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From what I have read on experiences from people with the NVIDIA Shield is that basically it works fine but the 3D shooting parts have to be done with the touch screen. Hope that helps.

The $5 price tag is the "sale" price. Presumably it will go up to $9.99 or $14.99 at some point in the future to match the Vita price. #2.1
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Yeah, it got me too. I was originally not going to write anything on this game but then I watched the trailer and well, had to write it up. #1.1
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Something happened to the post, it is fixed now.

I agree with your other post, the 80's were awesome to grow up in. Cartoons took chances back then rather than being cookie cutter. #2.1
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From what I can find out about this adapter, yes. The games play fine, as if they were on original GD-ROM discs. #7.1
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You are welcome. Stuff like this is what I started RGM for, rather than yet more reviews of SMB 3. This stuff is awesome. #2.1
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You may have to build a small bracket system to keep the hard drive in place and off of key components. I agree though, there should be enough room for an internal drive of some sort using this board (may have to Dremmel out the GD-Rom tray for instance). #1.1
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I am a huge fan of these types of games and feel the genre was attempted too soon, the hardware was just not up to the task. On newer hardware, this genre could really be a game changer. #3
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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing was the boxing game, I believe, you are thinking of.

I agree, the Dreamcast was ahead of its time in many ways. #1.1
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Try the JXD gaming tablets. They run Android 4.x, have a screen to key mapper built in and are about $75 to $150 (depending on screen size mainly). I have an older one, the S7300B, and it works great for these types of games. They have hardware controller buttons. #1.1
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I have to kind of agree with you, especially considering the price tags on this one. This is simply too much for too little.

Also, there is nothing here that couldn't have been done on an SNES or even Genesis cartridge at a much lower price point for fans. #1.1
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Considering the fact that you pretty much are guaranteed backwards compatibility with newer Android hardware, portability, etc. I think $9.99 for a really good game is not out of the question. At least it is not like Square Enix where they want $20+ for a few extra polygons, a cinema or two and then remove the option to use physical controls. #3.1
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If you own a gaming tablet such as a JXD S7300/S7800 you can assign those touch controls to physical buttons whether the game supports them or not (using a screen to key app that is built in).

Using one of those tablets makes this play like it should. #1.1
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Exactly. Very well said. #1.1
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I was not trying to imply that these types of games are dying, there are a lot of them available but very few are hitting mainstream popularity and gaining enough support to warrant sequels. That just shows the breadth of the market and that is great though, unless you really like certain games that become one shots. #1.1.1
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"Brings back" is being used in reference to the fact that on consoles, where these types of games gained the most popularity, this style of game is "dead". Sure, on PC, there are a lot of games like this and that is great. That doesn't change the fact that this type of game is still making a comeback, just this tie on PC's. #1.2
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This is the stuff we try to focus on at RGM. Stuff that not many know about, many forgot or it is not common knowledge.

We are working on getting information on the Journey to Silius since it was originally supposed to be a Terminator game but Sunsoft couldn't secure the license and had to switch it out.

Same thing with Sunman and Superman- another article we posted awhile back. There are a lot of games like this, ones that were supposed to be licensed... #1.1
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This is more of a "remake"/extension using the RPG Maker XP engine, not the original games from Nintendo. #1.1
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I remember playing Neo Geo at a local arcade, they had 5 to 8 machines set up with various games, many had 3 to 4 games each. It was tough to get a machine once the fighting game craze hit because they would load at least on of the popular fighting games on each of these machines. #2.1
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It is a decent game, the first one is better than this sequel- not trying to take away from the fun that can be had with this one.

It is definitely worth the $5 or so to grab a copy on SNES off of Ebay. #1.1
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We are trying to branch out and see what fans like (other than game hacks and historical articles). So far, these modern retro style games are getting quite a good response, we may have to keep covering the better ones. #1.1
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