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I suck at them but I agree, a Thunder Force style game would be awesome. Sadly, my reflexes are not what they were 20+ years ago but I would support development by buying a copy for sure.

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I would love to see some "interpretations" like that on the Commodore 64. This little thing, under the right programmers hands, can really hum.

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Not sure about that. The only attack they share is the belly to back suplex, maybe the kick. Max is much bigger too. According to the page for this hack the Hulk Hogan character was taken from a WWF game for the Sega Genesis (though I cannot find a Hulk Hogan sprite that looks like the one used in this hack).

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Of course they prefer the Super Mario Run model. It is guaranteed money per sale versus random amounts depending on the gamer. Super Mario Run also REQUIRES the player to pay to finish the game, from my understanding, you could theoretically, with a significant time investment, complete Fire Emblem on mobile without paying a penny. That is completely outside the comfort zone of Nintendo.

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It would be nice if, you know, in the article you provided a link to download (or in this case pre-register) the game if a reader was interested.

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@sinister, that is why it has spoilers posted twice in the preview. So people that don't want to know can avoid this article like the plague.

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Die Hard Trilogy was kind of hard to take, I agree.

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You are welcome jacka#$. Anytime.

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Best comment here so far.

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Detailed in the article.

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No problem, jacka**.

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I understand where you are coming from. I agree with you on it too. With more developers there is obviously a better chance of producing the next Resident Evil or Rayman. Nintendo's problem is they have spent a good 20+ years now not caring about third parties, not relying on them, to sell consoles. I hope the Switch is a return to the Nintendo of old, the Nintendo that launched the Super Nintendo (not the NIntendo that releases the NES).

I am hoping that the early, goo...

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That is still over 130 companies working on Switch games. I remember the days of the 3DO and Jaguar launches - they each had over 300 companies claiming they were working on games. We have a good idea of the quality/quantity in each library too.

More companies doesn't necessarily mean better games.

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There were two Duck Tales games for NES and Game Boy.

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Later on the game does ramp up in difficulty and can become quite tough without making use of IAP. Of course, that depends on your experience level with the game and how you do in the various battles. That is great that you are enjoying it and not having to spend money on it.

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And ignore PS3 and PS4?

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Oh look, another skarky comment trying to earn points for their account here on N4G. Shocker.

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Glad to know I am not the only one that feels that way.

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Sadly, you are probably right. This may not last long.

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Why not? Is it the IAP ($10) or is it the genre chosen? Maybe something else?

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