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Ha! That is a funny one and sad as well at the same time.

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So we can link directly to Youtube for submissions now?

On topic, just saw this game pop up in an ad while playing another game. Going to grab it later tonight.

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It seems to be a side scrolling action adventure with just left/right movement and a jump button featuring a sweeping camera for dramatic moments.

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If they get the support they need to get this going at a higher financial level then we just might see something similar for the Super Nintendo and later consoles. That would be awesome.

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This is a problem common with gaming 'journalists' today.The only way they can get hits on their sites is by trying to be 'edgy' with idiotic lists like this. Cuphead was never advertised as easy. If the writer has no skill, nor the interest in learning the levels, then fine, just say so. No need for a list complaining about stuff that is well known.

I wonder how this writer would view Contra Hard Corps on Sega Genesis?

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I have been playing this franchise since my old HP iPaq. Man, I hope they come out with more levels if not a new entry in the franchise as right now there are only two (original and Anniversary).

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A crappy way to spend time to you may have been the time of their lives when this was done. They accomplished what many would say was impossible.

I don't see it as a waste of time. To each their own though.

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Well, it is runnable on the Vice emulator which unless I am mistaken is pretty close emulation for the computer. I am interested in how this would run on a stock C64. Like is the better CPU and RAM simply handling throwing the animation at sound at the stock CPU by pre-rendering it and just letting the main CPU display it.? What would the frame rate be with just the stock system running it all?

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Because fans can. The source code was released and fans took up the challenge to do it. There is a very large and active group of gamers still rocking the C64. Have you seen Sam's Journey on the C64? It just released and it blows away a lot of 8-Bit Nintendo games with animation and graphics that are often better than early Sega Genesis and Turbo Grafx-16 games.

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Why not?

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This is on RGM? We don't serve ads there, haven't since early December.

I will double check to see if some AdSense code got left somewhere but pretty sure it is all removed.

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Superchiller sounds like you have problems with your phone, not the site linked to there.

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Give it time. They may port it there too.

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Sadly, Nintendo is almost above reproach in whatever they do unless it is a 3D black and red dot based platform.

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@Goldby No idea how to change it once it is published. If there is a way I can do it, I will do it but from what I see, there is no option for the submitter (me in this case) to change it once it is approved.

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Like your comment? So funny six years ago.

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No more weird than say, sequels to Final Fantasy. Simply follow Square Enix's direction, or that of Nintendo with the Zelda games. If the game is connected to the previous game then it be tenuous at best or have some underlying overarching connection that gamers don't realize till many games in.

The creatures fought could be different in each game. I am not talking Monster Hunter here. These creatures were fantasy based. Maybe they could do one on Greek mythology, I...

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I am with you there, kevinsheeks.

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That is a good point too. Why not on Android (playing on a big screen is no longer a problem and devices are quite powerful today). I would love to see something like this on Android. The closest I have come is Beast Quest but it is more like God of War where you fight many enemies and eventually fight huge monsters at the end - though it is free roam and not level based.

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I agree with you. I mentioned something similar in the article, basically asking for a sequel rather than more remakes. Apparently remakes are what we are going to get though. At least add new creatures or something with these improvements.

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