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In the space of that new 3Ds you can't fit in a second analog and still be comfortable to use. How about think for a second?

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Anyone with eyes can see that. They would have to make an even bigger body in order to put in a second nub and still be comfortable to hold.

Its a compromise im glad they didn't make.

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No one reads articles on N4G. Its just a place to complain and moan.

But good article though, im glad he brought up the ipad and iphone as competition seen how its a reality that could have been avoided.

But who cares right? Its all about crying for Versus XIII.

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Fine, they are solid games, even if they are not my thing. But still, hollywood? That is so lame man, who would strive to be like them?

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Which has nothing to do with the article. What the man said is spot on with our reality today, if only people read the article instead of just the titles.

And then im the troll.

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Haha, no. Hollywood movies are not really great in quality, more like high budget blockbuster for the masses.

If I much rather play a Bayonetta than a skyrim or pantsies batman,

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A smack in the face for who? to all those nice people having a blast with their awesome 3Ds games that don't require a second analog? Games don't need it when properly developed. Ocarina of time didnt need it, Resident evil didn't need it, Dream drop distance didn't need it.

The second analog is just an option for the less skilled.

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A second analog stick would totally screw everyone who has already bought a regular 3Ds, with game development focusing on that add-on, gamers would be forced to buy a peripheral or the new revision for future games.

So its good that nintendo didn't listen to the crybabies of the interwebz.

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Since when its an "either\or" situation? Its a revision for people who are interested in a bigger screen and better battery, nothing more.

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This is one of the best action adventure games of the past years. I have no idea what you're on about.

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Just for the more distracted: PC doesn't actually stand for Personal Computer. So this is probably a spin off title coming to the Vita or 3Ds.

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As you might suspect its a crappy review.

I give this review a 4.5\10 Its style and arguments are outdated and archaic.

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Its a great game and pretty much in the way Tarantino or Rodriguez movies are appreciated for their exploitation, Lollipop chainsaw should be appreciated by its similar style and intuit.

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I don't use multi touch controls on the ipad i certainly don't see the need of them for gaming functionalities and so far i have yet to see someone say what good is it for (zoom is pretty irrelevant)

On the other hand you can't use a stylus with the ipad or even with the Vita, which is a much bigger downsize than multi touch controls. Rubbing the finger on the screen is not as precise as a pen.

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Yeah... but multi touch devices don't have traditional gaming controls...

And why would the WiiU need multi touch controls anyway? People arent going to play piano on the thing.

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That is an old excuse, games don't have to be linear to tell great stories. It surely didn't help heavy rain.

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It looked Scripted and linear... thats not exactly a boundary.

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If you think FFX was their first Final Fantasy how can nostalgia cloud their perception? You're not making any sense.

I've played many fantastic Square titles this and last gen as well.

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You'll be getting a check in the mail within the next 24hours.

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Nobody loves MS unless they are getting paid.

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