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It certainly looks interesting. I like the past vision power as that really changes this into something awesome.

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Totally agree on pricing.

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You are welcome. Finding fans of Darius is getting harder and harder nowadays. Sad because this was once one of the elite shooters back in the day.

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Nintendo cannot do anything but Activision can, and will more than likely do it based on recent actions. Activision owns Blizzard Entertainment and they took down the recently found, and released, Warcraft Adventures on PC. Now, will Activision take down this fan modification to a title they are no longer trying to market to millions of gamers? Who knows, it is Activision.

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I think Capcom holds the record for best method of hiding load times when they released Resident Evil on the original PlayStation.

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I cannot argue with you on Thunder Force IV being better. Loved that game.

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It caught my eye rather quickly so in glad it is not just me.

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I am not a NASCAR fan so it was hard writing this one and not just repeatedly writing left, left, straight stretch, left, left, straight stretch, pitstop, left, left repeat throughout.

NASCAR has never, for me, translated to gaming all that well. Course, I don't get the regular races either so that may be directly effecting my enjoyment of the games.

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I did too. I went out and bought all three of the original releases from a used game store earlier today. Still great games.

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It is a nostalgia article if you didn't get that from the point of the article. Sorry this was not to your liking, we have plenty more available that are more "timely" as some would put it. From the looks of the other comments and the support this article is getting the nays are in the minority but thanks for the comments anyhow.

We have a list of all the historical/nostalgia articles on the site if you are looking for something on a set anniversary (10 year...

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People use those because they are valuable right now (and AdSense recommends using them for maximum ad revenue whenever they get a chance). I use banners and square/skyscrapers on my site but they are off to the side and the content is clearly, cleanly, available for the readers without ad obstruction. I wish more sites would do it this way. Nothing more annoying that reading an article and having a popup block what I was reading and having to wait for the pre-roll to end so I can click X....

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The problem with that idea is that a lot of those companies are now defunct and no one really knows who owns the rights to what game. Then in cases like X-Men, it is multiple companies involved (the engine would be Konami's while the actual X-Men license would be Marvel's) and sometimes none of the companies involved are interested in working together again for whatever reason.

I wish it would happen too though.

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Napalm, check out their PSP Reloaded and Remixed collections. Great value for the money and full of their core retro games. I am not sure what consoles they released those collections on but I am sure PS3 and Xbox 360 were in there.

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Well, we know that is not going to happen anytime soon, at least not till people stop buying PS3 games and such. Sad. I wish it was backwards compatible too- I would buy a PS4 immediately if it worked with at least the digital stuff from the PS3.

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I have to agree. I wish companies would do more porting of their previous digital only games such as Final Fight Double Impact over to the PS4. I want to get a Playstation but 3 seems on the way out and 4 is still too new for a lot of what I am interested in.

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The hardness of this game is greatly affected by the animation. Digitized graphics don't work in an action game.

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Thanks for the information. Not sure what is triggering that warning though.

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You don't get the point of these articles do you?

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Shoot yeah. You can't beat the price for a great game.

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You are welcome. Glad new fans are getting in on this.

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