed and irrelevant. So if in turn I "predict" the Halo MCC to sell 10 million copies, I can turn around and call it a failure if it " only" sells 9 million? Because if missing a random nobody's target by a mere 50k is cause for such vitriol, then missing a mark by a whopping 1 million would be an astronomical disasterpiece, right? lmao. Who are these people? #24
People use cars to drive, doesn't mean they can't trick em out with some wax, polish, ghost paint, spoiler, undercarriage and rims too. PCs have had customizable desktops as long as windows. #18.1
If "you can bet your happy meal chicken eating ass" doesn't sound unprofessional to you, that's, yeahhh.

Then in the comments he goes off again thanking someone for arousing him sexually lol!! The hell do some of you do for a living where that passes as professional? Paragraph 3 for example, no magazine would print this #1.1.16
@ neogamer
Better to delay a game than to not have any games to delay. Need I remind you what 2013 looked like for Sony and Microsoft?

2013 PS3 exclusives: Sly Cooper, MLB13 The Show, NiNoKuni, God of War Ascension, Guacamelee, Tales of Xilia, Dragons Crown, The Last of Us, Beyond, Puppeteer, Gran Turismo 6 etc

2013 XB360 exclusives: Gears of War Judgment, Dark

Shouldn't the Xbone have even -more- games now, considering? When a fr... #1.4.4
This is hilarious, especially as SP is native 1080p already and GG explained their MP 1080 temporal reprojection months ago and at GDC.

At first I thought the plaintif was serious, like maybe he got sick from licking his screen too much cuz it looks so damn good. "Mmm, Vekta!" -slurp, runs to washroom at 60fps- #75
I got Journey a week early through Plus. Haven't bought an EA game in about as long. If BF3/BF4 online were anything to go by, you'll just be disappointed a week before everyone else. #2.2.6
Erm..PS Home has been making money for YEARS http://www.develop-online.n... and new content updates weekly. Do try and keep up #15.1
"Indie shovelware for the most part?" Metacritic would disagree. Are Outlast, Resogun, Dead Nation, Fez, Strider, Trine2, Towerfall Ascension, Pixeljunk Shooter not exceptions? Especially considering they're rating higher than their full price retail AAA brothers.

Retail flopware like Transformers, Spiderman2, Bound by Flame, Sniper Elite, Thief, Murdered Soul Suspect, NBA Live '14 ain't the answer. #11.2.3
Your post history disagrees with you.

Sold it? Nah, you previously said you gave said PS4 to your cousin and your XBone has been gethering dust for 2 MONTHS. You're back on 360, lol! Your words.

You now say PS4 has no games for you while the other week you said you will buy a PS4 again " play BloodBorne and othe... #65.4
BF3, DeadSpace3, Crysis3 etc have all been free on Plus already. I rarely see anyone on my friends list playing FIFA/madden/NHL. Do Americans or Brits even watch hockey? ME3 screwed the pooch. Been years since Burnout Paradise. I don't see any reason for this service to exist in my reality. Waste of bandwidth #24
How important are dedicated servers when you're mostly playing against bots. I mean c'mon now. #47.2
Sounds like Ted Price's own lil' GTAV online, and that was built for last gen. Nothing about Overdrive's co-op is really console-centric. Resistance 2 had 60 player maps and 8 player co-op under the same hood as the campaign. This ain't a "XBL" thing. Insomniac started getting lazy with Resistance 3 and Fuse. Or more to the point, running out of money. #30.4
I'd rather rent a classic like Manhunt from PSNow than stare at "failed to connect" screens of Brokenfield4, five days before everyone else. Or Madden period. #7.3.2
EA has been in bed with MS for a while. From Mass Effect1 to Titanfall1. They probably had no aim of wanting/needing this on PS in the first place. It's like blaming Sony for MIcrosoft's COD contract with Activision, or the EA online pass and Origin experiment. It's just publishers looking out for themselves #5.5
PSNow isn't out yet geniuses. It's a closed beta. Proof? I'm not in it. Stop quoting old test prices on unrelated services or I'll just say EA should be free like Crackle.

This honestly sounds like some kind of EA employee plan for people already in bed with them. Who honestly cares that much for one publisher?!

I don't buy full retail games digitally anyways as there's no resale value and I'm limited on how many systems I can pla... #1.8.6
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