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No more weird than say, sequels to Final Fantasy. Simply follow Square Enix's direction, or that of Nintendo with the Zelda games. If the game is connected to the previous game then it be tenuous at best or have some underlying overarching connection that gamers don't realize till many games in.

The creatures fought could be different in each game. I am not talking Monster Hunter here. These creatures were fantasy based. Maybe they could do one on Greek mythology, I...

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I am with you there, kevinsheeks.

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That is a good point too. Why not on Android (playing on a big screen is no longer a problem and devices are quite powerful today). I would love to see something like this on Android. The closest I have come is Beast Quest but it is more like God of War where you fight many enemies and eventually fight huge monsters at the end - though it is free roam and not level based.

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I agree with you. I mentioned something similar in the article, basically asking for a sequel rather than more remakes. Apparently remakes are what we are going to get though. At least add new creatures or something with these improvements.

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Remote play is not as good as a version created specifically for the Vita though. While cool, it is not quite the same and depends greatly on having a reliable network.

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Seems that way, yes.

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WCW Mayhem hit the PSOne so yeah, other than changing the company initials it is the same name.

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Yes, there was a WCW Mayhem for the PSOne console and a pay per view of the same name while WCW was in operation. The only thing I can figure is, "Mayhem" in relation to wrestling was owned by WCW, which is now owned by WWE so the title usage can stand as fair use of the trademark owner.

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Kind of, I am not familiar with Skylanders so I did not mention it in the article. From what I gather from the press release, yes, the figures will be required to unlock certain moves for various characters. To me, that sounds like forcing fans to hunt down action figures and pay exorbitant eBay scalper fees just to enjoy the game the way it should have been from the getgo.

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Back then though, it looked amazing. Till the Playstation demo units hit and Saturn was on shelves then it was "meh" at best. Atari simply could not break the magical sales figures to stay viable against that type of competition.

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In some ways the Jaguar controller was ahead of its time, in others, it was behind (no six button layout in the default controller for instance).

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Unfortunately, one or two great games don't make a viable console success story. I am including Aliens vs Predator in the list of great Atari Jaguar games.

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I regularly cover new Atari games on RGM. I have been fortunate enough to get a few staff members that focus on new games for computers like the Atari 400/800, ST, Amiga, etc. Some great stuff going on with "dead" platforms.

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The Super Nintendo version was re-released by Piko Interactive under the name "Legend". No word on them getting the Jaguar game though.

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It was not that great of a console but that blame is laid, fairly, at the feet of Atari themselves.

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The company has been going to hell for years. lol

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Thank you for the heads up. So far, nothing Earth shattering or "no-buy" except for the hardest of the hard graphics snobs.

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Minus floors and a ceiling. Still though, it was impressive for the time and still captured the essence of Doom.

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I agree, they are idiots. I play games to enjoy them. Not complain if a game drops below 60 FPS when there is a ton of stuff going on on the screen. I am more interested, personally, in what they take out if it effects the game play or level choices (remember Powerslave on the Sega Saturn versus the PlayStation version? Both versions had slightly different level workings than the PC version due to memory limitations. Just wondering if something similar will happen with the Switch version of D...

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I am interested in seeing what they take out to make it run on the Switch. Also, what will the frames per second be? I know there are people out there that won't buy it if it is too low of an FPS or certain content is missing.

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