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Yeah it seems obvious, but im still gad to hear it. Maybe we will see some screens soon. This generation has been missing quite a few things, GTA games being one of them.

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Japanese porn is just so wrong on so many levels. The things ive seen cant be unseen...

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Hyperbole alert.

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This game was great. Great story, new gameplay ideas, the only bad part was the lack of free roaming options. The only thing to do after the story was random street crimes.

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dont be trollin. Its most good devs know how cell tech works. :P

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Want a cookie?

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One of the best games ever. Totally changed the industry. I hate the cheap clones like saints row though trying to cash in on its idea. Get original guys and you may get something like GTA.

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Id like to see how this game would look on PC.

Thanks for reading my review.

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IGN gave U2 a 9.5 just so all you anti ign guys know. Id expect at least a 9 from them this time around.

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Reinvent? Mario is a dead horse that has been beaten since the 64 days. Any other series and gamers would hate it for being milked but they give it a free pass for nostalgia sake. Truely gamers are full of double standards.

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GTA has always been full of intelligent humor that may have gone right over your heads when you played it at age 12.

"I guess that kind of f*ked up mentality will get you real the government!"

"When you cross the worse qualities of and Elephant and a get a lot of sh*t"

"Im going to say something trashy on my radio show so I can get fined by the FCC and seem more edgy!"
In the meantim...

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I really missed the follow feature in black and white. Maybe if they fixed the broken white forest and black city features that would be a plus too.

Otherwise, im waiting for a full overhaul with the 3ds. 3D world, custom trainers, better onine battling that kind of stuff.

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I already have black version though. Unless they added the pokemon follow feature from HG/SS, I dont see a reason to buy.

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This game is going to be awful. Rockstar, announce the next GTA and bring some class back to the genre.

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Wow seriously? If RDR didnt impress you then you need to take a look at yourself...

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I agree one hundred percent with Blaze. That is all.

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I like the first game. It just needed work and the graphics and the gameplay felt like Hulk Ultimate Destruction in disguise. Still lked it though and it deserves a sequel.

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Im still waiting for a pokemon snap 2.

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Platinums are a ripoff. They are only worth twice as many points as gold but they can be 1000 times harder to get. I only go for the platinum if I really like the game and its reasonably easy to get.

Also, I hope a mod doesnt mark you for "bad language" simply because you used the word fuck. I hate when they do that with posts that arent troling.

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